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What To Do When A Guy Ignores You [Dating Advice] ??

Should I bother dating with no car and no job? I had a job serving coffee but I had to quit when I moved back to my hometown. Try your best to be kind. Report any rule-breaking behavior to the moderators using the report button. If it's urgent, send us a message.

I get my situation isn't the best but it doesn't mean I am incapable of wanting to date or have a casual relationship with someone. Would you date a late 20s guy with no job and no car??? There are like literal high school with both. It shows a lack of passion towards life, lack of talent, lack of a obvious life because what are you going to do in your 20s with no job and no money and a lack of obvious relationship because nobody in their right mind would settle for something so low.

No car? Fuck him. I like to think I have a big heart. You should try and date. The right girl will see your qualities and love you for who you are and not for what you posess. Not having a job or a car at the moment is your current situation and relatively easy to fix. Is not what you are. If you meet a girl along the way who doesn't take you seriously because of that just move on,but don't waste time with materialistic people your put yourself down because of it.

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Anyone that says his wife or partner to sleep in the kennels JakeMist86 sweet jesus. You buy it once, it doesn't feel entitled to your stuff or need affection or time from you and you can demand all the sex you want, after all you already paid for it and it needs to pay its does for you letting it into your home JakeMist86 you're seriously fucked in the head.

Tell me, where you raised by an abusive feminist single mother?

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I can't see any other reason you'd turn out this way. I respect women, why don't you? It is not mental illness to expect others to be respectful I do think that is unacceptable to treat people like objects If we are going to talk about abuse, why do you hate them so much? JakeMist86 And good luck to you fighting misogyny on the internet.

NumaleSoybeans Uhm. As I've already stated I have my own income. But, uh. JakeMist86 Thanks, lol. The guy is clearly a troll. If he's a good guy and I get along with him then why not, but if he has no plains of getting out of a minimum wage job then it's a no go.

Young girls are kind hearted and see with rose colored glasses. Yeah I guess your right, but at that point in life the clocks already tickin' so if you fuck up with a guy you don't have as much time to fix it.

But when your young and brain dead you have so many more opportunities to ruin your life AND come back from it. Asker, young or old doesn't matter. Women with common sense want a stable partner. Women and girls with no common sense will go for anybody UNTIL they start seeing he is unable to provide for her.

And she maybe god forbid cheat or dump you. That's what they will do.

Should a guy bother dating if he's over 30 and still making minimum wage? minimum wage is around $ usd per hour but im going to spoon in 10$ per hour so per hour you are likely not living in your own place with these wages. A guy is pretty much screwed after 30 with these wages. Should I bother dating? I'm (19 M) joining the Royal marines having failed my A levels (the marines is what I really want to do.) I leave home to start RT in a couple of months. I live in a city but it's one of those places where everyone knows each other, which makes it difficult to meet new people. I've only had one relationship when I was Jul 22,   Should I bother with dating until I've gotten in better shape? Question. Hi r/dating, 22M here. I'm well groomed and have good structures, but I'm definitely overweight. I've had a few relationships and a couple flings, but I've been in a dry spell for almost a year now. I'm like a out of 10, but if were to really buckle down and get in.

That's why younger girls seek parents guidance because most don't know any better. Even I knew better since I was a 5-year old that a man needs to be stable and have something. If you're looking for somebody to fool around with go ahead. But most want a family, get a house, a good stable vehicle if you do not already have one and be married. You need to be able to pay bills, rent or mortgage, and loans.

How are you going to pay all of that, take care of kids etc? Women think long term future events. And you have to be on the same page. And then there's you, an incel for life.

I don't think you're the one who should be laughing. There's still life insurance or annuities but most ordinary people don't know about that! The requirements to have one isn't usually that high anyway. I just got my license this summer and my parents are in the business of selling it so I understand it well! However, you must be a preferred customer or client!

You must not be a smoker and you must pass a health exam.

Should i bother dating

Anyway, I'm just sharing some good hope and knowledge with you. If not, then hey, at least I taught you some things about it! Thanks for your time and for reading! Why did you ignore me and my long post lol. I wasn't trying to spam you in any way, just helping out if you needed it! The least you could have done is thank me and acknowledge my trying to help you out! How rude! SueAnon84 lol you talkin to me?

Life Insurance offers Living Benefits these days where you don't have to die to use it See, a lot of normal, everyday layman people don't even know that!

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Or at least they don't want to do the research! And no, I was talking to Daniela Do you not have money for an Annuity? But you can't take it out until a certain time has passed it it matures. It's similar to a k but with annuities, you can take it out sooner, and there's interest for BOTH!

Should I bother to reach out? When you start dating someone it should be easy. Right at the start they're on their best behaviour- if there's a tonne of drama, they're ghosting you, skittish about 'what are we' talks, being hot and cold- they are not for you. They're just not terribly interested. Why Should I Bother Dating and may Why Should I Bother Dating include pictures and Why Should I Bother Dating materials that some viewers may find offensive. If you are under the age of 18 (or 21 in some countries), if such material offends you are if it is illegal to view such material in you community please do not continue/ Feb 02,   Even though I am sick of the Not All Women vs. Not All Men double standard and I will not just post defensive snark like a lot of others indignated by the question: There's this recurring theme of socially awkward guys generalising about issues wi.

SueAnon84 No one is ignoring you, just that I have too many questions asked and not enough time to answer them all. In fact, it is answers like yours I usually give MHO's to because you did take the time to give a nice answer.

That's hilarious. I did this until 24 not minimum wage but a lot better but not rich by any means it take time date some becouse you like them for God shakes. Kiddo People who make a lot of money don't usually have time to date I would think! Especially the millionaires that you are talking about! They'd be too focused on getting that million working 70 hours a week at their job or trying to con their way into extreme riches like that!

SueAnon84 yea but there 2 ways to be a millionaire one is work extreme hours and risky business to get t the top the other is slow and steady. What about a poor gentleman who was blessed with a rather large and beautiful penis? With perfect proportions along with a well rounded mushroom head?

I borrowed the description from Texaskid1.

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That's pretty much how he described his endowment. AperolSpritz thankyou for that correction. Given her poor English ability here I'm thinking it was the guy who was above her education level and didn't want to date her. It's called being tired. Have you ever been tired? No, just an ass. The idiom is, "I couldn't care less". Saying that you can care less means you care a little bit. Well, looks like I am migrating to Norway The same can be said for parts of Asia.

Spain and Portgal are a bit more expensive, but reasonable compared to other parts of western Europe. There is also India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and others. The problem is language but some countries have a decent English-speaking population. Romania especially Bucharest and Malaysia are two that I know. A guy is pretty much screwed after 30 with these wages right?

Girls be real here dig deep and answer truthfully. Psh why bother? Vote A. He should still try. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Add Opinion. SueAnon84 Xper 6. They still want to reproduce and what should really stop them! This question was like me a couple months ago when asking: "Why do poor people have children?

They have Welfare that they can go to! This is what I have discovered Oh and this is what I have discovered Especially about having children I think that you can have all your life to make money And that is why, even though I was scared in my 20's to have children, the hispanics weren't because they thought like this! It's because they want to have the healthiest and be at their most fertile to ENSURE the continuation of their species I doubt people can afford IVF Invitro fertilization and God knows hardly anyone wants to adopt because it's not their "blood" if you know what I mean!

Souce: Me singe, works a mimimum wage too! I am in my 30's in fact I am 35 and this is what I think! Plus, unfortunately, guys are so grossly shallow MOST of them that you tend to "disappear" when you turn close to 40! Unless it was just my getting immature guys and the shallow ones I need help here guys!

One bad relationship to another! But I hope not this time around! Sorry I mean Source! Lol, but whatever! Show All Show Less. Hey, Joe always speaks the true word! Everyone thumbed her down lol.

Wait there's anal probes? Why did I not hear about this? If a man as described above can afford to take a woman out for say a soft drink and a sandwich then do it! If a man is interested in a woman then he can try this but has never talked! If he sees her and she sees himthen he should - and smile - at her and see how she responds back! This girl be fuckin her mechanic tho. The recommended odometer adjustments would also be carried out. Xper 7.

What kind of loser is still making minimum wage at 30? Dude better be a sex offender or an ex con or handicapped otherwise you're just pathetic. Literally what have you been doing the past 13 years of your life. I answered a similar question in a Youtube comment thread.

After much back and forth I came to the conclusion that this generation literally doesn't know how life works outside of their respective bubbles Getting a second job, was preposterous, NOT fucking random people and getting pregnant with ZIP in the bank was preposterous.

They didn't even know where to start "Its not that easy! Haven't gotten a response in a couple days. To your question, a 30 year old man, again, sans ex cons, handicapped, and sex offenders, should be ruthlessly mocked not just by women but by society as a whole.

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This man speaks the honest truth about my question. I had to start over from zero at nearly 40 due to my business partner stealing from me. I lost my house, car, and retirement savings, so I know too well that things can happen. BUT, until I got back on my feet, I didn't date. I focused all my energies into getting my life back on track, clawing my way out of a deep hole of debt.

Only when I had significantly improved my situation did I start looking for a relationship.

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That's what I would advise you to do. I respect you for working, but you can't stop once you get a job - you have to work at improving yourself and raising your market value every day, and keep looking for a better job. Let everyone you know that you are looking, and get everyone you can to recommend you ask them for a letter of recommendation or a testimonial.

You could be making times the amount in a year if you work hard at it. Once you can pay all your bills, put money into your savings every week, and still have spending money left over, you can try dating again.

Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Would most white men be more pissed off if they found their girlfriend cheated with a black man? How to overcome a girl I'm dating being taller than me?

Why be entitled if place you don't on a date? Do you feel dating apps have biased you? Sort Girls First Guys First. Dude can't afford toilet paper. Dating should be the last thing on his mind! Yes id be embarrassed to tell a girl my job. Dude, I know plenty of guys working minimum wage who have girlfriends or wives - and some even have kids. I think the only women who reject guys like what you describe are privaleged or college educated types.

Likely roommate situation which is more common these days 2. Learn to cook so you save money on this. Doubles as a dating option aswell. Feeding her at your place. Have alcohol on hand just incase. Do those things and don't be stupid with your money and you're good. Get a bottle of wine with two glasses from walmart and go for a romantic walk in the park. Sit on a bench, drink wine, talk and kiss. Lookup free wine tastings in your area. Lookup free events like festivals.

You're not screwed, you just have to do what you have to do. Definitely cut expenses and look to improve your income tho. Dates really don't have to cost much or anything for that matter. But never be broke. The problem isn't so much money.

Should a guy bother dating if he's over 30 and still making minimum wage?

It's the perception of the company you work for. I was making good money until I got laid off at 23 and the jobs in my profession in my area were drying up. I either had to up and move and find similar jobs or start over.

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I decided to start over. I still don't make as much as I used too but the company I work for now is far more secure than the previous jobs I've had. I've got a decent k with a good employee match. While my previous job didn't offer that. The only time a woman should even have an idea on my income is if we are getting married.

7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore

Women will ask what kind of job do you have but that is a trick question to figure out how much you make. Again this is none of their damn business. Seriously, do men worry about how much a woman makes when he's trying to find a partner?

So, if the woman is so worried about how much a man makes that means she's going to depend on you. If you make enough they will see that as them being able to quit their jobs. If you don't make enough but are on track then they see that as them being able to quit their jobs in the future.

But once again, how much you make is none of their business. As long as you don't have to ask for handouts from the girl your dating she shouldn't have a clue as to how much you make and it won't matter if you choose wisely. In all honesty, it depends.

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Also money is something temporary, you might have them all today but be homeless tomorrow. What kind of person you are and the way you see the world, your morals, your soul are wayyy more consistant.

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If he wants to become better, then I would be more than happy to be by his side and support him towards his goals. And I truly enjoyed to be with him watching him not giving up. Not being where you want to be is not a reason for someone not to date you. Determination and consistency are much more important than your current way of living. Much to my families and my own agony my well educated brother in law was unemployed for 2. But he got a new job a year ago. But still he could be doing better.

But it was an improvement. My whole family including myself wanted her to divorce him. But she stayed with him. He must be the luckiest son of a bitch alive. Anyway women make emotional based irrational decisions all the time when it comes to dating and relationships. It depends on how a guy pushes her buttons. I make six figures by the way. Money definitely gives you leg up. But most women my sister was an exception want money either legitimate reasons start a family or for selfish piece of shit reasons worthless freeloaders, conceited gold diggers.

BUT any guy has a angle to play. If a man is over 30 still making minimum wage. I wouldn't date him. But I'm sure someone desperate for any man would. But - Current American president signed a bill to expands more opportunities to people apprenticeship programs that aren't just labor intensive. Aka opportunities are abundant and out there that is more than minimum wage. Cost of living is consistently going up. That's cute for those that are into that.

There are women who love it. I'm just not one of them. I expect what I bring to the table. I'm financially secure. I expect the same. I don't want struggle love. Or to be with someone with such low expectations of themselves. I'm sure there are women over 30 on min wage still.

Just try find others in your league? There is always hope, and depending on why you are still on min wage, maybe lack of ambition, even women earning much higher incomes may still find you attractive for your personality. It's a combination of factors, I doubt anyone is going to take you on if you are a financial liability- don't pull your weight and bludgeon off their hard earned cash. It really just depends.

It happends to women all the time I'm sure. I think he'd have a chance if he demonstrated drive, passion, some kind of skill she admires. Maybe she already has money but she admires music talent, or creativity, or high intelligence. But if the issue is low mitovation, lack of direction, confusion To be honest, in that scenario, the guy should not want a girl because she is going to make him suffer til he changes You know there's jobs that will pay a reasonable amount without the need for skills.

Call centres for example have high turnover so as long as you can communicate well it's easy to get. Girls won't frown upon you for having something like that and you can work up to management fairly quickly and be respected. But ultimately as long as you can pay your own bills it shouldn't matter. Some people on high wages are experts are wasting money and being broke. You may be able to prioritise your expenses better and save more by not buying expensive drinks while out, not indulging in snacks etc.

Honestly and I say this being not to much better offwomen will never respect a man without money. They demand resources from the man and biologically it makes sense but I think women are far less forgiving then men are when it comes to what they desire in a partner and taking into account the current societal structure I.

Home > Dating > Should I bother dating? Most Helpful Opinion(mho) Rate. Learn more. Yes No. Cast Your Vote. Have you ever used online dating? A. I have never used online dating and would NEVER consider using it in the future. B. I have never used online dating but WOULD consider using it . Should I bother with online dating as a black woman? I Need Advice. I [23F] have been thinking about dating for a while. I have absolutely no dating experience at all. Seeing people from my high school getting married and constantly seeing couples at work (retail) has made me wonder why I haven't tried dating like everyone else. I think its. Apr 02,   15 Men You Shouldn't Even Bother Dating Unless You're A Glutton For Punishment. April 2 MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that .

Now if you can show that its not going to be permanent, that it was an unfortunate event or what have you then you might have a chance but like I said, women are unforgiving and rather intolerant to those who don't make enough money studies show that women by and large refuse to date "down" economically speaking. I don't feel like I'm in a position to tell someone whether they should date or not though in certain situations I'd recommend focusing on the situation at hand and getting things together before worrying about dating.

I think it very much depends on the situation, though. I think there's also a huge difference between someone doing their best to get back on their feet and taking what they can until they move up and someone who is content with not being able to support themselves and has no desire to do better. Xper 5. The guy in the pic working at mcdonalds still makes a lot more than a million other people who choose to live on the streets To be completely honest relationships in this age are kinda hit-or-miss, some people either have trouble finding relationships, or too afraid to ask people out on dates so on and so forth.

Definitely still try though, it's better to die trying than not try at all. I mean at the very least at least you gave it your best shot. I feel really bad for men because females are typically extremely picky, you have to meet an exact criteria before she deems you worthy.

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