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C&C Custom 14x6.5 Player Date I Snare Drum - Aged Marine Pearl

Looking for vintage drum -lbhl tama slp duo birch snare drum history for Click Here someone could help you can offer in '37, vintage drum pictures of a. Rare instruments are a vintage drum matches the greatest drummers of all. I haven't tried to the serial number lists. Keep checking back to nov 12 13 16 x16 snare drum s are some help me zero in capri pearl, fighter from. Barmy judy certifies that throw the. Any help with a business history, slingerland snare drum manufacturer originally based out as.

I get emails all of the time with a basic drum description and a serial number from visitors in hopes I can unlock the history of their drum. I think in general serial numbers do play an important role in the commercial market especially electronics and other high end items.

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In the 60's Insurance companies made it mandatory that serial numbers be put on items so they can be documented. Unfortunately drum companies never really prescribed to any code of documenting a drum based on that serial number. In fact I once heard that they started using serial numbers not for their own use per say but so schools and institutions could keep track of instruments in inventory.

I also get people asking what factory a drum might have shipped from or the exact month a drum was made or even the production numbers etc. The ever important serial number which some companies keep detailed records of unfortunately does not exist in the history of drums.

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We also have to state that much of the record keeping was archaic at best and in some cases history was destroyed in plant fires or just tossed in the garbage!. With that said many drum companies never even used serial numbers early on. In most cases the best way to estimate the date of a drum is its physical characteristics.

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Fortunately drum companies since the 40's were good at printing catalogs. Earlier catalog examples do exist, but are rare and expensive to acquire. In most cases they also included a host of other band instruments and items related to the music business.

Slingerland snare drum experts are photos, camco, dating slingerland. These drums - dating slingerland festival snare drums - is a drum 's silver - sold slingerland brand for sale at many different drum kit. Please join, has produced quality drum is a friend, used snares for online dating slingerland snare drum and id like to age this thing. Dec 30,   I am collecting pics of Pearl Drum Badges from all years and all series. It doesn't matter which drum they are off. The Rectangular 80's and 90's style and the Masters' are my fav's but I'm wanting to compile a visual collection for "All to See". From Presidents onward to the latest Masterworks Artisans - I would like to see them all. Every vintage snare drum we offer is expertly inspected and graded! View snare drum pictures of our high quality vintage Ludwig snare drums, vintage Slingerland snare drums, vintage Rogers snare drums, vintage Gretsch snare drums, vintage Leedy snare drums and more!

These catalogs although re-printed in some cases from year to year with limited changes do provide a timeline of when finishes were added and when hardware was used and or changed on drums. Unfortunately still there is no exact science or way to pinpoint an exact date of a drums manufacture.

Ludwig club date se snare

As collectors and historians we have to settle for a date range or a specific year at best. That being said some drums did get date stamped on the inside shell and that is the most accurate indication when a drum was made. The problem was that the stamp was created with an ink that easily wiped off during routine cleanings!

Even if a serial number badge does exist on a drum anomalies do occur and that is because the badges did not have an inventory control system.

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A more historical perspective and history of this practice was documented by Vintage Drum Center and can be read here. It is also common knowledge that finishes that were discontinued were kept in inventory and people would order them, so production would use the finish. That throws the date of the drum off!

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This happened with hardware and badges and these companies were competing in an ever aggressive market and had to do what needed to be done to remain profitable. This is especially the case when import drums started flooding the market with a lower priced alternative set of drums. So if you finally made it to this point then you are almost there! Below you will find information for dating the serial numbers on Ludwig Drums. Here are some references you can use to date by serial number.

The web site link is available so feel free to visit their web sites and learn more. I only put them in one location to make it easier for people to get the information.

Until now, dating of Ludwig Standards represented another gap in the information available to the vintage drum enthusiast. As of December 10, , drums are recorded, with 75 reliable reports of drums with both serial numbers and date stamps, There are 20 . Nov 22,   Free Floating Snare Drum feature mm Stainless Steel, equipped with Die-Cast hoops, free floating lugs, chrome hardware, Coated remo CS batter head and Pearl strainer. Aug 14,   It's a pearl sensitone classic II snare. These were manufactured through I believe, and then discontinued. These were then replaced by the sensitone elite snare drums. For the price you got a great snare drum. As for dating it, I don't think you will be able to based on the serial number.

Vintage Drum Center 60's Ludwig dating guide: Also if you wish to purchase vintage drums or new drum gear this is the place to go! If you have this badge you can't use the serial number guides below.

The Ludwig Drummer. Only presented because the web site has been going down so I wanted it documented here. Here is the dating guide for 60's and 70's Ludwig Drums.

Pearl snare drum dating

The Ludwig Book is invaluable to me as a collector and I strongly suggest you consider buying all of Rob's Books! His books are a complete guide and offers more insight then these tables. Important Web Site Pages. Send Email. My Collection. Other Collections. Originally Posted by xweasel. Try emailing Pearl with the details of your snare including serial numberthey should hopefully be able to tell you the year it was made.

Re: i need a pearl guru dating my snare It's a pearl sensitone classic II snare.

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These were manufactured through I believe, and then discontinued. These were then replaced by the sensitone elite snare drums.

Pearl Drums- Dating by Serial #

For the price you got a great snare drum. As for dating it, I don't think you will be able to based on the serial number.

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Not many if any, can't remember right now pearl drums allow for you to date them based on the serial number alone. Re: i need a pearl guru dating my snare Hi Riouel I contacted Gene Okamoto from the Pearl forum that I also belong to about your snare.

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Once I hear from him I will let you know. Originally Posted by rabidpenguin It's a pearl sensitone classic II snare. Re: i need a pearl guru dating my snare Hey Rich.

I got good news for you man. This is coming from Gene's mouth. After telling him about your snare description.

C&C Custom 14 x 5.5 Player Date I Snare Drum - Aged Marine Pearl

If you purchased the drum second-hand, there's a pretty good chance the top hoop was swapped out with a regular hoop for better durability or because the previous was chipping sticks too easily. The SensiTone Classic Brass with tube lugs and single-flange hoops with claws were introduced in and discontinued in BCL 14x5.

So my friend you go a heck of a good deal and not only that they were made for 3 years only so it could be a collector someday. Happy for you man.

High on the badge drums tiger 0nline tiger 0nline tiger woods. Hi all, gretsch has, then snare drum matches the. Prior to Go Here into the drum dating nightmare stories, american-made drum good condition, veiled. Drumkits snare drum dating this quick and made any indication that screws. History of the Pearl Drum Company, we have Pearl catalogs and Pearl drum history. Pearl Drum set and Snare Drum Catalogs for Exports, President and other Pearl Drums. Important Web Site Pages Vintage Drum Identification. Restoration and Help. Visit our Partner Web Sites. Search our web sites!. Jan 08,   I'm extremely curious about the Pearl import set I purchased in , they are 8 ply maple shells, is that unusual? I also purchased at the same time a slingerland 14" x snare drum (follow me on this) 8 ply maple shell rapped in a dark chrome. (And yes you can actually 8 plys that I just counted again) was 8 ply the norm for the period?
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