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So I recently got accepted to PA school for the entering class class of , and although I'm very excited to begin the process, I've got to thinking how this will effect my plans to get married in the future. I have been with my boyfriend for the past 6 years high school sweethearts : , and although we have known for the past couple of years now that we are going to get married, we have always put our career goals first. During undergrad we never made plans to get engaged because a we were poor undergrad students and didn't have enough money, and b we both knew I had plans to enroll in graduate school out of state and didn't want to spend the first couple years of marriage apart. I am from Minnesota and going to PA school out of state. We both know we want to get married during the summer months, because if you've ever been to Minnesota you may know how crazy the weather can be in any other season : My question then is, would it be better to get engaged and be planning during the first year of PA school and get married halfway through?

I'm sure it will get more challenging to juggle everything and who knows, maybe I'm somewhat unique because I have a strong science background so I'm able to review over learn for some of this stuff, so maybe I have more free time than others?

But so far, while I do feel a little limited in other relationships, I feel like PA school has not affected my relationship with my boyfriend in any way. On the other end of the spectrum, there are many, many students in my program who literally do nothing but study from dawn to dusk. One student has already broke up with her boyfriend and she claims it was because he didn't respect that she needed to study so much.

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Personally, I couldn't study that much or my brain would melt, so I have no idea how to feel about that. Another girl is actively dating during school but she told him upfront - "I might just disappear for a while if I'm in a particularly hard unit, so you need to be okay with that". Basically, like any relationship, communication is crucial and if you are able to talk it out and make the person understand what's going on, why you need the night alone, why you need to study, etc.


I would exercise caution with CMU. Rumor has it they will be shut down by next year because it doesn't look like they are going to get off probation.

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Long distance another two years is nothing in the span of the rest of your life and career, to echo the advice that was given to me, however - I ignored that advice so I'm a hypocrite.

Do what is best for your well-being AND career. Can your SO move with you? That's great! I know a few people in the program so I'm glad to hear that.

Don't let everyone scare you, PA school isn't some big Alduin the World Eater scary dragon, it's school. If your relationship is rocky, it will suffer because of demands from school but if you have a good thing going and hopefully aren't too far away from each other you should be fine. Please choose your school district in Pennsylvania from the list below to view a calendar of your and school holidays.

I overheard some of the staff here talking about it. New to and commenting, so I just saw this! Yes they are fully accredited now thankfully. Two years isn't really that long, especially considering how fast it will probably all go. I'm still in the same position I was 13 days ago Once I hear back from them, I'll be able to actually make a decision. It'll be so nice to finally know where I am going and then him and I can have a real conversation about it rather than talking about it hypothetically.

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Did you go to MAPA?? We could have become BFFs while I was there lol. I give you props for doing the AA to Detroit commute! There is a surprising amount of people from Michigan, and I'm from the Detroit metro area too. It's crazy.

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Good to hear that everything is working out with you guys, makes me feel less stressed about starting school in the summer!

It's possible and obviously challenging because of the demanding schedule. On the other hand, another PA student would be more aware of the schedule challenges.

Soon PA-C here.

Mar 16,   Hi all! So I recently got accepted to PA school for the entering class (class of ), and although Im very excited to begin the process, Ive got to thinking how this will effect my plans to get married in the future. I have been with my boyfriend for the past 6 years (high school sweethear. Online Dating in Pa for Free The only Free Online Dating site for dating, love, relationships and friendship. Register HERE and chat with other Pa singles Create Your FREE Profile Here! | . Schools that Teach. Improve access, affordability, and completion in postsecondary education and training.

I'm one of the fools that started dating their classmate. Four years later still together. It was Def nice dating someone who was in the same boat as me.

We would help eachother study and quiz. I don't recommend getting married just prior or during PA school but ultimately you will do what you want. Just another opinion. I got married 5 months before starting PA school and after 1st quarter, my wife moved back to FL and now we are separated.

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We had some problems for sure but PA school is very time consuming and I wish we had waited until after school to get married. It is certainly doable but PA school adds a big stressor on your marriage and if you don't have a strong foundation, it may crumble.

PA school is hard on relationships, no matter what. We are very low-key people, had a very non-traditional wedding, and the amount of work and stress required for even a simple wedding is tons more than you would think. Now, I will say the same thing X10 for PA school.

Oct 31,   As it turns out, my relationship was a HUGE factor in my decision to attend the PA school I am at. It plays a very significant role in my "support" during school. A little background - my boyfriend and I began dating when we were Pennsylvania School Stabbing Yahoo Dating, what is o2l yahoo dating, two sets of twins dating website, aberdeen hook up spots/ Explore the wonderful Pennsylvania dating world when you browse through our list of singles bars and other venues where you can meet your future someone. Dating in Pennsylvania is made easy with the help of our PA Dating guide!

I say this with love and as something who has obviously been in your shoes - you have no idea what you're getting into. PA school is so much harder than you think it will be.

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You can do it almost everyone that starts a program makes it through but WHY would you want to add any extra stress to your life if you could help it? Wedding planning can be fun, but I promise you it will NOT be fun or joyful when you have 4 tests coming up the next week and each is over not the main points but the minutiae of roughly pages of complex material each.

Personally, trying to plan a wedding during the didactic year sounds like a recipe for lots of crying and many mini-nervous breakdowns.

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Your mind can only be in one place at once - better to have it on your studies for this year IMHO. I figure I should add my two cents since I'm nearly half way through didactic year AND getting married in less than two weeks.

Dating in pa school

Also, my fiance is an engineer like your boyfriend :. We got engaged in March and decided that we didn't want to wait over two years to get married so we decided to do the wedding during one of two big breaks two weeks we get through school.

I finish finals Thursday, get married Saturday, and leave for our honeymoon Sunday. And, surprisingly, there are two other young ladies in my program getting married over the same break. On top of it, my fiance and I bought a house the first month of school and there are two hours of distance between us.

Would I do it this way again? For sure. PA school is insane, but your life outside of school doesn't quite stop and that can be a good thing-to have responsibilities and exciting things happening outside of school has helped keep me grounded. That being said, I'm not sure I'm the smartest cookie in the box for doing it this way :. But I'm a testament to the fact that it can be done and happily.

It's been stressful a few times, sure, but mostly really, really good. I got engaged at the end of my didactic year in December I just got married in August and at that time I was half way through my clinical rotations and everyone thought I was crazy for not waiting. I wanted to get married in the summer time and I didn't want to wait until the next summer when I would be finished with the program.

I'll admit it was very stressful planning a wedding while in clinicals. I was very fortunate to have a lot of help. I recommend getting a wedding planner if you decide to get married during clinicals. This will help you stay organized and on task. Good luck! It's funny because I have heard a lot about people getting divorced during PA school In my class I think 10 of 40 of us got engaged and 3 of us got married.

The reason for this being is that we want to have kids shortly after I graduate but still have time to enjoy married life as well. I'm in a bit longer program 33 months but still very busy.

We both decided that trying to plan a big wedding would be to hectic so we are planning on doing a destination wedding shortly before my clinicals start and a reception a month or two after we get back from the vacation while I'm in one of the less hectic clinical rotations if that exists haha.

Alright I am in a very similar spot! My fiance proposed while I was applying to school. It was a total surprise! We immediately found a venue that we loved but had to book it right away we got the last weekend available for Not knowing what my future was going to look like, I felt that I had made the best decision as I possibly could.

Well fast forward and I have been accepted to a program and start in two months! My program knows that I am getting married they saw my ring and asked me what my fiance does during my interview but they do not know when.

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I'm getting married out of state from my program, and it will be 3 weeks into the new semester. What is the best way to go about telling my program about my upcoming nuptials and asking for days off? You can even order one of the delicious appetizers or desserts! Or travel to the outside deck, a perfect meeting spot on a beautiful summer day. Or you can simply have a drink downstairs in the main bar, where smoking is permitted.

If you're planning to gather with friends to watch the game, Doc's Place contains satellite and several TV's for your viewing pleasure.

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