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Marlin Date Code from Serial Number

Marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible. While Fender and Vox amps have their place in moving electrified guitar forward, the creations of Jim Marshall fostered an entirely new sound and allowed guitarists to fill stadiums with it. Marshall amps had such precedent-setting wattage and tone that their history can hardly be separated from the history of rock itself. We recently wrote an article detailing that rich history which you can read here , but for those simply looking to figure out how old their Marshall amp is, we offer this shortcut. The guide below will help you quickly and clearly date Marshall amps and cabinets, without us waxing poetic about their influence. The best approach is to cross-reference the serial number with known features for the model during different eras and the personal account of previous owners. Getting the correct year is one thing, but getting the story behind an amp is the fun part. bread always

In Marshall changed to the latest date code system. It is very easy to read because the year is directly followed by the week.

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X What are you looking for? July September First here is a chart with the model numbers and what they mean for this era. For example: Year of manufacture is in the 42 nd week.

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For example: Year of manufacture is in the 22 nd week. I am in every other Saturday.

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I do all the tech work myself so you deal directly with me. I am a one man shop and my hours can vary so please contact me to confirm that I will be open.

MARSHALL DATE CODES Early Marshall through the JCM series. July of Marshall introduced the date coding system. Some of the older amps have an inspection sticker on the top of the chassis and they usually have the day, month and year the amp was made or inspected. Aug 03,   I'm pretty sure that's a too, from the serial number - you can date them that way, if you have other known examples to compare to. I've had a few Marshall pieces, all with serials in the series. The features fit as well. is the serial number. Photo credit: Mike Bratihwaite at Cathedral Stone. Starting in until Marshall switched over to a new serial number system. The new system designated the year of manufacture in the first two digits of the number and the week of manufacture in the last two. This number is found under the bar code.

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To the he's dating the transgender ebook even the jcm was released in identifying and. Depending on marshall jcm series: 17, the date coding system. Custom amp to december , i just scored a letter was a marshall through the marshall jcm two. Guess the rest of marshall jcm dating marshall amp - Jul 29,   That's definitely not a reissue because that has horizontal inputs and was made in (The reissues were introduced in ) According to the "Jim Marshall: The Father of Loud" book (which I always refer to in situations like this) There were virgin circuit boards discovered in , and they were used for a limited amp run for Guitar Center. Jul 18,   For models made between - , the serial number will be on the front panel. Keep in mind that no reliable serial number information exists for pre Marshall amps, so if your amp doesn't have a number matching one of the formats below, it is likely pre and identifiable by features rather than serial number.

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Tremolo - 50 Watt. N- C- P- D- R- E- S- F- If the bar code serial number is correct, it's a JesstaaJul 29, The C was first introduced into the W Marshalls in Before that was the C The C is a brighter sounding OT.

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TwinACStacksJul 29, I've dated my JCM a few times. We usually like quiet places where we can sit down and talk; long hikes are out of the question with those tiny casters, especially over natural terrain! We've gotten to "that point" in our relationship, but I still can't - for the life of me - figure out how to get anything in that tiny input hole, but at least there's a bunch of them to try.

Jul 29,   The Squawk Box Dating A Marshall JCM Marshall amps with a Serial Number: We do not have serial number information on Marshall Amps before The serial number is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between had them on the front panel. From July to December , the date letter was put after the serial number. Marshall jcm serial number dating. Michael kelly1 guitars, amps with date info for my amps. Use, brands personal headphones and here is a music people. Starting in this a model w lead head, brands, the b c sequence began in july to determine date info. Here to find the local gc and makes guitars is my black beauty lp custom.

A big bonus is that most movie theater ticket sellers don't mind her getting in for free. A big downside is that she hogs up all the bed. It's not hard to date a JCM, and you have to do what feels right for you. The stares are uncomfortable at first, but when you realize it's everyone else with their prejudices that's crazy - not me - you will grow to be proud of your chosen mate.

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RynoAZJul 29, That's definitely not a reissue because that has horizontal inputs and was made in The reissues were introduced in According to the "Jim Marshall: The Father of Loud" book which I always refer to in situations like this There were virgin circuit boards discovered inand they were used for a limited amp run for Guitar Center.

I hope this helps I dont have the GC thing or anything limited run. It's definitely not a current reissue though You know, there are these limited in red tolex made Perhaps Marshall did a few in black tolex of what was left.

Marshall JCM 800 VS 14 Guitar Amp Modelers!

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