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10 Tips for Dating A Resident . Wife of a Surgeon

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Dating is pretty daunting. Dating someone in a surgical residency program or really, ANY residency is something of a myth. Surgeon and I met during his 2nd year of residency. I seriously had no idea what I was getting into back then. After my first formal date with Surgeon, it got not-so-formal. More dinner dates happened at the hospital than anywhere else.

In public, the group appears silent and costumed, often wearing eyeball helmets, top hats and tails-a long-lasting costume now recognized as its signature iconography. InHardy Foxlong known to be associated with the Residents, identified himself as the band's co-founder and primary composer; he died in The Residents' albums generally fall into two categories: deconstructions of Western popular musicand complex conceptual pieces composed around a theme, theory, or plot.

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The group is noted for surrealistic lyrics and sound, disregard for conventional music composition. The artists who would become The Residents met in high school in ShreveportLouisiana in the early s. Aroundthe group of young artists began making their first amateur home tape recordings and making art together with a number of friends.

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Inwith the intentions of joining the flourishing hippie movement, the members headed west for San Francisco, but after their truck broke down in San MateoCalifornia they decided to remain there. While attempting to make a living, the group purchased crude recording equipment and began to build on their home recording and tape editing skills, as well as photography, painting, and anything remotely to do with art that they could afford.

The Residents have acknowledged the existence of at least two of perhaps hundreds unreleased reel-to-reel items dating from this era, titled The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger and Rusty Coathangers For The Doctor.

Further evidence of pre recordings surfaced with the release of the song I Hear You Got Religionsupposedly recorded inand released originally as a downloadable track from Ralph America in The Cryptic Corporation has confirmed that there are many tapes in their archives dating back decades, but all were recorded before the group had officially become "The Residents" so the band does not generally consider them to be part of its discography.

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Word of the unnamed group's experimentation spread, and in British guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Phil Lithman, known as Snakefingerbegan to participate with them. Senadawhom Lithman had picked up in Bavaria where the aged avant-gardist was recording birds singing.

The two Europeans would become great influences and life-long collaborators with the group. In the group sent a reel-to-reel demo tape to Hal Halverstadt at Warner Brothersas he had signed Captain Beefheart one of the group's musical heroes to the label. Halverstadt was not overly impressed with The Warner Bros. Album he describes it as "okay at best" in Uncle Willie's Cryptic Guide to the Residentsbut awarded the tape an "A for Ariginality". Because the band had not included any name in the return address, the rejection slip was simply addressed to "Residents".

The members of the group then decided that this would be the name they would use, first becoming "Residents Unincorporated", then shortening it to the current name. The Warner Bros. Album would remain officially unreleased by the group untilwhen it was remastered and re-issued in a limited edition as part of their comprehensive "pREServed" campaign.

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The first known public performance of the band who would become The Residents was at the Boarding House in San Francisco in This brief, guerrilla-style performance took the audience completely by surprise, and produced a photograph of Lithman playing violin with his pinky "about to strike the violin like a snake" - this photo originated the nickname that he would use as his stage name for the rest of his life, Snakefinger.

Later ina second tape was completed called Baby Sexfeaturing a long collage partially consisting of recordings from the Boarding House performance. The original cover art for the tape box was a silk-screened copy of an old photo depicting a woman fellating a small child, an example of the extremely confronting and deliberately puerile visual and lyrical style the group had adopted throughout this period.

In earlythe band left San Mateo and relocated to 20 Sycamore St, San Francisco ; a studio they named "El Ralpho", which boasted a completely open ground floor seemingly ideal for a sound stageallowing the group to expand their operations and also begin preliminary work on their most ambitious project up to that point, a full-length film entitled Vileness Fatswhich would consume most of their attention for the next four years.

Intended to be the first-ever long form music video, The Residents saw this project as an opportunity to create the ultimate cult film. After four years of filming from to the project was reluctantly cancelled because of time, space, and monetary constraints.

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Fifteen hours of footage was shot for the project, yet only approximately 35 minutes of that footage has ever been released. The group also formed Ralph Records at this time, as a small, independent label to release and promote their own work. To inaugurate the new business, the group recorded and pressed the Santa Dog EPtheir first recorded output to be released to the public. Designed to resemble a Christmas card from an insurance company, the EP consisted of two 7" singles, with four songs between them.

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Reinhardt met the Residents at their studio at 20 Sycamore St. Throughout this point, the group had been manipulating old tapes they had collected and regularly recording jam sessions, and these recordings eventually became the group's debut full-length album, Meet The Residentswhich was released in on Ralph. To aid in promoting the group, Reinhardt was given 50 of the first 1, copies of Meet the Residents.

Some were sent to friends, listeners and critics, and two dozen were left for sale on consignment at the Music Millennium record store, where they sat unsold for months. Eventually, KBOO airplay attracted a cult following.

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The Third Reich 'n Rollthe group's second album to be released, was recorded in concentrated sessions in and The album was a pastiche on s rock and roll and a commentary on similarities between the music industry and the Third Reich, as perceived by the group. This theme was represented visually on the album cover, which featured Dick Clark in an SS uniform holding a carrot a reference to Adolf Hitler's vegetarianismwith a number of Hitlers dancing in pairs on clouds behind him.

Inthe group created their first short music video to promote the album's release, using the sets for the recently abandoned Vileness Fats project. This year the group performed for the first time as The Residents at a Rather Ripped promotional event. The themes of distorted covers and parodies featured on The Third Reich 'n Roll became a theme for the group throughout the year, leading The Residents also released two further singles in a similar style to the album cover of The Rolling Stones ' " Satisfaction " and The Beatles Play The Residents and The Residents Play The Beatles and a, which got the band some attention among the punk and new wave press that had begun to appear in America and Britain.

Around this time, a group of enterprising friends and collaborators from their early days in San Mateo ; Homer Flynn, Hardy FoxJay Clem and John Kennedy, would also join the group in San Francisco, forming what would become The Cryptic Corporation to manage and represent the band. Clem became the band's spokesman, Fox edited, produced and compiled the band's increasingly prolific output, Flynn was already handling the group's cover design and promotional art under the banner of Porno-Graphics, and Kennedy took the role of "President" admittedly a fairly empty title, as overall responsibilities were handled more or less equally by the four.

The Cryptic Corporation took over the day-to-day operations of Ralph Records, and provided the band with an improved public relations platform, capitalising on the increasing attention they were receiving for their musical work.

Following The Third Reich 'n Roll came FingerprinceFingerprince received considerable coverage in the British Press, and was the first LP by the group to receive any critical attention when Jon Savage reviewed the album and it's two predecessors favourably for the December 31st issue of Sounds Magazine.

The Residents followed Fingerprince with their Duck Stab! EP - their most accessible release up to that point. The group continued work on their most ambitious recording project yet - Eskimocontaining music composed largely of non-musical sounds, percussion, and wordless voices.

Claiming inspiration from tapes of arctic wind sent to them by N. Senada, the band worked on this album between anda difficult production noted by many conflicts between management and band, which led to a number of delays in the release date. The sudden attention afforded to them by the success of the Duck Stab!

EP and "Satisfaction" single required an album release as soon as possible to help fund the band's spiralling recording costs. This forced the release in of the band's long-shelved "second album" Not Available. The Residents were not bothered by this deviation from the original plan not to release this album as the release ultimately did not affect the philosophical conditions under which it was originally recorded. Eskimo was finally released in to much acclaim, even making it to the final list for nominations for a Grammy award in Though the album did not end up being nominated, the group were invited to the ceremony and shared a table with Donna Summer.

Fearing that they were now taking themselves too seriously, The Residents remixed the "songs" in disco style, the results of which appeared on the EP Diskomo. The cover art of Eskimo also presents the first instance of the group wearing eyeball masks and tuxedos, which would later be considered by many to be the signature costume of many worn by the group. The Residents had only intended to wear these costumes for the cover of Eskimo, but would adopt the costumes in the longer term as it provided them with a unique and recognisable image.

Eskimo was reissued in surround sound in and released on DVDfeaturing a slideshow of still images conveying the album's narratives. The group followed Eskimo with Commercial Album in Commercial Album featured 40 songs, each one minute in length and consisting of a verse and a chorus. To promote the album, The Residents purchased 40 one-minute advertising slots on San Francisco 's most popular Top radio station at the time, KFRCsuch that the station played each track of their album over three days.

This prompted an editorial in Billboard magazine questioning whether the act was art or advertising. Commercial Album also led to the creation of One Minute Moviesa short film by the group with collaborator Graeme Whifler consisting of music videos for four tracks from the album. Created at a time when MTV and what would later become known as "music video" in general was its infancy, the group's videos were in heavy rotation since they were among the few music videos available to broadcasters.

Commercial Album received a relatively lukewarm reception from the new wave music press. Deciding that "a disaster was in order", The Residents set about composing an album which told the story of a culture driven from their homes by a storm and forced into a confrontation with another people.

'I figured dating residents was forbidden, an unspoken rule that I needed to follow' At the start of the school year, I was welcomed to my new one-room dorm in Metcalf Hall to serve as the. Oct 03,   Hi, I could really use some advice on the following: I have been dating a 4th year resident for a few months now. In the beginning it was awesome and then when I started to question the relationship- he fell back for a while- expressing to me that I was stressing the relationship too much. Current and recently-graduated residents who finished med school single - what are/were dating prospects like for you during residency? 1/3rd somewhat serious relationships and the other 1/3rd single. Also all joking aside female residents have their own set of dating problems of which I am unfamiliar. level 1. SubwayFugitive.

Mark of the Mole released in was the first part of a projected trilogy of concept albums, which would later develop into a tetralogy, with another three albums focusing on the music of the Mole and Chub cultures. The performance featured The Residents performing behind a burlap screen, occasionally wearing disguises such as their iconic eyeball maskswhile dancers and actors appeared in front of painted backdrops used to help illustrate the story.

Jillette would come out between songs telling long and intentionally pointless stories. The show was designed to appear to fall apart as it progressed; Jillette pretended to grow angrier with the crowd, and lighting effects and music would become increasingly chaotic, all building up to the point where Jillette was dragged off stage and returned, handcuffed to a wheelchair, to deliver his last monologue.

During one performance, an audience member assaulted Jillette while he was handcuffed to the wheelchair. The Mole Show would ultimately became the band's biggest financial disaster, almost caused the break-up of the band, and ultimately led to the cancellation of the Mole Trilogy altogether after the release of The Big Bubble in During this period, The Residents were conspicuously less prolific than they previously had been, with only the Residue of the Residents outtakes compilation, a collaborative album with Ralph labelmates Renaldo and the Loafand a brief edited version of Vileness Fats with a newly recorded soundtrack being their only major releases.

After the abandonment of the unfinished Mole Trilogy, the band turned their attention to a new series of albums, each consisting of a side-long suite of covers by American composers the band admired.

Some tracks from abandoned volumes in this series dedicated to Sun RaBarry White and Ray Charles have also surfaced on various compilation albums in subsequent years. After this, their Japanese distributor approached them for a two-week run in Japan. Admittedly reluctant at first to return to the stage after the underwhelming response to the Mole Show, The Residents created the 13th Anniversary Tour.

While the musical performance was more mainstream, the stage show was another over-the-top spectacle, featuring inflatable giraffes, dancers in eyeball masks illuminating the darkened stage with work lights, and a lead vocalist who changed costumes throughout the show from wearing an eyeball mask to a Richard Nixon maskand at one point wearing only a wig and fake ears.

After the two-week run in Japan, the band took the show to the US. During the US leg of the tour the band encountered a few problems, including having the tour manager having to fan a member's keyboard because of overheating, being booked in a pool hall and having someone run on stage only to be thrown back into the audience.

The Residents also toured Australia and New Zealand in August - appearing across the two countries as a five piece ensemble including two female dancers, and with Snakefinger on guitar. According to Homer Flynn, the band "had to borrow equipment from people there in the town" including instruments and costumes to make the performance.

Backstage at the Hollywood Palace show on December 26,one member's eyeball mask Mr. Red Eye was stolen; so it was replaced with a giant skull mask.

It was actually stolen by someone who found a backstage pass on the wall and threw it into a dumpster outside the venue through an open window.

A few weeks later an avid fan in Cerritos California who attended the palace show also went to a New Year's Eve party where he overheard someone bragging about having Mr. Red Eye. He called Ralph Records and spoke to representative Sheena Timony and asked if it was true about the eye being stolen. She was inquisitive with him and proceeded to tell him that there was a curse on the eye and that there was a police report out on it.

He said he wanted to get it back because he loved the band so much and it was the right thing to do. She told him the Residents were going to Georgia in a few weeks and that it needed to be retrieved as soon as possible. With her help she called the thief to tell him they knew he had it and that reps for Ralph were on their way.

The Residents

The thief was so rattled that he gave it back to some friends of the fan who posed as Ralph employees. The three of them immediately traveled by car to San Francisco, and went to Ralph Records in Folsom Street at that time.

The Eye was returned but was in bad condition from being thrown around and the Residents decided that it was a superfluous shell of its former self. They continued the 13th anniversary tour and handed out memorial black armbands with the missing eyeball on it.

The Residents later were interviewed on MTV where they told the story of it being stolen. InThe Residents were in the initial stages of preparing their new concept piece God in Three Personswhen they received the news that their friend and long-time collaborator Philip "Snakefinger" Lithman had died of a sudden heart attack.

The Residents performed at his wake, and this performance was later re-recorded in the studio and released in a limited edition as The Snakey Wake. Despite this unanticipated tragedy, the band continued to work on God in Three Personsdespite not having been able to record Snakefinger's guitar parts for the album as planned.

God in Three Personsa lengthy poetic fable in a clear narrative format, tells the story of a colonel who visits a carnival and becomes entranced by a pair of mysterious and androgynous Siamese twins. The album was finished and released in as their first album to be designed specifically for compact disc.

Residents dating other residents

InThe Residents premiered their third tour, Cube-Ea three-act performance covering the history of American music. It was a step up from previous shows, featuring more elaborate dance numbers and sets. It was also the first show composed exclusively of music written specifically for the show. The show was almost entirely backlit, with blacklights highlighting the fluorescent costumes and set design.

InThe Residents turned their attention to emerging computer technology, beginning to make the majority of their music with MIDI devices, which would define their sound during this time. With these new instruments, they recorded and released Freak Show ; a concept album in which each track offers an insight to the character of a circus freak. InThe Residents released Gingerbread Man albumfeaturing their first foray into computer graphics.

If Xplora 1 chases you off with dutiful enlightenment. Freak Show sucks you in with its hypnotic sympathy for the damned. This game was accompanied by a soundtrack album, Have A Bad Daythe following year. In NovemberFreak Show was also developed into a stage performance by a theater company at the Archa Theater in Prague.

During this time, however, the band would create a new live performance piece entitled Disfigured Nightwhich would be performed a handful of times throughout the year, culminating in their performance at the Fillmore. Wormwood was released in Wormwood saw the group telling often violent or explicit stories from the Bible through song. Regular collaborators Molly Harvey vocals and Nolan Cook guitar featured on the album and during its associated tour, Wormwood Livewhich saw The Residents departing from pre-programmed music and once again using a live band.

Jul 27,   Dating is pretty daunting. Dating someone in a surgical residency program (or really, ANY residency) is something of a myth. So rare is the meeting/dating/marrying during residency formula that when Surgeon made his graduation speech, the loudest applause was when he mentioned meeting/dating/marrying yours truly. Surgeon and I met during his 2nd year of residency.

The Residents wore ecclesiastical robes and performed in a brightly lit fluorescent cave. Do I still get stories and reports about the OR? Be flexible, but also let your super awesome doctor know when you want something! I was always hesitant in bringing up issues, or suggesting things that I knew would be difficult for Surgeon to do. But you matter. They want to be with you. I certainly was when I found myself on a hike with my favorite person on a post-call day. Some of my best allies in getting Surgeon to be somewhere on time were his co-residents.

Pay them back in homemade cookies. Or pies. Really, food. Any food. They are your best friends forever. There have been many disappointing moments in our almost 4 years together directly tied to Surgeon being caught up in some dilemma at the hospital.

Delays upon delays. No-shows with delayed responses as to WHY the no-show. Once, he had to leave me mid-ordering a meal during my birthday dinner. It sucked. But it sucked for BOTH of us, not just my poor little self sitting alone at a table. Even then, there were people asking me if I hired someone to mess with them, heh. Hell, I still go places without Surgeon!

He really is sorry to miss this! I cannot compare anything I do to what he does and really, no one should ever compare in ANY relationship, resident or otherwisebut I can listen. Residency is tough, but love is stronger.

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If you have anything to add to the list, let me know below! Thank you for posting this!! I have been dating a general surgery resident for four months and this really helps. Like Liked by 1 person. I am currently dating a surgeon resident and have found this article to be extremely helpful. I would really like to know how you and your husband were able to work through the stress and emotional burdens. Please send me an email and look forward to hearing from you.

Nate, if you ever need support, I am here to email: austin.

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It is so hard. Really appreciate you posting this.

Mar 08,   When I was finishing my fifth year of studies as clinical psychology doctoral student, I fell in love with a second-year medical resident; a wanderer at heart with the softest smile and a way of listening that made me feel like the whole world stopped when I spoke. Whenever possible, we found. Meet the Residents is the debut studio album by the American avant-garde music group the Residents, released on April 1, through Ralph Records. Background. Recorded as a break from their film project Connections with other Residents projects. Hi gentlemen! Are you looking for sophisticated and escort girl to accompany you in my paradise, then look no further; Our escorts agency is the best to fulfill your wildest fantasy! My name is Dating Other Residents Karishma, 23 years old, a slim and sexy and beautiful girl in Powai. IT Girl/

Thank you for posting. So glad you stopped by! Thank you for lettomg me know that you read this it makes ME feel a lot less alone, too. Like Like. I am currently dating a resident as well. We live an hour and half away and it wasnt as easy to see him. With him being at hospital, he teaches as well so time is really very challenging. But I do my best to understand everything. He text few times a day and call once a day that makes me happy.

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