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10 Brooklyn Date Ideas To Make 'Em Swoon

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Grab a brew and a bag of duck-fat popcorn before settling in for a showing.

Peter's 5-star review: I would follow Jason and Heather to The Ends of the Earth, if that's where they decided to place their next restaurant. I'd probably prefer somewhere in South Brooklyn, but I really am willing to travel because both of their current spots have taken up firm residence atop my list of /5.

While you wait for a two-seater at this homey restaurant, sip a cocktail at the copper-topped bar and watch as chefs work in the open kitchen. Things to do. Popular Kids Attractions Free Outdoor. Browse By neighborhood Latest reviews View all. Browse View all.

Dating spots in brooklyn

Art Latest reviews Best art galleries View all art. Best museums View all museums. View all dance. Browse Music festivals View all. Popular August September October November. But if you're alone, you're just limiting yourself when it comes to how many things you can eat, and that's a mistake. You should still get the pork shoulder pasta though.

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And the duck confit. And the butternut squash soup, because the slivered almonds give it the right hint of texture, and there's a tiny bit of heat that makes me happy. Hell, I'll meet you if you're really that hard up to find someone, but you should know I was exaggerating about sleeping with you for the pasta.

I have a wife, and I don't appreciate you trying to break up our happy home. It's affordable. For the seriously high quality of the food and the ambiance, we expected to pay more. This is the happiest of surprises.

I don't live nearby, but it's worth it to get a car and come eat here. The restaurant is named after an adorable puppy. If you're lucky, the chef will show you a photo of him. The staff is fantastic, from the owners on down.

This is just a great new restaurant that I'm happy to have in Brooklyn.

Mar 14,   30 Reliable First Date Spots in Brooklyn. A collection of dimly lit watering holes for getting to know someone new. by Patty Diez @pattydiez ated Mar 14, , am EDT. Best date spots: Dumbo, Brooklyn Fun, original and cheap date spots-including bars, restaurants and activities-in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC. Posted: Sunday February 3 Advertising. Mar 22,   24 Ideal Date-Night Spots in Brooklyn. Romantic yet comfortable venues for dates nine, 14, 22, and by Patty Diez @pattydiez ated Mar 22, , pm EDT Share this story.

You should be too. Nitehawk Cinema. The Nitehawk has been on my radar for a long time, and it's a testament to my own stupidity that it's taken me this long to make it over. Wes Anderson is a good reason to go anywhere, but it was the cinema that made Moonrise Kingdom a special experience. Let's talk about all the amazing things about seeing a film here.

The bar. Never a bad thing. They will also make you a legit cocktail, including some created specifically for the film you're seeing. That whimsical creativity extends to The food. Quite frankly, I would be grateful to have the option of ordering real food of mediocre quality as I watched a movie.

The Nitehawk's menu is not just good for a theater, it's just downright awesome for any establishment.

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I'm not into sweets generally, but the s'mores pie special for the movie won me over. The savory items are even better; the croquettes are crisp on the outside and creamy and lovely on the interior. The jerky is better than any jerky has a right to be, and The Nitehawk Queso deserves its own, separate mention.

With black beans, chorizo and guacamole, it is outlandishly good.

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Melty, salty, spicy and exploding with flavor, I want this in my life every day. This queso is so good that I want to weep for the poor bastards eating weak, stale round tortilla chips and congealed neon yellow nacho cheese at generic cinemas. The service.

Every single person I encountered is friendly and knowledgable about both the cinema and the menu. The servers who come around during the film are very respectful, and go quickly and quietly about their business. It's impossible not to notice food and drink being served around you, but they are as unobtrusive as possible. In addition to new releases, The Nitehawk also shows older classics that you always wanted to see in an actual theater: Taxi Driver.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc. And beyond those guilty pleasures, for you film buffs they offer cinematic masterpieces like Roadhouse. Perhaps one day they'll have a marathon of the entire Swayze oeuvre, and I'll never have to leave. The Good Fork. You can wander down an empty, unassuming block and step into a packed place where the staff makes you feel like you just got home, and the food and drink will be as interesting, as savory, as absolutely delicious as anywhere in the world.

There is often a short wait for a table, but the host will gladly take down your number and give you a call when yours is ready. If you walked 45 minutes to get here like I did, a short stroll around the block shouldn't bother you anyway. The food is well worth the wait and the walk.

Once you're finally seated, take your time. Enjoy the little lights twinkling around the entire space, order an adult beverage and pick a few things to eat off the short, sweet menu. As a former NOLA resident, I couldn't pass up the fried oyster po' boys topped with pickled red onions, tequila-cured tomatillos and a remoulade sauce. The flavors were spot on, but I think an extra oyster in each and they wouldn't have been overwhelmed by the bread.

The avocado puree accompaniment was more than welcome, however. I couldn't pass up what the waitress called their signature dish, and it's a house favorite with good reason. The Steak and Eggs "Korean Style" consists of skirt steak marinated and seasoned almost exactly as my mother used to do it, but masterfully cooked to a medium rare she never quite hit.

It's accompanied by kimchee rice and an egg fried to an amazing crispiness, especially considering the beautifully runny yolk that tied it all together.

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If I had one, miniscule complaint about the dish, it would be that I'd appreciate another egg as I didn't have enough to incorporate into every bite. The crispy coriander-crusted wing went wonderfully with the fennel and fiddlehead. A lemon butter sauce pulled it all together, and although on its own the fish was not remarkable, a bite with each component bordered on brilliance.

I would never have thought to add the almonds, and I suppose that's why no one would come out to Red Hook to eat my food. I was predisposed to love my steak, but this fish has me absolutely sure that they have some very talented people in the Good Fork kitchen.

I can't wait to come back for Vietnamese-style ribs, oxtail ravioli, or whatever else they dream up. Extensive wine list with a few high quality beer choices as well. Gorgeous decor.

Hospitable service. Best of all, they boast diverse and original small plates that range from quite good to absolutely outstanding, and they are, improbably, pretty reasonably priced.

In case you were wondering, we shared the slow baked carrots solid, but the accompanying Roman gnocchi are stunningthe cassoulet rich and deliciousthe kale salad it is Brooklyn, after allthe acorn squash flatbread yesand the brioche fuck yes.

And it was more than enough for dinner for two. June may be new to the neighborhood, but as far as I can tell the only shortcomings seem to be that it should be at least four to five blocks closer to my apartment, and it's going to be tough to get a seat. The Saint Austere. There is absolutely nothing not to like about The Saint Austere, and so many things to love.

An abbreviated list: 1. They make a perfect old fashioned. They even char the orange peel.

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Right when you grab a seat at the bar, they'll give you the best olives ever. The creamy polenta with that sausage and cipollini onions. Everything else on the menu wagyu tartare! They do dollar oysters for happy hour. A great wine list, and knowledgable recommendations. The service is so on point. Friendly, considerate, genuinely hospitable. Last time I was in, they were playing exclusively hip-hop because there ain't no half-steppin'. Nasty Nas. The Mighty Mos. Big Pun. Even on a weekday, the wait might be upwards of an hour.

But as long as you're in no rush, Lucali is worth your time, as their impeccable reputation is well-deserved. The interior is high-ceilinged and spare, with nothing but wooden tables, a street sign and a blackboard depicting the menu to adorn the space. Your eyes can't help but be drawn to the oven in the center of the room where a few men knead dough and push and pull pies into and out of the wood-burning oven. They work deliberately and tirelessly, surrounded by that bowl of milky mozzarella and piles of fresh basil, mushrooms and more.

The candlelight renders the space dark enough that at each table, you feel like you're in your own little world. While a few other pies in this world might be as good, I'm not sure I could call any better. Lucali's pizza is perfect in its simplicity. Great sauce, beautiful cheese, and the freshest ingredients atop an unimpeachable crust. There is no bad combination to order, but garlic, pepperoni and fresh basil might be my favorite. I have to agree with our recent out-of-town guests who said: 1.

We're at Leyenday! A bad cocktail. From the nearly always appropriate Sonambula to the very boozy Cabezaso or the mezcal-based Lil' Smokey perhaps my favorite so farthe cocteles are impeccable. The 'Dem Apples is a nice seasonal one, if you're into that. Try a mezcal flight if nothing appeals to you, and expand your mind, man.

Bad service. The bartenders including Ivy Mix, somewhat of a celebrity in the world of alcohol don't just know their biz, they offer up genuinely friendly smiles that are only outdone by the adorable sweetheart who was running food this past Tuesday evening.

She was more excited than I was about the tinga tacos I was getting, which is quite frankly, incredible. My appendix out. I don't think they offer that service here.

Sep 16,   The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Dates in Brooklyn. Created by Foursquare Lists Published On: September 16, Share. Tweet. 1. Zenkichi. 77 N 6th St (at Wythe Ave), Brooklyn, NY. Japanese Restaurant Williamsburg tips and reviews. So, you've dumped her. Or she's Brooklyn Dating Spots In dumped you. Either way, once you find yourself single, thoughts soon come around to meeting other women. But getting back in Brooklyn Dating Spots In the game, especially after a long-term relationship, can be daunting. The first steps back in Brooklyn Dating Spots In the world of dating/ As the mecca of all things awesome, Brooklyn has a unique problem when it comes to dating: there is just too damn much to do. With a list of restaurants, bars, and activities that grows longer by the week, it's beyond overwhelming to plan a day or night out.

Anything half-assed. Thought and care has gone into every ct of this place, and I appreciate it. The effect of the candlelight reflecting off the gorgeous golden ceiling makes me want to sit in my seat and sip mezcal forever. Not even the garnishes are afterthoughts, but rather careful additions candied ginger, dried apples, cooked pineapple that add a little more complexity to already deliciously complex drinks.

Bad food. The plates are beautiful and for the most part, very tasty, Pupusas, flautas, arepas, empanadas I imagine the croquetas are good as well, as it seems that I like anything that ends in "as. It's safe to say that I will be back, soon and often.

I was trying to kill a little time before I met some friends for dinner nearby, so I did what normal people do before going out to eat and drink.

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I went to Denizen to eat and drink. At first I was just going to drink, and from what I can tell, this is a great spot to do that. The beer and wine selections are carefully curated, and nicely varied. I was so happy with these alcoholic beverages, the friendly and open service, and the general awesome vibe of Denizen, that I asked the guys behind the bar Liam was one, I believe what their favorite bites were.

It was clearly like asking them which of their children they loved more, but they agonized and told me Nicky's Grilled Cheese was the one. Well, only an asshole would make someone agonize like that and then not take them up on it, so I ate a grilled cheese right before I went out to dinner.

Bacon jam and a cup of tomato soup So I'm going to have to come back and eat some more of their children that's not a creepy thing to say, right? Seriously looking forward to it, Denizen.

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Which I feel pretty good about, because I live in the neighborhood. It makes me want to use the word 'cozy.

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They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and all are stellar thanks to quality across the entire menu. Which means it's always a good decision. Salads, sandwiches, charcuterie, seafood, pasta Dinner is especially nice because wine and the aforementioned candlelit tables, but breakfast may be my favorite I never seem to make it in for lunch, because it's not as acceptable to drink lots of wine in the middle of the day.

Best date spots: Dumbo, Brooklyn

On a weekday when I can sneak away from work for a bit, with the natural light illuminating the round table in the window, I'd rather be here than just about anywhere else. Remember back when they first opened, and I mentioned how after I floated Rucola as an option for dinner, my idiot friends would invariably respond with long, drawn out yells a la the commercials of a cough-drop brand that shall remain nameless?

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Well, as a direct result I've grown apart from those idiots, and grown closer to Rucola. I wouldn't say me and Rucola are best friends, because it's a restaurant and not a person.

But we're pretty good friends. I'd invite them to my wedding, and try not to get offended when I didn't get invited to theirs because they are much, much more popular than I am and I really don't come in as much as I should.

It still isn't perfect. Sure, dishes have been under or over seasoned, waitresses have forgotten about orders or us entirelyand I don't really like waiting for dinner.

But you know what? I'm not claiming to be perfect either. Like I said, we're still friends, and perfection is a lot to demand from your friends. I'll settle for damn good, especially since Rucola may be my only friend at this point.

Oh, and when they celebrated their second anniversary a few years back, they left bunches of ramps outside the restaurant for anyone that was paying attention. That was nice.

Best Date Night Restaurants in New York

And still the best risotto I've ever made. Actually, if we're being honest, she's downright beautiful I can't imagine a more stylish location for first date drinks, if you're in the market. And happily, Donna's got the personality to match. I'd gladly revisit any of these again, except that because of the high quality, I'm more interested in seeing what the untried options have to offer. Best of all, because of the location, the price point, and who knows what else, I don't dread coming in even on a Saturday.

Many of the tables were reserved, but there was plenty of seating for our small party. I can't speak to the food yet as I have yet to sample Donna's tacos, etc. It's been six years since Battersby first opened in our neighborhood, and I love it a bit more each time I visit like an anti-Jersey.

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Which is often; this is easily the restaurant I've been to the most in the past six months. As such, I feel comfortable telling you that this is the rare eatery that has never let me down. I have not only never had a bad dish, but I have also never been disappointed with the service, with the vibe, or with anything at all. It is small, it is cozy, it is the best dinner date place I know.

There are a limited number of seats 26 I believe? The cocktails are unfailingly well executed; I like the Electric Blanket lately, as it has been cold, but don't be afraid to go off menu or to order a classic.

I've never been sad with a martini or an old fashioned. If you're leaning toward wine or beer, both lists are carefully chosen and your bartender will be able to recommend a great pairing. Of course, the food. That baby features vanilla ice cream topped with peanut butter, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and potato chips.

Yes, please. Sign up for a class at Brooklyn Brainery like this Illustrative Mapmaking course in Windsor Terrace and enjoy exploring visual storytelling together.

Brooklyn Dating Spots In Brooklyn are looking for the impossible. Lots of women enjoy casual sex, the problem is they don't advertise it. I think online is your best go, and even though you have not had much luck it could be the way you Brooklyn Dating Spots In Brooklyn are presenting yourself. Be honest but not blunt. "I'm just looking to have a/ Welcome to City Girls! We are a private club of independent escorts with a high Brooklyn Dating Spots standard of excellence in all that we do. Our VIP Members enjoy sensual entertainment within a veil of safety and discretion unparalleled in the adult world/ Jun 27,   1) Rockaways: People, it is really your bikes in gear. Meet your person with your bike anywhere in Brooklyn around 10am, then do this: cycle all the way down Bedford Avenue-through Midwood, where Brooklyn no longer looks like Brooklyn but rather stately suburban America with freestanding homes and yards-wend left along Emmons Avenue and see yet another .

Stay local and walk across the street to Della for an intimate dinner and strong drinks. You can visit the cemetery and get lost on your own or take advantage of learning from experts on a Historic Trolley Tour.

Instead of doing dinner and then a movie, dine on options like hanger steak or buttermilk fried chicken while at the movies, thanks to Syndicatedwhich is part theater and part restaurant.

If none of those sound like your date vibe, you can check out the full calendar of flicks here. Sure, you could go out to any basic sushi restaurant, or you could jazz up date night by making your own sushi at this Brooklyn Kitchen class. Peruse the grounds and take in all of the fresh air spring has to offer as you marvel at flowers, chat it up, and people-watch all you want. The Royal Palms also includes two full bars serving up paradise-inspired drinks, DJs, board games, and tasty bites from a different variety of food trucks every night.

Take a chocolate and whiskey tour. Stroll the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and grab dinner.

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