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I have my scan on Tuesday and have heard people mentioning you have to drink lots of water before your scan. Just wondering is there a certain amount you should drink? My midwife didnt advise me of this, and would be completly gutted if I couldnt have it done. Also not to use toilet the last houre before scan. Worked great, other than me needing to pee so badly I thought I was going to burst when she pressed with the scan probe!

As bubs is so small at that stage, you need to drink that much so you have a full bladder, which pushes bubs up and makes it easier to find and take the measurements. I didn't drink enough before mine and had to sit around and drink more and then wait for the sonographer to have time to try again.

Next time round I would definately follow the advice given, then it wouldn't take so long. Posted Wednesday 19 March am.

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Former Member. I only had to drink a litre for the 6 week scan I had Whats worse is when bubs won't move to get a clear shot and they tell you to go to the toilet and just go a bit!!!!! How can you just go a bit and then stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my 19 week scan yesterday and cause it was so hot the water I drank didn't do anything and they couldn't check my cervix properly.

Are they insane?? I'm told to drink 2 glasses equivalent of mL and hold for an hour. My bladder is the size of a grape on a good day, so having a uterus pressing down on it makes it impossible to hold anything for longer than 15 mins. Then of course the ultrasound place is running 10 - 15 mins late, and I'm doing a raindance in the waiting room which DH finds highly amusing.

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I end up going to the toilet just a bit before the scan to 'take the edge off' and then top up again with a cup or two of water. But the sonographer lets me go to the bathroom after the first 10 mins of the scan when she does initial measurements of the uterus and checks my bladder to make sure that I'm not exaggerating when I tell her it's about to explode!!! But I empty entirely and then she goes ahead and takes measurements of bubs.

Couldn't imagine holding on for half an hour or more during the scan.

Drinking before dating scan

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Morning, Hope you're all well! I have my scan on Tuesday and have heard people mentioning you have to drink lots of water before your scan. Just wondering is there a certain amount you should drink? / How long before do you have to drink it etc? My midwife didnt advise me of this, and would be completly gutted if I couldnt have it done. For my 6 week dating scan, I drank the water an hour before and then had the urge to go BIG TIME. So I called and asked what's the worst that can happen if i go to the toilet. The lady said they'd have to do an internal scan My interpretation was that that they'd use some kind . The dating scan will take between five minutes and 10 minutes. Nearly all scans after 10 weeks can be done through your tummy, and most units ask you to come with a full bladder. The sonographer will put some gel on your tummy and will move a small hand-held device (a transducer) over your skin to get views of your baby.

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Pure hygienic drinking the water an ultrasound scanning your bladder. Preparation you want to drink a second scan today for an estimated. See my scan; questions about a dating scan - drinking prostitution better than dating. Drink water before dating scan. Pure . Drink water before dating scan - Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing can provide. Oct 13,   An ultrasound scan (sonogram) is a diagnostic test that uses sound waves to create a picture of internal organs. It does not hurt. For most ultrasound .

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You should try to arrive for your ultrasound at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will give you time to relax before your scan and complete patient information forms at reception. If you are late, your appointment may need to be re-scheduled at the next available time.

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You are passing a message to a BabyCenter staff member. But I only managed to drink ml of water and the lady at the ultrasound said my bladder was lovely and full and even let me run off to the toilet during the scan to help make bub move a little more!

Dating Scan Not What I Expected -- Baby Measuring 1 Week Behind

I had to drink 1ltr. It was painful trying to hold it in for so long! Good luck! Every scan I had I only drink a ml half a hour before! Sometimes I don't even drink that much! Could try that??? I have had scans every 3 weeks since 18 weeks now 31 and never been told it wasn't enough. I figured this out at my dating scan when I forced 1L down only to bring it all up on the way but still didn't have to drink anymore.

You need less to fill the further along you go with baby putting pressure on it!!

I just had a Pelvic scan and in my letter it said to drink 2 pints of water an hour bursting by the time my appt. came round. I remember this vividly for my 12 week scans, as I always have bad sickness and drinking water is really hard,by the time they've finished I rush to the loo and throw up! Apr 01,   Holding your bladder for a scan - Page 2: I have a scan on Thursday morning and have been told i've got to drink 1litre of water and hold. I tried it yesterday and I didnt even last 15mins now i'm really worried i'm going ruin my chances of a good scan or pee myself:(HELP!!! Any tips I could use for holding my bladder without having an accident? I have my 20 week scan this week and was wondering if I have to drink loads of water before the scan or is this more important to do this before the 12 week one? At both my 12 week scan and gender scan ive drunk lots and been uncomfortable throughout cos of needing the loo so much! As this scans longer it would be nice to not be quite so uncomfortable.

Hope this helps. Haha, reading all these posts makes me laugh with the momeory of my 7 week scan although I was in tears at the time. I drank 1 litre of water an hour before and I was in AGONY on the drive to the scan, my hubby was so worried and we got in there and he's like, 'this is urgent, we have to go through right away'.

I thought I was going to explode or lose a kidney. My bladder was taking up so much room it was squishing my uterus.

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So she sent me to pee for 10 seconds to let it out and then stop, which I didn't know if I could do, but I could. My bladder kept filling throughout the scan so she sent me out to pee just a little FOUR more times, to pee 10 seconds each time, and it still wasn't empty!!!

I have my 12 week scan next week and I will only be drinking mls this time round. I am always pretty hydrated so I don't need to drink so much haha. But OMG, the pain!!

Drink water before dating scan

I am glad I survived to tell the tale. MoniqueFischer7 Original poster. Thanks ladies! I had my scan this morning and I survived holding my bladder thankfully the scan was only to check my dates so it only lasted 15 mins!

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Can't wait for my 12 week scan :. Log in or sign up to post a comment! Recent posts in April Lonely Mum of 2 little girls.

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