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Who's Dating Who in the Cast of Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars 3x04 - Aria & Hanna On Dating Website.

There were lots of rumors about all of the cast while it was filming, including who may or may not be dating whom. Benson addresses those rumors now, years later. Benson has been acting since she was a child. HBD to the baddest bitch in the game. You are a beautiful human inside and out. Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes with laughter that I'll hold in my heart forever.

The Leftovers star dated Lucy inand they had a bitter breakup which caused Chris to freak out on Twitter.

Le saviez-vous?

From June to September ofLucy dated the Quantico star. They started out as friends, but their relationship never blossomed as much as they wanted it to. Lucy found love with country singer Joel in the middle of Her work load on PLLmixed with her own record production took up too much of her time.

Her latest beau has been the object of her affection since June Breakup rumors swirled late inbut Lucy confirmed they were still together. The pair have been spotted out and about in early Benzo dated the Glee star after he broke up with Emma Roberts in Their relationship was never officially confirmed, but everyone knew what was going on.

Whether they had an official relationship or not was never confirmed but the pair did go on a romantic date in This was another wishy-washy relationship, but the pair always looked to be extremely flirty when promoting Spring Breakers. Grunwald at Cicero, but Emily's still angry with her. After Emily yells at her, Spencer leaves. Later on, Toby comes over to Spencer's house. Spencer tells him that the other girls found out about him moving the RV.

Toby doesn't want Spencer to tell them the reason why he moved it, because that would make him lose his chances of getting more information about his mother. Spencer's slightly irritated by this. She tells him she still has to get her friends' trust back. Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood. Toby tries to apologize for all this, but Spencer simply says, "I know," not stating if she's forgiven him or not.

They arrive in Ravenswood, which is extremely creepy to them. When a woman doesn't acknowledge her presence, and when a creepy guy is watching them from the windows, Spencer and Toby decide to leave this area. They drive off to a house, where they ask if Mrs. Grunwald is. The man at the house says he's the only one here, and resumes trimming the bushes at the home. Spencer takes Toby's hand and pulls him to the car, and telling him that they should go now.

They head to another location in Ravenswood. Spencer spots Mrs. Grunwald in a building getting her hair done. Toby and her go inside the building.

"Pretty Little Liars" Relationship Statutes 2019 - Real Life Couples

Grunwald states she has no idea about anything involving Alison. Spencer senses she's lying, but Mrs. Grunwald excuses herself, giving Spencer no choice but to leave. When outside, Toby tells Spencer she needs to let go, and that she shouldn't be trusting birds. Slightly irritated by this, Spencer reminds him that he's trusting 'A'.

Breaking the silence, Toby offers food again. He asks her if she wants anything, and she says no. He heads off to get food. Spencer hears singing, so she approaches an area where citizens seem to be singing. That's when she notices that Shana Fring is there. She starts running back to the street she was on before, where Toby quickly finds her. She informs him that Shana is here, and they discover that Shana is getting into Jenna's car. They try to follow Shana and Jenna, but a dead crow lands on her car, causing them to lose Shana and Jenna.

Later at the Brew, it's Open Mic Night. Spencer approaches Aria and Emily. Just as Shana begins performing a song on her violin, Spencer tells them that Shana was in Ravenswood. Aria and Emily seem a little more cooled off about what Spencer did. Crash and Burn, Girl!

The Guilty Girl's Handbook. The Mirror Has Three Faces. Bring Down the Hoe. Who's In The Box? She's Come Undone. EscApe From New York.

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Spencer, Hanna and Emily hold a distressed Aria back as Ezra is being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Outside a convenience store Spencer hands Hanna a burner phone, telling her she knows what to do. Alison tells Spencer that there is no art to this war, and Spencer is surprised that Alison has read Sun Tzu.

In the waiting room, Hanna asks what they do know and Spencer tells her they wait. As Spencer and the girls are pretending to read magazines in the waiting room, Emily tells them she hates this, and Spencer says they should just hope it works. As the police drive past and break the flash mob up, Alison tells the other girls A was one step ahead of them. Alison takes Spencer, Hanna and Emily to a Theater, and Hanna makes a comment about how this would impress anyone.

Spencer says she was that hungry she was about to eat the foam out of the seat cushions, and Hanna says she saw that episode, and so did Emily.

On the stage, Spencer asks Hanna and Emily if it feels as though Alison is already shutting them out again. Emily asks them to imagine what life would be without A, and Spencer asks when they last time any of them had a hobby.

Alison tells Hanna to tell Aria to call the house line. As the girls run out onto the stage, the lights in the Theater go out and Shana walks onto the stage with a gun.

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Shana tells them they she thought she had them all locked in the lodge, but Alison was late to the party. After Aria knocks Shana off the stage, Spencer embraces an upset Aria, telling her that she did what she had to do.

As Spencer goes to head upstairs to shower and climb into bed, Veronica stops her, desperate for answers, "you might have a hard time falling asleep if I'm poking you every five seconds with a new questions. Veronica warns Spencer not to expect any souvenirs from London, because all Melissa brought back was attitude and secrets.

Spencer, sick of being dragged back into Alison's mess, tells Emily that, "we're back on planet Alison! Wanting a closer peek, Spencer and Emily creep over to the DiLaurentis house after Jason has headed inside.

When Alison spies them, she throws down a roll of toilet paper with a cell phone inside. Picking it up, the girls see the text message Ali wanted to show them - "the truth will bury you in a New York minute.

The next morning Spencer catches up to Emily as she walks over to Alison's to give Ali her phone back. As they walk over, Spencer tells Emily that Hanna told Aria about the text and now Aria is freaking out, believing 'A' is back and she's one text away from being arrested over Shana's death.

Noticing the rubbish bun that Jason threw something in the night before, Spencer goes looking and finds a paper bag all the way from New York. In Alison's bedroom, Emily tells Ali about her and Spencer's findings, while Spencer stays quiet over by the window.

Even if they do find out who hit Alison with the rock the night she disappeared, Spencer thinks no one will believe them. Spencer walks into her kitchen to find Veronica is offering Toby a hot drink. Toby tells Spencer that the story Melissa gave Veronica and Peter was false, he never saw her in her in London. Excusing herself to go meet with a client in town, Veronica tells Spencer she is to stick close to home. After Veronica has left, Spencer asks Toby why he went to London, he says that he wanted answers for Spencer.

Toby walks her backwards until they fall onto the bed and continue to make out. Ignoring the call, Spencer leans over to kiss Toby, but when the phone rings again, Toby stops kissing her. Looking over her shoulder, she heads inside, calling out to Ali. Jason, who is sitting in the dark, scares her when he makes a comment on how late it is. He also makes a cryptic comment about knowing that Spencer went through their trash. Spencer asks if he was in New York the night Ali came back to Rosewood.

At first Spencer tries to hold Jason back when she realises whose hand is sticking out, but Jason easily pushes past her. Surfing the Aftershocks. Spencer, Emily and Aria are waiting in the DiLaurentis' living room as Alison gets dressed for her mother's funeral.

They overhear Mr DiLaurentis telling Jason he does not want any police or press at the funeral or cemetery. While 'A' might be gone, Mona is still around and she knows Alison wasn't kidnapped.

Spencer goes on to tell them Mona isn't the only one they need to worry about knowing the truth, there's one other person. Before she can allude to who that other person is, Alison makes her appearance. Ali doesn't understand why her father got so angry at seeing her, she just wanted to wear something of Jessica's so she could feel close to her.

It isn't until Spencer tells Ali that her mother wore that dress to her own funeral that she understands. As Aria and Hanna usher Alison out of the DiLaurentis living room, Emily mentions to Spencer that coincidences happen, only for Spencer to reply, "yeah, all the time. They grow on trees like coconuts, just waiting for you to walk under them"! A few days later the Liars are back at school and have been called into Vice Principal Hackett's office.

He tells them that he is relieved they are safe and back in the "halls of Rosewood High School", and while things may be a little different to start off within, something Spencer says they understand, that the school will do what they can to protect them from the press and the curious, in return he needs to know the girls will do their part in "keeping the disruptions to a minimum". As the girls walk out of Hackett's office, Spencer talks about wishing she could transwer to a school in Borneo, but she can't, and they just have to act as if things are normal.

Spencer again voices her concerns about the people who know that Alison was lying about New York, particularly Ezra. When Spencer tells them that 'someone' has to go talk to him, make sure he's going to keep quiet, Aria is against the idea of her going, telling Spencer that while Ezra may be alive and safe, they're over. After Aria walks off Emily again says that she believes Jason was the one who killed his mother, and again Spencer is on the defense. As Spencer is staring out her bedroom window, Melissa comes up behind her and warns her not to let the DiLaurentis' catch her watching.

Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that Jason killed his mother, something Melissa does not deny. Melissa wants to know why Spencer sent Toby after her to London. Melissa thinks that Spencer bringing Ali home safe and sound was a mistake and that she should stay away from that family. Spencer reminds Melissa that they are both related to parts of that family. While looking out of the side doors, Peter asks Spencer how she would feel if they sell the house.

Jason is packing his belongings when Spencer comes over to visit. Spencer tries to talk about Jessica, Jason cuts her off, telling Spencer his mother was because she "had a lot of secrets. Too many. That's what really killed her". Spencer shows him the email Hanna found on Jessica's computer. Jason tells his half-sister to cut her loses, get out while she still can, and to remember that she can't trust him. When Spencer asks who can't she trust, Jason simply says "our father".

In Aria's bedroom, Spencer tells her she received a text from Emily saying that Jason has an alibi for what happened in New York and Rosewood. Aria thinks it's crazy that Jason thinks his and Spencer's father could have been the one to kill Mrs DiLaurentis, but Spencer tells her crazy works on a sliding scale. Spencer apologises for asking Aria to go see Ezra, but Aria tells her no one else could have done it.

When Peter arrives home, Spencer is waiting up for him. Getting up off the sofa, Spencer places the drafted email on the island bench for Peter to see. Before Peter can answer Melissa walks in telling Spencer to leave their father alone.

After reading what Jessica tried sending, Melissa rips the piece of paper up telling Spencer that Jessica was crazy as Spencer yells back, Peter steps in and tells them to stop acting like "cranky little five year old's on the way back from the beach". Melissa proceeds to tell Peter that maybe they should just tell Spencer what they've been hiding, but Peter won't have a bar of it and sends Spencer to her room.

Thrown From The Ride. Spencer watches Veronica staring out the side door window and asks her if she slept downstairs last night. Spencer then asks if Veronica remembers when she told her that Peter and Melissa were acting strange, Veronica tells her she does remember, and when Spencer starts saying that the other day Melissa wanted to tell her something and Peter cut her off, Veronica cuts in and says the only thing Melissa is hiding is the fact she and Wren are back together.

Aria notices Mona staring at them from a distance and thinks that she may know about what happened to Shana. Spencer reads out the text and says the family has to wait for cause of death, and Aria suggests perhaps Jessica was poisoned. Andrew approaches Spencer at her locker, and asks how she is holding up. And last night she slept downstairs in a chair. Going to grab the mulch, Spencer gasps when she sees a dead raccoon.

Andrew walks over and tells her to stay back, while he picks up a knocked over bucket of Rodenticide, telling her the animal was poisoned. In her bedroom, Spencer is looking up Rodenticide on the internet and finds that it is poisonous to humans if consumed. While reading through the information on Rodenticide, Spencer gets a text message from Alison asking Spencer to call her.

Spencer heads over to the DiLaurentis house where she finds Alison looking at some messages on the internet that people left after she first disappeared, before taking her laptop from her.

Alison says that Jessica had low blood pressure, but they found a drug in her system that is for the opposite problem and it stopped her heart.

When Spencer nods, Alison says how hard it is to think that your parent is capable of something like that. Answering her phone, Hanna asks Spencer if she can come to give Spencer the recording Alison asked her to give out. If Spencer wants to yell at anyone, call Alison. Upset about her phone call to Hanna, Andrew asks if Spencer wants to talk about it, but she just tells him her friend is being an idiot.

Spencer says Jessica was trying to set her up, and she is really worried that her dad tried to stop her. Peter walks into the kitchen where Spencer tells him Aria is going to stay the night. Peter says that the police came by to finish up what they were doing and Veronica snapped. Peter tells Spencer not to worry and that it should all blow over and Veronica will be home soon. Noticing Spencer looking in Alison's direction, Aria tells her that it's her decision, not Alison's.

When Spencer tells that girls that Toby said Jenna sounded broken, Emily asks if she is still full on blind, and Spencer nods her affirmative answer. Finally getting to the other four girls, Alison thanks them for waiting, and all together they make their way into the halls of Rosewood High.

Mar 26,   The ladies (and gentlemen) of Pretty Little Liars have dated plenty of characters on the show through the course of seven seasons, but it doesn't even compare to their real life dating lives. Aug 18,   There were lots of rumors about all of the cast while it was filming, including who may or may not be dating whom. Benson addresses those rumors . Aug 17,   Keeping up with who's dating who in the cast of Pretty Little Liars is a challenge, but we're up to it! Check out our essential guide to the romantic lives. Keeping up with who's dating who in the cast of Pretty Little Liars is a challenge, but we're up .

Hanna mentions that as abnormal as it is, it actually feels normal, to which Spencer tells her baby steps. Suddenly Spencer is asked to report to the principal's office. She explains that she was working with a private investigator and discovered that Peter and Melissa lied about their whereabouts the night Jessica DiLaurentis was killed. Veronica says thought she and Peter had an understanding.

Spencer says that Hanna was actually the first person she thought of when Veronica said she was leaving Peter. He thought Mrs D. Ashley knocks on the door to let Hanna know Travis is downstairs, and asks Spencer if everything is alright at home as she saw Veronica at the Bradbury.

After Ashley has left, Hanna says she could have told Ashley the truth, as she would never judge Veronica and Peter for splitting up. Hanna tells her that she and all their friends are going to be there for her and leans in to hug her. Aria asks if Mona blue-snarfed them and Spencer just rolls her eyes and shrugs in response.

She wonders if he is mad at her for waiting so long to tell him. He gives her a look, and asks her to get closer so he can hold her close, telling her that he wants her to know that she is never alone. Leaning up, Spencer kisses him, and it turns into a heavy make out session. A breaking news story breaks in regards to the identity of the Jane Doe who was buried in Alison's grave, so everyone gathers in Emily's living room.

Hanna notices Emily and Alison holding hands and asks Spencer if they're together now. Spencer in return asks if Hanna has been drinking, and when Hanna tells her it was only a sip of beer, Spencer rolls her eyes and focuses back on the television.

As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode.

Caleb wonders if there is anyone inside, so Toby runs towards the house to check, while Spencer anxiously pleads with him to stay with her. After Toby has run off to see if anyone was inside the Cavanaugh home, the Liars' cell phones all start beeping and ringing. In Emily's bedroom, Spencer is on the phone with Toby asking him to call her later.

Ending the call, Aria asks what Toby said, and Spencer tells them that nobody was inside the house, but Toby's dad broke his leg trying to avoid a tree coming down. When Hanna mentions that it could have been worse, Spencer tells her that Caleb's with them, at the hospital. Alison wonders what the text message they received means, and when Hanna says that 'A' back, Spencer says she thinks that 'A' never left, "I think A took a nap and woke up tonight".

Alison wonders why A would resurface now, and Spencer says that's what they have to figure out. Walking into her bedroom to grab a few school books, Spencer turns around to find Peter standing in her doorway. Surprised, Spencer says she didn't see his car in the driveway, and Peter tells her it's in a garage. When Spencer asks why he isn't at work, Peter says that it's a little hard to concentrate when his wife and daughter are living at a hotel. Telling him that she has class in ten minutes, Spencer tries to walk past him, but Peter blocks her and asks her what is going on, but Spencer tells him he'll have to discuss that with Veronica.

Peter tells her he'd love to, but she won't return any of his calls, and Spencer tells him they know he lied about where he and Melissa were the night Mrs DiLaurents died. Peter asks how she knew that, and when Spencer asks "what are you going to do when the cops find out that the pills that killed her are in your medicine cabinet? Spencer says that she knows he was just trying to protect her, and Peter tells her, damn right he's been trying to protect her, but he would never take a life to cover up something she did.

Spencer tells him "I didn't do anything", and Peter says neither did he, before Spencer asks him where he and Melissa were. In the school cafeteria, Spencer confirms to Aria that Peter and Melissa drove to the lake and talked, "yeah, that's what he said, but he wouldn't say what they talked about or why he lied".

Aria asks if Spencer has talked to Melissa, and Spencer says she's left "like five messages". Aria says that Veronica did the right thing by leaving, before her phone rings and she tells Spencer that it's Ezra before answering. After ending the call, Aria tells Spencer that Ezra is trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs D, and when Spencer asks if he's found one, Aria tells her he hasn't.

Spencer queries Aria that she's going over to Ezra's later, and Aria says she's going to help him sort through his files. Spencer wonders if that's the only reason, and when Aria doesn't answer, Spencer asks if there is something going on between the two of them, but Aria tells her no.

As Spencer questions Aria why she brought Ezra to Emily's "last night", Aria admits that they had a slip. Putting down her fork, Spencer bewilders, "a slip", before Aria admits that technically it was two slips. A shocked Spencer says that she thought Aria said she'd never go their again, and Aria says that she meant it when she said it, before Spencer asks if she's forgetting about "what he did to you, what he did to us?

Aria tells her no, but Spencer reminds her that she couldn't "eat or sleep for weeks after you found out about that book", and Aria says that he took a bullet for them, but Spencer says it doesn't change the fact that he deceived her for years. Alison, Hanna and Emily join them where Hanna comments about so much for the new normal, and Emily mentions that she knew it was too good to be true, before Spencer comments, "too good to be true, because the last two weeks have been nothing but crap".

Hanna asks Spencer if Toby's still at the hospital, and Spencer tells her he is, he's with Jenna and her mom. After her phone goes off, Alison is shocked at what she sees, and with the other Liars leaning in, they watch a snapchat video of Jessica DiLaurentis being buried in the Hastings backyard, along with an 'A' message. In Hanna's kitchen, Hanna asks if Spencer is okay, and an upset Spencer tells them that "my dad didn't do it.

I accused him of murder, but he didn't do it". Hanna says it makes sense as to why she thought he did, and Aria mentions not unless Peter is A, and when Spencer looks over her shoulder to Aria, Aria tells her she's just putting it out there. Spencer says that he can't be, "he thought I killed Alison. Now Bethany", and Hanna mentions that it still doesn't rule out Melissa.

Aria comments that Ezra thinks Bethany can ultimately lead them to 'A', and Spencer says that they have to try and help Ezra find out as much as they can. Alison says she's can't stick around for answers, she needs to leave town, and Hanna reminds her that the whole world knows she's alive, to which Spencer asks Alison "even if you could run, where would you hide?

Waiting at Radley Sanitarium, Spencer overhears Lieutenant Tanner talking a Radley staff member, so she grabs a magazine and sits on the couch to try and obscure herself. As Eddie walks out, Spencer thanks him for coming out and the pair hug.

Eddie tells her he as a few minutes before asking how she is doing, and Spencer tells him she's doing well, "well enough to stay out of this place". She asks if he heard about the Cavanaugh settlement, and he tells her he has, and he's glad the family got some money, but Spencer tells him they would have preferred the truth. Eddie also tells Spencer that he heard about Mrs DiLaurentis, and when Spencer says she doesn't really think it was a coincidence that Bethany Young was buried in the DiLaurentis backyard, Eddie says her he doesn't either.

Spencer asks if Eddie knew Bethany well, and looking over his shoulder, Eddie tells her that if he did, he can't talk about it.

Noticing the security camera, Spencer suggests that they get coffee later, but Eddie tells her he can't about Bethany, or any other patient, not to cops, or reporters, or Spencer. Whispering, Spencer tells Eddie that she knows he has a set of rules he has to stick to, "but somebody very close to me might be framed for her murder.

So if you could just tell me anything at all. Like if anybody from Rosewood ever visited her. Or anything, it'd be such a great help". Eddie tells her he wishes he could, and when someone yells out to him saying he has a phone call, he tells Spencer that it was good seeing her.

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Spencer and Veronica are sitting down for a meal at the Grille, and Veronica tells Spencer that all her father did was substitute one ridiculous lie for another. Spencer says that maybe she would change her mind if she just talked to him, and Veronica tells her that she can't even look at him right now. Spencer says that she's going to have to, and he at least deserves to know that Veronica is going to leave him, "unless you expect me to deliver that news as well".

As Veronica comments that Peter is here, Spencer says that she asked him to come. Vacating her seat, Spencer allows Peter to sit. Watching from the window, Spencer notices Peter take Veronica's hand, and with a small smile, she leaves. In her bedroom, Spencer picks up a photo of her parents, before sitting down at her laptop and typing 'Bethany Young' into the search bar and scrolling through the webpages.

As she clicks on the Radley Sanitarium webpage, Spencer picks up a notebook and starts to jot down some information. In Emily's bedroom, Alison tells Spencer about her attack in the DiLaurentis house and that it wasn't 'A', and Spencer wonders who would want to scare her.

Alison shrugs, and Emily suggests Lucas or Melissa, and when Spencer questions, "Melissa", Emily explains that she's part of Mona's gang.

As Aria comes into the bedroom, she wonders who could have done this, and Emily says because Hanna wasn't with Alison, and when Spencer asks where Hanna is, Emily says she didn't call her because she was going to help Alison leave town. Alison tells them not to be pissed at Hanna, and tonight proves she should leave town because they're no closer to finding out who 'A' is. Aria says that may not be true and pulls the picture Ezra was sent out of her handbag and shows Alison, saying that it was from Eddie Lamb.

When Spencer asks "Eddie. From Radley? Emily says that it looks like Bethany didn't like Mrs DiLaurentis much, and Spencer sarcastically asks her, "what gave it away? Was it the demon or the spear".

Spencer Hastings

Spencer asks Aria what Eddie said, and Aria says he didn't say anything, he left it anonymously. Emily wonders why Eddie would leave it for Ezra, and Spencer says that Eddie wants Ezra to know that there's something to look into at Radley. Emily says one of them has to get into Radley, and Aria is quick to vote for Spencer, but Spencer says she can't go back in there, she was committed, but she thinks she has a way in.

As Alison gets another text message from 'A', Spencer wonders what is worse than death. In the Brew, Spencer meets up with Veronica, and as Spencer sits Veronica asks if Toby is coming, but Spencer tells her he isn't, he's taking his step-mom over to the Cavanaugh house to see if anything survived the fire.

Spencer waits as Veronica answers a phone call, and when she ends it, Spencer asks "was that Dad? Veronica tells her they are, and Spencer is visibly elated, before Veronica tells her that Peter is moving out though. Confused, Spencer says that she thought Veronica said everything went well, and that she believed Peter was telling the truth, and Veronica tells her she does believe him.

Veronica goes on to say that leaving Peter isn't just about one lie, it's about years of them. When Spencer says she thought they were happy, Veronica tells her they were, some of the time. Spencer pleads with Veronica to give Peter one more chance, but Veronica tells her she already has, too many. The Silence of E. Spencer asks if Peter is okay, and Melissa tells her he is, for the moment.

Spencer tells Melissa that Peter wants to sell the house, and Melissa thinks maybe they should, but Spencer tells her that the house is their home.

Asking what is in the bag, Spencer opens it up, and drops it to the ground with a gasp. Shaking her head, Melissa picks up the dead rat in the trap that was in the bag and tells Spencer that she told her Dean left food out.

I just, wow. Spencer goes on to say Eddie is big on self-preservation, and seeing the concerned look on Ezra's face, she reassures him that Aria will be fine, and that Aria told her not to let Ezra do any heaving lifting.

Dating pretty little liars

Ezra tells Spencer that he was going to figure it all out on paper, and Spencer tells him families can be hard. Finding a ripped page, Spencer asks to see the drawing that Eddie left for Ezra, and they work out that the Mrs DiLaurentis drawing was the last thing she drew, and that she must have left Radley after drawing the picture. Flipping over the page, the girls find a picture of Jessica DiLaurentis with demon horns, and Spencer says that Mrs DiLaurentis was on the board, and she was part of the cover up.

As Melissa walks down the stairs having taken up food to Veronica, Spencer asks if Veronica ate anything, but Melissa tells her just some salad. Lying on her bed, Spencer watches the security camera footage, before getting up and walking over to her window.

Pausing the footage and zooming in, Spencer watches as the person materialises into Alison. As the school bell rings, Spencer suggests they just finish this at lunch, but Hanna says that she has other plans. Toby tells Spencer that her parents will work through it, they have a lot of history together, but Spencer tells him it's history that is splitting them up. Spencer reposes her question of what he meant by the inside, and Toby tells her the police department, and that he enrolled in the Harrisburg police academy.

In the music room at Rosewood High, Spencer puts away a music stand as Emily is talking with an administrator. Emily gets a text message, and tells Spencer that Aria found out the name of the stables, and Spencer says they should go after school. When Emily asks what exactly they would be looking for, Spencer mentions that they always thought that Mrs D was protecting however hit Ali out of love.

What if it was out of fear?

keepers, losers

Hanna explains that she went to the Brew to get a sandwich and he got a little bit too friendly. At Tilting Windmill Equestrian Center, Spencer and Emily walk up to a guy named Declan, and Spencer explains that the lady said he was the guy to talk to for lessons.

Declan says that it has been done a few times, special cases, before saying that the lady they are talking about came up to Tilting Windmill with the strange girl. As Spencer and Emily turn to walk off, Emily questions Spencer why she asked if Alison had come up to the stables, especially after Alison told them she never met Bethany, to which Spencer reminds Emily that Alison has told them a lot of things. Emily comments that they should go, but Spencer tells her no, not yet.

Emily goes to leave, but comments that the gate is locked, before asking how they are supposed to get out. The horse in the next stall starts to kick at the fence, and looking up, Spencer tells Emily to quickly grab the other end of the ladder, and that they need to push it up against the gate.

As the horse kicks the fence, a piece of wood snaps off and hits Spencer in the eye. While Emily is holding Spencer, the horse kicks the railing again and with the force of the kick and the ladder, the gate is forced open. Picking up the riding helmet, Spencer and Emily run from the stables.

Wetting a cloth, Spencer holds it to her eye and as there is a knock on the great room doors of the Hastings house, Spencer walks over to open it, but cannot see who is standing there because her vision is blurred. Finally recognising Toby, Spencer lets him again, where he tells Spencer that he got her message and then proceeds to ask what happened to her eye.

Study hard. Graduate early. Because coming back to this house, with my parents split up.

penny saved

When Spencer asks why she would do that, Alison says that it worked. March of Crimes. Looking past Alison, Spencer notices Hanna stumbling in, and when she asks Alison if her and Hanna came to school together. Alison tells Spencer no, Caleb dropped Hanna off, and comments that Hanna should be the one who Spencer follows.

As Caleb lets Spencer into his cabin, she wonders if Toby has been up there recently. Noticing the frying pan Caleb is holding, she asks if something is growing in it, and looking at the pan, Caleb mentions that Hanna tried to make nachos. Caleb mentions that he thinks Spencer has him confused with Alison, and Spencer tells him she knows the difference. Grabbing her phone, Spencer goes through her call history, but her vision is blurring. Looking around the waiting room in a blur, Spencer lightly rubs her eye before trying to focus on her hand which is blurry.

Walking into a consulting room, Spencer calls Emily, and after Emily asks if she can call her right back, Spencer tells her no.

Back in the waiting room, Spencer is pacing when Emily rushes in and asks Spencer which room the chart was in. Hearing a walking stick, Spencer turns around, and Emily recognises Sydney as the second Jenna. Emily wonders when Jenna and Sydney became friends, and when Jenna tries to get Sydney to walk away with her, Spencer tells Sydney that Emily asked her a question.

Stepping in, Jenna says that it sounded more like an accusation, and when Emily asks Sydney why she never mentioned she and Jenna were friends, Jenna comments that maybe it never came up. Hearing a creaking sound, Spencer looks around the room, before closing the drawer and moving over to a bureau.

you sow shall

Placing the envelope inside, Spencer takes the key from the hutch, and pocketing it she turns around. Noticing feet move under one of the sheets draping an armchair, Spencer grabs a fire stoke and pulls the protective sheet from the armchair.

Spencer questions what Alison has on him and why he would do this for her, but Noel tells her enough with the questions, and for her to just give him the key. When Spencer tells him no, Noel demands her give it to him and stepping towards her, Spencer cuts his hand with the fire stoke.

Raising the fire stoke ready to strike, Spencer tells Noel that if he tries it again she will slit his face open. Hanna questions Spencer about her spot, and Spencer says that nobody else knows about it. Aria tells Spencer to be careful, and Spencer tells her that she will.

Walking into her bedroom, Spencer, on the phone with Emily, asks how it went with Alison. Emily says that it was unclear and that Mr D kind of kicked her out, before she asks if Spencer found a place for the thing from you know who.

Spencer asks if Emily is speaking in code now, and Emily says that it sounds like a good idea.

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Having already taken the seat cushion off the armchair, Spencer lifts a cut out in the lining that reveals a secret compartment, and is shocked it find it empty. Placing her phone down on the carpet, Spencer is crawling around on the floor, searching for the recording when Melissa walks in and asks if she needs any help. Sitting up and turning around, Spencer says she thought Melissa had left already, to which Melissa tells her that they forgot the grocery list.

When Melissa wonders if Spencer is looking for something, or just redecorating, Spencer tells her she just dropped her pen. Spencer asks what Melissa wants, and Melissa tells her that Veronica wanted her to try and see if Spencer would like anything special for dinner tonight.

In her car, Spencer drives past Hanna and Caleb who are running. Pulling over, Spencer gets out of her car and comments that when Mrs Marin said Hanna was out on a run she thought she was joking, only for Hanna to tell her that seeing is believing. Spencer asks if Caleb can give them a second, but Hanna tells Spencer no. Aria asks who the person coming out of the bushes is, and Spencer tells her to just watch. Trust me. Aria asks when the video was recorded and Spencer tells her three nights ago, less than 24 hours before Cyrus Petrillo confessed.

Spencer says that they cannot take any more chances and that they have to cut the cord with Alison before she drags them down with her. The only thing we know the past two years is whatever Ali told us. That it was self-defense and you were protecting us. Emily tells Spencer that she did her part, she talked to Alison, now if Spencer really wants to help, she has to talk with Melissa. Sneaking quietly into her house, Spencer jumps when Melissa walks out of the shadows of the kitchen and asks if she found what she was looking for.

As Melissa begins to walk off, Spencer comments that Melissa is her sister, and questions if that means nothing to her, but Melissa tells her she should know that honesty does not come easy for their family. Opening one of the great room doors to leave, Melissa turns back to Spencer, and tells her that it is not safe for her here, or for Spencer, and that maybe Spencer should go with her. In The Brew, Spencer is sitting on one of the couches while Emily grabs them a hot drink.

Spencer thanks Emily for stopping her, and Emily tells her to save it for a real target. Declining the call, Spencer says that she thinks they need to hit the mute button right now, before asking how Emily is.

Emily goes on to say that the thing that she had with Paige was so genuine, and as she trails off, Spencer asks if Emily can fix it. Spencer comments that Alison is lucky that they realised him when they did, and Emily comments that he was real lucky. When Spencer notice Emily playing with the whipped cream on her coffee, she tells her not to play with her comfort food.

Spencer questions if Hanna is thinking of someone in particular, and when Aria suggests Mona, Hanna tells her not Mona. Aria questions whose left, and Emily mentions Alison.

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As the school bell rings and Aria and Emily have walked away, Hanna asks Spencer to wait a second. Spencer questions if this is another bad thought, to which Hanna asks if she still talks to Dean. Hanna desperately tells Spencer that she has to do something, and Spencer mentions that she thinks there is somebody better for him to talk to.

Laughing at his response, Spencer asks if he can come over as she has to talk with him. Reading the letter, Spencer rushes to her door and opening it, she calls out for Melissa.

When Hanna asks what is it, Spencer tells her that Melissa is gone.

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As Toby stretches out, Spencer asks when he last saw Caleb, and thinking, Toby tells her a couple nights after his house blew up. Spencer asks how Caleb seemed, and Toby says that she should tell him. Spencer questions if Tanner said that to them, and when Hanna mentions not in so many words, Spencer asks how many words and in what order.

Sitting on her bedroom floor, Spencer watches a video message that Melissa has sent to her. Saying that Peter is taking her to the airport, Melissa mentions that she is going back to England and that Peter has been wanting her to go back since she told him what she told him in the police station the night Spencer was gone. Melissa tells Spencer that she saw her the night Alison disappeared, heard the two of them fighting, and that she also saw Spencer with a shovel in her hands. Going on, Melissa says that it felt like everyone that ever made the mistake of touching Alison was there that night.

Melissa explains that she saw the body and she had thought Spencer had killed Alison with the shovel. Through tears, Melissa says goodbye to Spencer, and as the video comes to an end, Spencer sits back in shock. In the vid, titled "Guess Who's Preggers," she shares that she decided to keep the early stages of her pregnancy a secret, following her miscarriage last year. Tyler is opening up more about his relationships now that he has come out as bisexual.

He recently said he's dating an "amazing guy" although he still hasn't revealed who he is just yet. However, if you didn't know that he and Ashley were just work friends, you could almost imagine them as a couple - his Instagram is basically a Haleb tribute feed at this point.

Tyler recently opened up about the relationship rumors between him and Ashley back during their PLL days. For the most part, those rumors made us laugh. Troian married Suits star Patrick J. Adam in a magical boho wedding in December. The couple recently gave birth to a baby girl after announcing they were pregnant back in August.

Troian shared the exciting news on Instagram. I cannot express how grateful I am. To the people who have protected us and kept our growing family safe and respected our privacy. To our tribe for expanding with grace and exponential amounts of love. To my halfadams for being so supportive during every moment of my pregnancy and her birth.

And to whatever incredible force of fate that brought this baby girl into our lives. To bring a new girl into this world and to do my best to raise her to be kind, strong and whatever the heck she wants to be. Troian and Patrick met in and began dating in Bythey were engaged.

They're super private about their relationship, but are clearly head over heels for each other judging by their cute Instas. I think that I might be the luckiest girl alive. And thank you halfadams For supporting me on screen and off. I can't believe I found you. Watch tonight's episode and see how much damage one dame can do! Claire's back! That wasn't the first time they worked together - way back inPatrick made a brief appearance on Pretty Little Liars as Ezra's friend Hardy.

Janel Parrish has officially tied the knot. She shared the big news on her Instagram with an adorable photo of her and her new husband, Chris Long, in Hawaii during their rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinner photo.

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