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Ed "proposes" to Winry!

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Edward elric dating quiz

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Harry Potter Personality Quizzes. Edward Alphonse Elric Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!! Coverage : Edward Alphonse Elric Quiz. Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga series also adapted into an anime TV series and a movie sequel, as well as several spin-off novels and videogames.

The Fullmetal Alchemist Quiz is on the fictional characters and terminologies used in the series, and other facts related to the series. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this series.

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He was looking at Trisha b. He was smirking vainly c. He was weeping d. He closed his eyes in shame. What are Edward and Alphonse searching for? What did Mustang loose when he preformed human transmutation?

His eyesight b.

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His alchemy c. His hands d. His voice.

Apr 15,   Share quiz. Who Is Your Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfriend? Mimzy. 1. 7. Which of the following means the most to you? Fairness, no one deserves to suffer for being taken advantage of. Life, you only get one chance. Family and friends, they're the people who are there for you, so you should be there for them. Self-Confidence, you can't earn. Edward Alphonse Elric Quiz. Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga series also adapted into an anime TV series and a movie sequel, as well as several spin-off novels and videogames. The Fullmetal Alchemist Quiz is on the fictional characters and terminologies used in the series, and other facts related to the series. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this series. Dating bracelets - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a woman online who is single and looking for you. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, relations can provide. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings.

Who are not a couple in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? How did Gluttony die? He was burned to death b. He destroyed his own Philosopher's Stone c. Pride ate him d. Father absorbed him. How does Ed confess his love to Winry? Straight out b.

Fullmetal Alchemist Scenarios/Headcanons the man buying roses for his lady. A typical dating activity that thousands of people did and they were almost universally roses, a painfully common symbol of love, Kimblee thought. Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist Scenarios I hope I did well. Are you the tempermental Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric? Or his kind younger brother Alphonse? Maybe you're the fiery colonel or Ed's automail mechanic Winry. Take this quiz to find out! Take this quiz! The doctor tells you that you only have a short amount of time left to live. What do you do? What drives you? You get a $1, shopping spree. Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga series also adapted into an anime TV series and a movie sequel, as well as several spin-off novels and videogames. The Fullmetal Alchemist Quiz is on the fictional characters and terminologies used in the series, and other facts related to the series. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about this series.

In his dying words c. Greed plopped back on the bed once they left, staring at the ceiling above. Not to mention just how little info his partner had about this person. Greed was absolutely right in worrying.

Based on the dark hoods and some of the chanting, Greed figured they must be some kind of cult. By the time he got there, his partner was already badly injured. Although not without a fight based on the look of things, three of the cult members were on the ground looking just as, if not more, worse for wear.

Before the others could even react, Greed attacked another member. Slicing through their dark robes and scratching through the alchemic symbols that they seemingly carved into their arms, something Greed found really unnecessary even for a weird cult.

Then Greed started to slash their throat before. I need them alive for questioning! The rest were dispatched just as quickly without much of a fight.

Greed almost felt pitiful for just how poor their fighting skills were if they really planned on taking on all of Amestris.

Boba Date Meme - Ed x Winry - Fullmetal Alchemist

The adrenaline still pumping through his veins as he looked around the warehouse, almost hoping for another one to show up. Seeing his partner in pain is all it took to snap him out of his battle high. He quickly ran over to his partner, picking them up gently to avoid hurting them before removing his ultimate shield so they would be more comfortable.

His partner chuckled at that, although it sounded more like a cough in the condition his partner was in. I apologize for this inconvenience. Ed stumbled groggily into the living room, rubbing his eyes awake.

Well more like he just handed Winry the tools she asked for but still Alphonse was happy to help. As he stepped into the living room, he could see the form of his partner drawing on their sketch pad. They worked on newspaper comics for a living, as well as the occasional painting commission when they had the time.

Practically every time Ed saw them, they were either drawing or painting, as dedicated to their craft as Winry to her automail. It looked like they were drawing an outline for a commission as practice, with many of the lines darkened and seemingly drawn over several times. The outline itself seemed to be a rough sketch depicting a person with mechanical wings holding a clock, least Ed thought it looked like a clock. None of the details were refined after all, just the basic outline of a person with jagged wings holding something.

Ed looked once more at the sketch. One hand, or what Ed assumed to be a hand as the darkened lines made things a bit hard to make out, looked like they were holding something near their chest.

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His partner gave a small smile, before turning around and gently kissing Ed. His partner chuckled at his nervousness, before standing up. Oh yes its very good. After that though, Brotherhood continues on with the original manga story line and does it quite well. I apologize for this inconvenience but once I finish clearing my inbox, feel free to send the request again.

I apologize for this taking so long but I hope the length of this scenario will kinda make up for it. I kinda went a little overboard in writing this, hence why its under the cut. Also I used the dub dialogue instead of the Japanese sub, so I apologize to the sub fans out there. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. The rain started falling not to long ago, and even with the coat they wore, the rain had already seeped through their clothes.

At least they would soon be inside.

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When they got to his house though, no one answered the door. No one answered his call though. Cautiously, the group stepped through the door and into the house. The place almost looked abandoned as they started walking through. None of the lights were on, nor was Nina or even Alexander. Surely, his partner thought, Alexander would have least ran up to greet them. That is, until Alphonse opened the right door. Shou Tucker looked excited to see them when they entered.

Like this was a horror novel and something awful was about to happen. That person Edward. Big brother Ed.

Edward elric dating quiz - Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man.

His partner could hear Ed pounce on Tucker, throwing him to the wall. They could hear Ed screaming at him. They could feel a dull pain spreading through their knees as they fell to the hard wooden floor. Yet all of it felt like background noise to them.

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NinaNina was gone. The more they looked at its expression, the more sad and pained it looked, and the more they wanted to scream with Ed.

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The creature slowly walked up to them and brushed its nose against their hand, nuzzling the hand made bracelet that Nina had made for them. A warm smile formed on their face as they looked at the simple twine rope bracelet with metal charms from the jewelry kit Shou had bought for his daughter. These charms were of a dog, a little dress, a test tube, a tiny knight, a flower, a heart, and awhat looked like some kind of hardware nut.

His partner chuckled and gave him a peck on the cheek. Greed chuckled and picked up his partner after they finished vomiting.

Ginger teaLing replied. It should help calm the stomach, at least it helped me when I caught it once.

Who are you from Fullmetal Alchemist?

Hey, working to become the Emperor is a tough job, I need the fuel. Ling retorted inside his head. Greed rolled his eyes as he started to prepare the tea, thankfully his partner had a little ginger left. Would I lie about a remedy that helps with an illness that prevents you from eating? Ling answered back.

Jul 20,   Who is your anime boyfriend? Find out who suits you best in the anime. Gud test. Try out plz. Online quizzes are easy to find with Quibblo tags. Find FUN quizzes, PERSONALITY quizzes, BLOG quizzes, MYSPACE quizzes, and FUN personality quizzes using Edward Elric Quizzes Tags edward elric. Name Creator Love quiz: Are you in love? Test your love with the ARE YOU IN LOVE QUIZ. Think you're in love? Mustang blackmails Edward into going on a blind date with you let's see how things turn out for you! Sign up Log in. Share quiz. If you went on a blind date with edward elric ink-spoted cheetah. 1. 9.

You being sick? A small smile formed on their lips as they took another sip of tea. Greed held his partner close, almost like how a child might hold a teddy bear, and rested his head on top of theirs.

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His partner gave a small chuckle before setting the tea down and nuzzling into his chest. Posts Following Ask Rules Archive. Anonymous asked: Can I have a scenario where reader saves Envy as he's just about to end his life, the scene where Envy is in his small form after being burned by Royand to protect Envy from Roy, they bring him to their house to stay until he can change back to his normal form?

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