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Masterlist- Peter Parker - Steel is Forged in Fire

Leaked 'Peter Pan Live!' Audition Tape with Jane Krakowski

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff. I just wanted to give the credit that is due before anyone says i didnt. Hope yall like it! Main Masterlist. You were hyper aware of the fact that his stare was on you, his eyes on the back of your head, making your cheeks heat up. You pointedly continued doing what you were doing, though.

You have one last shot at saying your goodybe.

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You have one last shot at telling him you love him. Only what will happen once the Avengers have defeated Thanos and return the Infinity Stones where they belong? Will you stay trapped in the past, with a different Loki who does not know you yet?

Dating peter pan would include tumblr

Will the man you were going to marry be lost forever? Or will there be another chance?

Peter Pan: Dating Robbie would involve. - Could you do a living with Peter Pan on Neverland as his significant other would involve. - Dating Peter Pan would involve. Regina Mills: Being Regina's older daughter would involve. - Being Regina's older daughter and falling in love with Jefferson would involve. Peter Parker Imagine - You find out he's Spider-Man. Peter Parker Imagine - He's jealous when you get attention at a party. Peter Parker Imagine - You're sick but he's busy with Spider-Man duties. Meeting Peter as a member of - gsscthunder.coms of the galaxy would include Merlin. Merlin Imagine | You're in a secret relationship. is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. dating Peter Kavinsky would include: Originally posted by benswhishaw. being best friends first and foremost; - PETER QUILL - PETER PEVENSIE - PETER PAN. edit: moRE HOT PETERS!!!! - PETER HALE - PETER PETRELLI.

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loki imagine

Grid View List View. Show more notes. Me, fighting with my inner demons.

Dating Peter Pan in his true asshole ways would include peter pan peterpan peter pan imagine Peter Pan prefrence Peter Pan ouat ouat peter pan ouat imagine ouat peter imagine once upon a time peter pan once upon a time Peter Pan Preference. notes. Open in app;.

Sam: You know you can die from that right? Loki, smoking a cigarette: Yup. Loki: Wrong number, mortal.

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Kidnapper: What? Loki: I have no friends. Me in any Loki scene ever:. I can image this happening, and I want it. Main Masterlist He definitely knew.

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He just had that effect on you. And he definitely knew. How do you explain that? You, angrily: go fuck yourself! You, confused and blushing: w-wait, what? Walking into the kitchen in the early morning hours, looking tottaly disheveled and tired.

best-laid schemes

It takes me 3 hours position changes and a sacrifice to the gods!!! The six words Thor probably regrets the most. Humphrey Goodman Imagine - You faint. Eric Imagine - He protects you.

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Four Imagine - You take a bullet for him [part 1]. Four Imagine - You take a bullet for him [part 2]. Clara Oswald Imagine - Picnics in the park. Clara Oswald Imagine - She leaves you and accidentally comes back three years later.

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Second Imagine - He introduces you to the T. Ninth Imagine - He tells you he loves you after you get hurt. T enth Imagine - He saves you from war.

Killian+Peter -- Love like fools [teacher/student AU]

Eleventh Imagine - You argue and he apologises. Eleventh Imagine - He tells you he loves you.

Masterlist- Peter Parker

Eleventh Imagine - He pretends to be your husband. Eleventh Imagine - Not You.

May 23,   my writings mine masterlist peter parker masterlist spiderman spiderman x reader spiderman imagine peter parker peter parker imagine peter parker x reader peter x reader marvel marvel imagine marvel x reader marvel comics comics civil war civil war imagine civil war x reader spiderman oneshot spiderman drabble peter parker oneshot peter parker. Who knows. Mika // Imagines and aesthetics are open// ships are closed// (when asking for aesthetics please include things such as favorite color, hogwarts/ilvermorny house, patronus, mtbi, etc) Pls send me things/tag me I'm bored. dating loki would include #5. a/n: i swear to god i could write one of these every single day. Originally posted by endlessghostfire - he probably has a folder in his phone dedicated to hair and style inspo - making fun of him for being literally the least intimidating thing ever - "i'm literally more scared of danielle bregoli than i am.

Meeting Peter as a member of - gsscthunder.coms of the galaxy would include. Felix Imagine You teach him how to use technology. Peter Pan Imagine - He chooses you over killing.

Sep 27,   Imagine Pan's reaction when you can't hear his flute anymore; Dating Peter Pan would include; Jealousy - Peter Pan AU; Counting the years - Peter Pan AU; Imagine going to the Underworld with the heroes and seeing Peter again; Henry Mills. Imagine Henry seeing you kiss with someone else; Favorite Record - Henry Mills. adam sakler (girls) albert wesker (resident evil) alex (dunkirk) baby (baby driver) bill weasley (harry potter) billy lee (bad times at the el royale). What the Instagram of the Emma Swan and Killian Jones daughter who is dating Peter Pan would include. Y/n Swan-Jones lives in Storybrooke with her family and Pan pays a visit far too frequently for her parents liking.

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