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Stable & Unstable Nuclei - Radioactivity - Physics - FuseSchool

Amagai teleports away with Rurichiyo, leaving the dying Kumoi to reveal Amagai is behind the conspiracy. Ichigo vs. Despite hearing Amagai's allegations against Yamamoto, Ichigo is determined to stop Amagai, whom he states has selfishly caused innocent people to suffer. Unleashing his Bankai, Ichigo eventually uses his Hollow mask. As Ichigo tries to stop Amagai from taking his own life, Byakuya makes Ichigo understand he needs to let Amagai repent the best way he feels possible.

Later, Ichigo says he will help Rurichiyo whenever needed, but she says she will try as the head of her clan to handle it with her own power from now on.

Instead, men report maximum acceptable partner ages that hover around their own age through their 40s. After 40, maximum age preferences for most categories remain lower than their own age.

Radioactive Dating and Half-Life with animation

Thus the rule for maximum age is fairly ineffective at capturing what men actually believe is acceptable.

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