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Online Dating Tips For Women: 6 Things I Learned About Online Dating and Tinder

One that covers your profile, photos, bio, and even messaging? One that's not made from guesswork, but from actual data and studies? This living guide is ated regularly, and outlines everything that you need to know to be successful on Tinder. By the end of reading this, you will get more matches, numbers, and dates. Watch the Comprehensive Tinder Guide Video. Choosing the Right Tinder Photos. Your Swiping Strategy.

So we know that you need quality images to stand out on Tinder. Because my profile is so refined, and image like this acts as a counter point. Meanwhile the shot also portrays other information.

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The truth is it took me years of absolute failure to get any results with Online Dating. In fact, the first girl I managed to get willing to meet me from OkCupid was a catfish. She turned out to be maybe lbs heavier than I was expecting. It took a huge amount of effort to realize that success on Tinder comes from appearing that it takes zero effort. Keep your messages brief, like you could care less if she respond. These highlights need to be so good that a woman looks and says to herself:.

Try that as your opening message on Tinder and see how well it works.

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Seriously, try it, then email me the screenshot if it leads to a date. Some give tips that are the opposite of what you need to do. The reason why is this: blogs hire other people to write content. Likely, the writes are not experts. Their process is to good the keyword and copy what is there. Cut through the clutter, and stick to the blogs that show you the results. Also, read the first letter of every sentence above to learn who sucks at giving advice!

In your bio you write what really reflects you and your humor. For example I recently hired women on Fiverr to review my actual Tinder Profile. In it, one of the better reviews told me to remove the diarrhea joke. I find diarrhea jokes funny. You think I want to spend 3 hours talking to a wet sponge that gets offended by poop talk?

Whatever your personality is, make sure it comes through in your bio and photos. In our exclusive Facebook group we do:. If you found our Tinder Guide helpful, you can also leave a comment below letting us know. You can reach out to Marc via email hereor follow him on Instagram.

Blog About Community Login. Looking for a comprehensive Tinder Guide for men? Here you go: This living guide is ated regularly, and outlines everything that you need to know to be successful on Tinder.

So let's dive in. Why is Tinder Hard? Writing Your Bio. Watch the Comprehensive Tinder Guide Video For those wanting to skip reading We put together a video version of this guide. Which you can watch below. Men have it rough on Tinder. The reason? It's simple math. There are many more men than women on Tinder. Women on Tinder get 20 times more matches than men. This is why it can be so hard to get matches on Tinder.

May 20,   The Mens Guide To Tinder: The Essential Manual For Tinder, Dating & Hookups [Chris Hemswith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Latest stats show that for every girl on Tinder there are six men - You need to know how to stand out from the crowd/5(11). A successful Tinder conversation all boils down to strategy, and that's exactly what this guide is all about. You'll get actionable steps and real screenshot examples for all 3 stages of a Tinder conversation, from the very first message you send to how (and when) to ask her out. This guide to Tinder dating will help you attract those kind of girls you want. Here's an example: Email from a guy who followed the steps in this article. At the very least, this guide will help you get easy dates and have fun with amazing women.

Or turn those matches in to dates. She has 20x as many options as you do. And likely, many more. OR now, even video. Your other 6 photos are what we call passion shots. And they should show that: your passions. But let's focus on the big wins. So, it had better be good. Your primary photo should never be: A selfie. A group photo save that for photo 2 or 3.

A photo where your face is obscured. Your primary photo should be: A clean headshot, preferably showing the upper third of your body. A photo of you alone. Photo 2 - Your Group Shot. That's how necessary it is. It will make her want to be part of your circle. Photo 3 - Your Body Shot. Here are 3 bio tips that are easy to follow: Keep your bio short and sweet. The old writing tip: show, don't tell. Take risks. Don't do this: Always swipe right.

4 Tinder 1st Date Mistakes You Should NEVER make

But to be honest What's the Average Response Rate on Tinder? Success is different for everyone. Also avoid: Cliche lines. Long declarations of love. Copy pasted lines. As for Breana Have Fun This is maybe the single biggest piece of advice anyone can give you here. Have a Quality Headshot You already know that you need a headshot for your Tinder profile. Ideally as the first image. One was taken at night, and the other during the day.

The guitar one more artsy. The night one more party-type. Plus the color and lighting is bright and easy to see.

The Ultimate Tinder Guide to Getting Dates and Hookups

Trust me on this. Eeeshhh Take one thing from this comprehensive Tinder Guide, let it be this: Avoid using awkward and boring group shots. Or, you take Tinder way too seriously.

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Low quality, cell phone images. Selfie at night, with a cell phone? Namely, that I have friends, and I travel. We touched on this in the previous point. You need to not take Tinder so seriously. In fact, the first girl I managed to get willing to meet me from OkCupid was a catfish She turned out to be maybe lbs heavier than I was expecting.

I know, catch 22 right? Keep your bio really short. You probably can based on the H3 title You sly dog you. Speak of dogs, this guy loves animals. Look, the goal of your Tinder profile is one thing: To show the highlights of your life. Evidence above theory every single time. Because it might upset some girls.

In our exclusive Facebook group we do: Weekly live Tinder profile reviews. And share memes that make girls find hilarious. I check and reply to every comment on the Zirby blog. Follow Marc on Instagram. Tinder Zirby September 3, 27 Comments. Tinder Zirby October 11, 4 Comments. Tinder Zirby August 16, That is until I broke the code. I have acne. My hair is thinning. Do Looks Matter on Tinder? But there is a major caveat. Bone structure. Skin condition. Your height. These are factors that are out of your control.

On Tinder, they act as a bonus. Making everything a little easier. On the other hand Presentation is a visual representation of your choices. Presentation represents your Attitude. Sound familiar? Good genetics on the other hand are easy to find. Ask ANY girl you know about her experience at clubs. Hot, attractive guys with good genetics. And show women what they want to see.

Why Presentation Matters Your genetics might be enough for a quick hookup in a club. Especially in a photo? This is not shallow. Male Tinder Profile Example Okay so I want to show you two photos of me that were taken within a month.

The Biggest Tinder Turn-Ons And Turn-Offs, According To Our Most Popular Users. A little effort goes a long way. Dating Tips. A Straight Guy's Guide To Dating Queer Women. It's time to educate yourself. Dating Tips. Why These Tinder Super-Users' Bios Work . Ultimate Guide To Tinder ( Edition) Whether you've been on Tinder for years or you just downloaded it yesterday, this Tinder guide has all the expert advice you need to . The world's most comprehensive Tinder guide for men, filled with real examples, data, and screenshots. The world's most comprehensive Tinder guide for men, filled with real examples, data, and screenshots. The truth is it took me years of absolute failure to get any results with Online Dating.

Remember: both of them show the same genetics. These photos look pretty radically different. Comparing the left photo from the right photo I look more self assured meaning more confident. I really want to stress this. Looks matter. And not so much about the features themselves. These methods come from years of trial and error. Provoking the Storyteller Method.

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And the 4th Wall Breaker Technique. Close your eyes. Impossible burgers, of course. Pretty nice, right? Now, let me ask you a question: Under what circumstances would you abandon all your friends and hop the fence to join his BBQ?

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If you and him already have the same set up Why would you leave the comfort of your own house to join his party? Look at the example below. Good looking guy, decent quality photos.

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Main points hit: head shot, passion shot, group shot. Tinder is no different. Awkward, right? When a girl, or even a guy, looks at your profile they should say to themselves: Wow, he looks awesome to hang out with. But in actually are not. Well, put simply The execution sucks. Just like he probably was when it was taken. You want to bring them on a journey Not a tedious and long boat tour Makes sense, right?

Again this seems really cool in theory. But seeing the picture? Want to see an example of it working? Amazing Tinder Photos for Guys. Starting with a music themed photo. Looking at this photo: I want to be there.

It clearly demonstrates of his big passions. It is mysterious. There is so much content that comes from this one image. Far more than just on a guitar in your own room. Makes sense right? Compare THIS image to the lonely boat image from before. See how powerful that is? How to Get Images this Good. Choosing Your Tinder Profile Picture. I want to stress this. Her choice is: Instantaneous. Your supplemental photos and your bio are important.

Guide to dating on tinder

We know this intuitively. For starters, your profile photo should never be: A selfie. A group photo Save that for photo 2 or 3. So what should your profile photo be? All while they used Tinder. A photo of you alone. Let's see some real examples Let's meet my friend Jeff.

Or at least, that's the name I made up for him. You get the idea. But none of them should be a primary profile photo. Meanwhile, here are 2 other photos of Jeff that fit better into our rules. These are clear, in focus, high-quality photos.

But one stuck out because it did everything wrong except one thing See this image: Was taken indoors. At night. With bad, yellow lighting. But it was still really good. So what makes it work? Hell no. But considering the vast majority of Tinder profiles are terrible Having something even above average can set you apart.

Especially if you look welcoming. The best part? Group-on Hijack Hack. Steal from Your Competition Hack. One quick thing before we start. I wrote an article where I show my real Tinder profile. The results were shocking to say the least. Use this method today. The idea is simple:. And much, much more.

To encourage others to sign up for the experience too. Of you doing something seriously cool Without even having to ask someone to take the photo! This picture works. It comes right from an AirBnB experience. Picture with Giant Bear? No context that creates Mystery? Cooking sausages, over a wood fire, wearing a filson hat. Sure, this image has less mystery than the above But it has emotional and sensory weight. And as much as I love being in Starbucks writing this article I rather be on the campsite with that dude talking about foraging mushrooms.

How cool is that? Again, this is not a hard shot to pull off. He keeps it for his AirBnB experience page. You keep it for your tinder profile. Groupon Hijack Hack. Earlier I showed you an image of a dude in a helicopter. Skydiving And Race-car racing. This is what I call a unicorn.

So easy. So effective. They will have clever ideas for their pictures. Their bios will be solid. And they will have VERY clever opening lines. Open Tinder and swipe right on guys with great profiles. Wait for them to message you. OK let me show you an example, a guy named Rob.

Watch the Comprehensive Tinder Guide Video

Keep in mind that he is a shorter guide. Genetic But his presentation is solid works out, has a good haircut, good fashion.

And most importantly He demonstrates his amazing sense of humor in his profile. See his profile photo He shows he has lots of friends. Steal Rob's Awesome Tinder Profile. Remember, Rob is your competition. Remember Officer Dangle?

In fact, it breaks almost ALL the rules we set in this tinder profile guide : Have a good quality photo. His picture is also risky. For Women, using Tinder is so repetitive.

Rob is able to shake this up, big time. And it works. You already know the power of a good group shot. It shows your social. I mean, look at that Santa picture.

So good and easy to make! Most women will want to join him.

You get a sense of his personality. His interests. His personality.

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OR who are shy introverts. So the right kind of woman matches with you. The Magic of this Profile. Most photos are taken with a cell phone. That communicates the same information. You can make it happens. Tinder Profile Resource Collection.

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Beyond that you still need the right Tinder bio. The right photos for images And even the right first message. Not sure what Camera to use for Tinder? Check out this post. I rate and show examples of different cameras.

Finally we have Tinder 10X. Filled to the brim with examples and guides. Everything is covered from Feedback reviewing real Tinder profiles. And more See Tinder 10x. Tinder Profile FAQ. Hey, Marc here. So check back.

Create a female Tinder Facebook/Tinder profile with pictures. Open Tinder and swipe right on guys with great profiles. Wait for them to message you. By doing this you'll amass a collection of great content. OK let me show you an example, a guy named Rob. This is a guy who totally NAILS his Tinder Profile it's as if he followed this guide. The Tinder FAQ. With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world's most popular dating app and the best way to meet new people. The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Tinder for Men. Man of Many, 10 Nov and despite the obvious malaise one might express about modern dating being fickle and shallow, Have you subscribed to Man of Many? You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Male photos get 5X the number of matches. Try to avoid selfies or camera-phone images. Open Tinder. Hold, drag, and drop to reorder your photos. You can also watch the video on the right.

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Your Tinder profile will be shown to everyone.

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