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PTSD After a Sociopath - true love scam recovery

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Mental Illness After Dating a Psychopath

There are many reasons why being unwittingly involved with a sociopath often leads to anxiety and depression. These feelings became my constant companions while married to my ex-husband. It demonstrates how you can sense that something is wrong and feel anxious without understanding what is making you feel that way. In their study, subjects were given four decks of cards, play money, and instructions to draw cards from any of the four decks until they were told to stop. Each card in the deck triggered a payout or a loss of varying amounts. The decks were rigged so that two of the decks had positive expected payouts while the other two were downright punitive and would result in large losses for the participant. But soon, players experienced tension and anxiety while reaching for the decks with negative expected payouts.

I had no clue what was going on until a month after he came back from Philippine. He proceeded to see both her and I until I caught him testing her one night. I confronted him and he told me the truth about what happened. We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about a month of not speaking to him I became sad. I wanted him to tell me that he wanted to be with me and not her.

I contacted Dr. Papa from supremetemple hotmail. He had a lot of regrets and felt bad for not fighting to keep me and for cheating in general. He values our relationship so much more now and we are together now!

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My name is John Kerry, I leave in the USA, my girlfriend and I have been together for over 4 years now, in the last few weeks I have been having problems with her, I do love this girl a lot and do want to get married to her but at times I did feel a little confused about this and has wondered if she has been true to the relationship I did later find out that she has been seeing her ex-boyfriend I was devastated and did not know what to do, although I still loved her and could not see myself with anyone else, I did not want to lose her and Mark assured me that they could help me with this problem, he told me about a spell caster Dr.

With the powers that they do have my girlfriend and I did work a lot of things out and she has come back to me and we are now back together and engaged I did get over the fact that she has cheated on me but sometimes we do need to forget the past and move on to a better future and without Mark help I don't think it would have ever worked out.

He is truly an Angel sent from up above! You can contact him via his e-mail: okutemple hotmail. Managing Director C. Quick Reply. I was crushed when my lover of three years left to be with another woman. I cried and sobbed every day, until it got so bad that I reached out to the Internet for help. And i saw a testimony of a spell caster who help a girl called michelle and i said let me give it a try so i contact him for help and he cast a love spell for me which i use in getting my love back and now i am a happy woman.

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And now am so happy with my family and with a happy home if you are in such pain kindly Via Email DR. I'm Kate from United State, I want to let everyone reading my blog know that there is an easy access to get back with the once we love. My boyfriend broke up with me earlier August hoping he will come back to me but he said to me he is in love with someone else i seek so many advice online how i can get him back but none of the advice work for me to get him back but during my search the other day i came across a spell caster profile called Priest Oduma whose email address is spellofsolution gmail.

We all say that I know. But I truly did! Before I meet him was a mess suffering depression, he didn't care at all and helped me through it picking up the broken pieces and made me so happy! Then one day through a jealous friend I lost him! In his eyes if he can't have me one can. Sent I sick message from my phone, Robert then couldn't take it and ended it. Week later finally got in touch begging and explaining what happened, but it only pushed him away and changed how he felt about me.

After that day my heart broke was put in hospital as my heart stopped! Every night cried my self to sleep praying for him back or just to take me away. One day went online seaking help came across spell saying they would help me only to let me down.

After so many before giving up came across my hero Dr papa! Told him everything that had happened! All I had to give was Roberts name and dob!

He told me why they didn't work in the past and found out what one evil spell caster had done as I didn't carry on with him cause I knew it was a scam. He cursed my Robert to die! So shocked and in pain Dr papa helped me though it and has became a friend and someone I can talk to.

Then one day proud to say I finally got what I had be longing for! Heard of rob telling me he is sorry and wants to start fresh! Now have the biggest smile on my face and so happy again. All I can say is thank you so much Dr papa you have changed my life.

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Dec 24,   Depression Hangs Around. The problem is that once you learn that it's futile to try, this is hard to unlearn. As a result, after being eroded by a sociopath, you may not attempt to exert effort to advance your interests in future situations, even when the situation is different and new efforts are likely to yield positive results. Sociopaths and depression I was dating a sociopath for 7 months. Of course I had no idea he was a sociopath in the beginning but I did feel something was off & didn't feel right. In the beginning, I think he sensed that and I even voiced it a few times so he was constantly saying and doing the right things. Always appearing at my work. May 31,   Dating a sociopath, having any type of relationship with a sociopath, is usually a shallow, confusing, one-sided experience. "Having a psychopath [or sociopath] in your life can be an emotionally draining, psychologically debilitating, and sometimes physically harmful .

We were very much in love and talked about the future often. As time went on, I started to have many insecurities, fears and doubts about his love for me and my attitude and moods began to change as a result. We started fighting often and after six months of a rocky patch between us, he ended things.

I was completely devastated and heartbroken. I couldn't function or make sense of life or what had happened between us. After a month of feeling like my world was over I started to look for hope anywhere I could find it.

I started searching the internet for stories that were similar to my own and came across many sites referencing the Law of Attraction. Having read The Secret in the past I immediately went to my bookshelf and read it again, cover to cover. It was then I realized that all my negative thinking had contributed to the demise of my relationship but I had hope that it could be undone.

The principles of The Secret always resonated with me but I never truly applied it to my life. I started keeping a journal and daily I would write things like "I am so happy and grateful now that we are in love again". I put together a vision board with pictures of us when we were happy and also cards and letters he had written. Before I went to bed every night I would send him love, light, and all the warmth I could muster, although sometimes it was very difficult.

I knew in my heart that we were meant to be together and focused on remaining happy and confident in my convictions. I noticed that as time passed, I truly felt grateful and positive every day. The sadness I once felt had turned into hope and it was easy to manifest lots of the other things that I wanted in my life. My Dear friends online,am so happy to give this miraculous testimony, which is so unbelievable until now.

I had a problem with my Ex husband 2years ago, which lead to our break up. Thanks to Dr wicca or saving my relationship and for also saving others own too. My name is Mandy lairs am from USA. This great man Dr OPUTEL brought my husband back to me, i had three lovely kids for my husband, about four years ago i and my husband has been into one quarrel or the other until he finally left me for one lady.

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I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me. The girl i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our wedding for another man. I lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my life I tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years back.

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I am giving this testimony because l am happy.

During PTSD after a sociopath, we're likely to look to alcohol, weed or other drugs to handle the shock, overwhelm mind-blowing stress and trauma. Avoid this as much as possible and within reason. Even non-drinkers dive in for a glass or three of wine or vodka in the months of PTSD after a sociopath.

My name is mrs. Santana Valdez from Houston, taxes. I ment a man called dr. Great Potato I thank you very much thank you in times. Email Him Through his email address What a powerful man such as Dr lala. I am carissa from USA, i want to share a testimony of my life to every one. I contacted him to help me bring back my husband and he ask me not to worry about it that he is going to bring him back to me within 3days. He also told me by three days he will re-unite me and my husband together.

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Oct 30,   How to Recover from a Relationship With a Sociopath. The American Psychiatric Association defines a sociopath as someone with an antisocial personality disorder, who has a disregard for moral and legal cultural standards. Even though they 91%(29). Dating after dating a sociopath? Dating after a socio-freak is best delayed. Normal dating and normal break-ups are tricky - But that mess wasn't even a relationship, it was an invasion, a robbery, a hijacking. Dating after dating a sociopath is a serious undertaking. Jul 08,   Have you ever felt distraught or found it hard to move on after dating someone who was self-centered? If so, your partner might have been a narcissist, or a person with narcissistic tendencies. A Author: Yourtango Experts.

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PTSD After a Narcissistic Sociopath is Normal

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This great man DR. Abu Fatima brought my husband back to me, i had three lovely kids for my husband, about four years ago i and my husband has been into one quarrel or the other until he finally left me for one lady.

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The Core Reason Why You Hurt So Much After Narcissistic Abuse

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PTSD After a Sociopath

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W had four kids two teens and two other young one age five and seven. It will be ugly to know that there father i a sex addict that can't help but to cheat on me and still dear to say he love me. Only understood but it as all the same tearing my home down just thing about my husband making love to random women that is not me.

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Abolo and how to improve your relationship success by contacting him through these details abolospell hotmail. Contact: dr. My name is Alice Slayford I am an American, i want to share my testimony, I was married to my husband for nine years before he left for another woman it was so bad that it affect my job to shorten the story it all ended when I meet with a great spiritualist who prayed for me. In relationships we need a lot of spiritual help he told me my problems and they where all true he prayed for me and after four days my husband who had abandoned me for two years already came to my door with some red rose flower asking me to take him back, we talked for some time and after two weeks we renewed our wedding vows and we are happy together now.

If you want to contact the spiritualist you can contact him personally for help on kizzekpespells outlook. I have been in bondage ever since my husband leave for another woman, It was really hell for me and everybody told me to forget about him but i could not because i love him so much, Things get worse until my friend Rose introduced me to this great spell caster Prophet osaz and i contacted him through his email spirituallove hotmail.

I am so thankful to this man and i will forever publish his name "spirituallove hotmail. Hello, My name is Jessylynn harvey. To cut the long story shot, after 2 years of break up with my Husband with no phone calls or email messages. You can contact Dr keke Odin On directly on his email at greatkekespelltemple gmail.

My Name is gift, From United Kingdom. I am very happy today for what God used Dr. Do you have a problem with you Husband, boy friend, girl friend, relations or in your office and you think you have lost them? I want to share my testimony to everyone I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster when i contact this man called dr osas. My husband divorce me with no reason for almost 4 years and i tried all i could to have him back because i really love him so much but all my effort did not work out.

The spell caster is so powerful and after that he helped me with a pregnancy spell and i got pregnant a month later. Am Posting this to inform everyone in case he or she who has similar problem and still looking for a way out.

Hello to every one my name is Mullar Sharron, from United states, i want to use this wonderful time of mine to appreciate and tell the world what Dr Omon of omonualovespelltemple hotmail. So one day as i was on the internet when i came across a testimony on how Dr Omon helped someone to get his lover back, so i was confused and afraid of contacting him because i was afraid of being scammed again but later on, due to the way i was missing my partner, i decided to gave him a try and to my greatest surprised, he actually helped and it work out for me and in just 24 hours as he told me, my partner that has been way for long sent me and appology text and even called me.

Am so happy to have my Partner back to my self again thanks once again Dr Omon for helping me to bring back my Partner. Contact Dr Omon today on his email: omonualovespelltemple hotmail. Hello My name is Angelica Marie from united states, i am married with two kids. Life has been a misery for me and my kids for over six years when my husband dumped me for his new mistress due to some minor misunderstanding that we had.

So he engage in a fight with me and throw me out of the house, so all through these sorrowful period of my life, i have been in pain. So one day, as i was browsing through the internet, i came across many post about spell casters testifying how they were helped by them so i decided to seek help and advice.

So because of all these, i almost lost hope that i can't get my husband back anymore so when i contacted this Dr. I actually waited as he said, so when it was 24 hours after he did the spell, my husband actually called me on my mobile phone and started apologizing for everything that he had caused me and the kids. This was how my marriage was reunited again and Starting from this point till date, i and my husband has been living peacefully and happily. Anybody viewing this testimony should please stop by and read and if you are so interested in contacting Dr.

One day when i was reading through the web site, i saw a post on how this spell caster on this address Prophet Lord a spell caster. I believed him because of his polite approach and sincerity and today i am glad to let you all know that this spell caster have the power to bring lovers back because i am now happy with my wife in case you need his help email him now on solutionoflovespelltemple gmail.

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Three days later, my phone rang, and so shockingly, it was my boyfriend who has not called me for past 8 month now, and made an apology for the heart break, and told me that he is ready to be my back bone till the rest of his life with me.

Below is the email address in any situation you are undergoing a heart break, and I assure you that as he has done mine for me, he will definitely help you too. Greetings to every one that is reading this testimony my name is Miss faith. I have been rejected by my husband after three 3 years of marriage just because another woman had a spell on him and he left me and the kid to suffer. Olu, have help a woman to get back her husband and i gave him a reply to his address and he told me that a woman had a spell on my husband and he told me that he will help me and after 2 days that i will have my husband back.

His email: wespiritualhouse yahoo. Telemi is a trust worthy spell caster and he will be of great help to you. I never believed in spell casting but After 4 years of marriage my husband left me because I lost my womb, and i was unable to give birth to children. I felt like my life has come to an end, and i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time, but thanks to this spell caster called Dr.

Telemi whom i met online after my friend Tracy James told me how he also helped her to bring back her husband in less than 2 days.

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Once again thank you Dr. Thank you, thank you. I really want to thank Dr Ero for saving my marriage. My husband really treat me bad and left the home for almost 1 month i was sick because of this, then i contacted eromosalelovespell outlook. They cast a spell of return back of love on him. And he came back home for forgiveness and today we are happy again, i want you all who are having relationship, ex and even husband problem to contact eromosalelovespell outlook.

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Ana who is married to zick said her problem started after she had a miscarriage. I and my boy friend as been separated for a long period, I cam across different spell caster and they were all unable to bring my lover back. I was so sad and almost gave up on him when i met a spell man called DR Osimen, who helped me get my lover back.

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I had contacted them to get some help the Sunnice was very understanding in my situation and my problem the Sunnice told me everything I had to do to get this help and what was required of me,the Sunnice was always there to answer any question I had and was always quick in responding to my questions or any problem I had. They will be there for you every step of the way and will be by your side for as long as you need them. The Swamiji will solve any of your problems and get you the out come you deserve and want.

If you want your lover back or you need help with any other situation all you have to do is contact this email address and ask for help.

They are caring and understanding and will help you every step of the way. I never believed in magic or that there was anyone who could help until I contacted this email sunnicelovespell yahoo.

Beware Of Spell casting scammers not all are real some might be fake. So i met with this spell caster Dr Goodluck on the internet after a long search. And he told me everything that i needed to do, and he also assured me that he is going to reunite us in just 24 hours later after his spell casting.

So he started his work on Monday 30th Oct. You are not going to believe this. He is back!!!

Yes, he really came back in 24 hours just as you guaranteed Sir. Now I'm fully persuaded that you are a legit and authentic spell caster and your hardwork is the best i have ever come across. This is so mind-boggling for me. Wesley is back!!! I haven't by any means experienced something like this before. Thank you so much Dr Goodluck. I never expected such a result. Dream come true. You were so kind with me. Thank you Sir for your precious help.

I have never been so happy in my life like the way i am today. You are a genuine spirit. You and your work will never be forgotten for making me a fulfilled woman and reuniting me and my ex husband once again. You are my hero. The kids are overjoyed to have their father come back home for good. Sir here i am sharing your testimony just as i promised. My name is lius Francisca, and I base in U.

have loved and

Thanks to a spell caster called Dr Jatto, which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet,I came across allot of testimonies about this particular spell caster.

Depression after dating sociopath

I contacted him VIA Email and explained my problem to him. We solved our issues, and we are even happier than before Dr Jatto, is really a gifted man and i will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man Try drjattosplltemple gmail. Here's his Email drjattosplltemple gmail. I had a very big problem with my wife few months ago,to the extent that she even packed her things away from me and my kids for almost 5 months,and i tried all my possible best and effort to bring her back,but all to no avail.

I discussed it with a very good friend of mine,and he gave me an advice concerning a spell caster,and i quote. I never believed in spell casting,but he convinced me and i had no choice than to follow his advice,because i never dreamt of loosing my lovely wife.

So amazing!! I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my boyfriend back and he means so much to me.

The boy i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our wedding for another girl. I tried all i could do to have him back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to visit a friend of my.

I told him my problem and all have passed through in getting him back and how i lost my job My boyfriend called me at exactly pm on Thursday and apologies for all he had done.

My life is back into shape,i have my boyfriend back and we are happily married now with kids and i have my job back too. Hello My name is paul wayne from England, i am 32 years old and i sincerly want to thank a great spell caster called dr wisdom who helped me to bring back my wife after she had left me and my kids for good two years and six months. According to my problem He decided to perform a spell service immediately and all other necessary things that has to be done an after the spell had been done He told me to wait for just 40 hours that the spell will start to take effect and so i believed and i waited for the time he had said.

To my greatest surpriseexactly the 40 hours that he had said i recieved a call and when i picked the call it was my wife pleading and also asking for forgiveness, at first i was amazed but later i came back to my mood and i decided to hang on the phone on her but when i terminated the call she keep on calling an i decided to switch off the phone. To my greatest surprise around am in the morning i heard my door bell ringing and i decided to open the doorto my surprise i saw my wife kneeling and begging me to forgive so i decided to forgive her and i ordered her up an i embrace her.

This was how i got my wife back with the help of the great dr wisdom viewers willing to contact him or anyone with the same problem or any kind of problem should simply contact him on this email wisdomspiritualtemple gmail. When i read a testimony online on how Dr.

Okun the great and most powerful spell caster online of great ultimate temple, i was wondering how can this be true, Because many has failed me in the past without any result from them.

I just let the post pass by and move on the forum. To my notice under again, Some person posted and said tested and trusted spell caster. After reading through the mail it was this same Dr. Okun she was talking about.

So i have no other option than to really check up how he works. I was totally devastated when my beloved lover left me. It was like my entire world vanishing into sorrow and pain. I know it sounds weird but out of all the spell casters I contacted, he was the only one to give me that impression of being so true and trustful. More than his words,He brought my lover back and he made all my wishes come true. He is now loyal, pays attention to me, he offers me flowers every Sunday, and we often go out at the cinema and the restaurant.

I will be forever thankful for turning my life from hell to heaven! May God continue to use you to save broken relationship. My name is Handford Ann,i base in canada. Thanks Handford Ann from canada. An amazing testimony on a spell caster who brought my husband back to me.

A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my husband. So he packed out of the house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get him back,after much begging,but all to no avail. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my husband. So i explained every thing to him,so he told me that the only way i can get my husband back,is to visit a spell caster,because it has really worked for him too.

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Hello friends, an awesome and amazing testimony about a Great spell caster i really love to share. My name is Wilson Felix from the Canada. Getting my wife back is what i least expected and could never imagine. I and my wife have been married for five years and we have been living happily but all of a sudden she changed completely and turned away from me and i never knew what was going on, i tried to ask her but she refused to tell me what the problem is, and as time went on she sought for a divorce.

I was so worried and confused, and i did all my possible best to get her back but it wasn't easy, i thought all hope was lost, and during my search for a way out, a friend of mine who had similar problem told me about a great spell caster called Dr OSAUYI who helped him get back his wife also.

I never believe in spell casting in my entire life or a magic because i never thought it will work but i tried to give this man a chance and to my greatest surprise, He cast a spell to bring her back, but today we are back together into a lovely home with three beautiful kids.

I feel very joyful to share this wonderful testimony,not that i was compelled to but it wont be right if i dont share my experiences with others cos there are so many going through what i have gone through in the past.

After spending so much on fake spell casterscame across Dr aruya ,i thought he was just like the others. I want to use this opportunity to reach others who have this disease by testifying the powerful herbs of Doctor charles sent to me, contact him through his email hivspelltemple gmail.

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Thursday, April 29, Sociopaths and depression. From a reader: I am already sorry that my email has to begin with "my ex-boyfriend is a sociopath My ex, however, is what he describes as "caught in the net"; a diagnosed sociopath, treated once in hospital and still in occupational care.

Not that it helps, of course. When we were together, he didn't act in a way that most women would describe their apparently sociopathic exes as acting, in fact he was very loving and caring, and always spoke of the huge amounts of respect he had for me, and how he took me seriously, and this is why he loved me.

Before we were together we were friends and I would watch him systematically destroy the emotional lives of his exes, just for fun, just for kicks. My reasons for loving him were the normal ones; mainly, I was attracted to the sociopath in him.

I saw him just the other day, and we had this long conversation, where he told me about how much he feels he is suffering. I am adverse to all people who assume that sociopaths have no feelings whatsoever. Sure, he doesn't feel guilt, which sometimes makes me feel incredibly upset that he could - and has - hurt me spectacularly, and the only remorse he would feel would be the remorse would follow my excommunication of him, not the fact that he had upset me.

He has started to complain of feeling he has built himself a prison of his own behaviours, that his lack of impulse control is what's driving him to his own insanity. He doesn't feel guilty, his problem doesn't lie in his fear that he is hurting people, it is his basic fear that he will be lonely, that he is damaging himself. He has had a few scares that have nearly killed him, a few outbursts that have landed him in the Police Station or the psychiatric unit. He said something to me about his grip on reality; something about the fact that every time he does something "typically psychopathic", he is bored of himself, and he feels another barrier between him and the real world has gone up.

I'm not entirely sure what he means by this. I wouldn't assume that the reason he is saying this stuff to me is to appeal to my empathy, because I currently have nothing he wants. He is always relatively honest with me, in that if he wants something from me, he will ask for it. He respects me, still, so the mind games he plays with me are very minor and are usually just to keep himself on form.

My question is, is this feeling of suffering a common thing? Sociopaths I know only feel very primal emotions, and he has often told me that my downfall in life is that I am far too empathetic and this is slowing me down, that I could be like him if I wanted to but I'm too compassionate and he finds this quite sickening.

Occupational hazard?

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Email This BlogThis! Labels: compassionpsychopathyrelationshipssociopathsociopathy. Anonymous July 22, at AM. Anonymous August 5, at PM. Anonymous August 6, at AM. Anonymous September 21, at PM. Anonymous October 10, at AM. Anonymous October 14, at PM. Lina Merlin October 19, at AM. Anonymous November 6, at AM. Anonymous November 27, at AM. Anonymous November 29, at PM. Kayla Marrie December 21, at PM. Anonymous April 29, at AM.

Alex Cello August 7, at PM. Anonymous April 29, at PM. Anonymous June 2, at PM. Thevoicesarecalling April 29, at PM. Phreaky November 6, at AM. Anonymous April 30, at PM. Anonymous February 24, at PM. Anonymous September 11, at AM. Anonymous June 5, at PM.

Anonymous May 1, at AM. Anonymous May 1, at PM. Harry Lime May 1, at PM. Zoe May 2, at AM. Anonymous May 4, at AM. C May 4, at PM. Father Dearest May 5, at AM. C May 5, at PM. Anonymous May 12, at AM. Ukan October 1, at AM. UKan October 1, at AM. Anonymous May 13, at PM. Anonymous March 5, at PM. Anonymous October 23, at PM. Anonymous April 22, at AM. Anonymous August 11, at PM.

Anonymous October 13, at AM. Void November 3, at PM. Anonymous January 14, at AM. Anonymous January 24, at AM. Anonymous May 3, at PM. Anonymous May 25, at AM. Anonymous June 6, at AM. Anonymous June 19, at AM. Anonymous July 1, at PM. Anonymous July 3, at AM. Anonymous July 23, at PM. That was a good clue. Your lack of confidence was the reason you attracted a narcissist.

A colleague of mine has noticed that there is often an imbalance between narcissists and the people they date. Superficially, narcissists are exceptional people dating partners who appear much more ordinary. Such an imbalance in personality, looks, and attributes, where one is extroverted and the other introverted, sets alarm bells ringing.

At bottom, the extroverted, superficially exceptional ones are that way only in their own mind. It is their prey that are the genuine ones, and often quite successful - except that in the shadow of the pretender, they disappear. Narcissists are picky. If you have allowed a narcissist to prey on your lack of self-confidence, stop! No more downplaying who you truly are.

The lesson here is that you are much better than you think you are. Embrace the truth and move on! I often suggest to my clients that every person who comes into our lives has been invited by us to show us something about ourselves.

How are you neglecting yourself? How are you putting yourself down? In your own nice way, do you feel that you are better than others? Do you subconsciously put others down when you are feeling insecure about yourself? Not all the narcissistic traits may be mirrored in you. A good question to ask yourself is, What traits are the biggest problem for me, and how do I do that to myself? Then ask how you do it so subconsciously that you had to attract a narcissist to teach you a lesson. This idea is a lot to absorb.

It is what you need to shift from being a victim to owning your own journey. People who have dated a narcissist yet had the guts to move on are bruised emotionally and often collapse into being a victim. Because they are hurt, they feel even less confident of themselves, and that can lead to blaming themselves for staying in the relationship too long. They can become abusive toward themselves and actually perpetuate in themselves the narcissistic tendencies they had the courage to leave.

Be a victim no more! The relationship has ended. Embrace that truth. You want to move forward, with no more abuse. Then rebuild your self-confidence by taking an objective inventory of who you are. No counting yourself short! Promise yourself that from now on, you will be your own leader. You will believe in yourself and your achievements and will shower yourself with empathy.

Yes, empathy, the quality totally missing from a narcissist, may just be the perfect antidote to dating one. Getting Over A Failed Relationship?

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