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Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

Wagner and Griswold are the leaders in the American cast-iron collectibles market. Wagner Manufacturing started business in in Sidney, Ohio. It manufactured cast iron and tried other products over the next century, including brass and aluminum. Randall Company purchased Wagner Manufacturing in , and Griswold, its biggest competitor, in Wagner Ware markings help identify the era of production, but because of reproductions, confirmation is necessary. Look for the oldest Wagner items by name and patent dates. Many items have patent dates in the mold, and this helps identify Wagner markings.

These items are not very desirable in the eyes of collectors because they are not Wagner or Griswold products.

Look for reproductions and recognize the difference. Wagner Ware reproductions have markings just like the originals. The quality of the cast iron is not as good, the marks are not as clean and clear and the seams are not as smooth.

Toy items are the most reproduced, according to the Griswold and Wagner website. The most successful product Wagner made was Magnalite, a cookware collectible that is not cast iron. Linda Richard has been a legal writer and antiques appraiser for more than 25 years, and has been writing online for more than 12 years.

Richard holds a bachelor's degree in English and business administration.

Sure much of vintage cast iron is collectible but what makes Wagner cast iron so sought-after? Wagner Manufacturing Company and Griswold were the two leading cast iron cookware foundries in the late 19th and 20 th centuries. Both companies were highly innovative and had a huge selection of products and a wide range of sizes. Matthew Griswold had been making cast iron hollow ware for the better part of two decades before first putting the Griswold name on a skillet. Having been in business with his cousins, the Selden brothers, since , the name Griswold was originally seen in the mark "Selden & Griswold. Griswold identification and dating main points. Griswold cast iron skillets remain popular with cast iron enthusiasts and those who want a great vintage pan. You can identify your skillet by using logos and marking on your skillet. This site and other online resources can help you date you Griswold .

She has operated a small business for more than 20 years. Underneath, it still said Erie, Penna. The medium and small logos have a skinny cross in a double circle with Erie, Penna.

The Cast Iron Collector: Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast. Learn how to identify, clean, restore, season and use collectible antique cast iron cookware. but whose development was possibly cut short by the acquisition of Griswold by Wagner Ware. Information dating it to as early as has been found. Lodge Manufacturing Co. Griswold Cast Iron Dating Apps for sex in minutes, you'll never need another dating site. These girls know exactly what they want in the bedroom! Even finding college girls who like to fuck doesn't Griswold Cast Iron Dating Apps have to be a struggle - and you don't / Some Wagner cast iron had "Wagner" in quotation marks, and "Sidney, O" was common. This mark bends around a circle, and the circle may contain a patent date. Look for items marked both Wagner and Griswold. After Wagner purchased Griswold and both became part of Randall Company, Randall Company sold to Textron in

They are not logos in demand by most collectors. However, they are a bargain for individuals wanting to cook in good Griswold as they are in the lowest price range. So, if you want good quality without straining the pocketbook, go for the small logos.

Usually the logo without the city of manufacture, ERIE, is a signal that it was not made by Griswold Manufacturing Company and should give you pause for thought. Any Griswold item not manufactured in Erie is not associated with that company.

Identifying Cast Iron Skillets- My Collection

Examples of this would include the film splicer out of New York or a stove manufactured in Georgia. Smoke ring or heat or fire ring.

Some skillets have a rim that runs the entire circumference on the bottom. This rim kept the heated surface slightly elevated above the heat source. It is usually abbreviated in reference as SR.

Whether you are a collector of fine antiques or just a cook who enjoys the best in cast-iron cookware, the Griswold name is an important one. If you have a Griswold skillet in your pantry, it could be worth a great deal of money. As with other types of antiques, both the age and the condition of a Griswold skillet play a big role in its value.

Whether it has a smoke ring or not can be a huge difference in the value of the piece. Smooth bottom as opposed to SR above. Skillets without smoke rings are referred to as smooth bottom skillets. They lack that rim going around the entire circumference on the bottom of the skillet.

An example would be a number 8 trivet for a dutch oven, with PN On occasion, a letter might accompany the size or PN.

Wagner cast iron | Wagner Ware history, dates and logos.

These seem to indicate a run series, and generally can be ignored. Extra finished or Plated. Modern cast iron is thicker and much heavier than antique mold-cast iron.

A new 9-inch skillet is much harder to handle than an antique of the same size. For comparison, see our best cast iron skillets guide to explore other brands and options. These are the skillets numbered 3, 6 and 8. The most valuable item to date is a number 1. This number refers to a 4-inch skillet sold as a toy.

When searching for old cast iron, you should check out old junk shops, out of the way antique dealers and other knick-knack type spaces. If you hear a clear bell tone, the pan is more than likely whole.

Griswold cast iron markings include:

Should you notice a dull clunk, the pan may well have a crack - not all of these defects are visible. However, a cracked pan is doomed if you plan to use it and is not a wise purchase for a collector.

In addition to a crack, you may notice pitting across the bottom and against the inside edges. While a bit of pitting is not a deal breaker, it may be an indicator of heat damage rather than just an uneven seasoning or burned oils built up over time.

Lye can be used to strip away the old seasoning on your classic cast iron.

SELDEN & GRISWOLD The oldest of the Griswold logos would be the joint venture of the two families, Selden and Griswold, who joined forces to produce cast iron products, like the mailbox and the cuspidor or spitton. The logo Selden Griswold can be found on the inside flap of the mailbox or on the underside of the spitoon. TIPS TO IDENTIFY THE MANUFACTURER OF VINTAGE CAST IRON SKILLETS. Some of the unmarked pans you may come across in your cast iron travels were made by Griswold, Lodge, Birmingham Stove & Range ("BSR"), Vollrath, Wagner, Favorite . Jul 02,   The Griswold identification stamp has changed repeatedly over the years, but these changes make it easy to determine the age of the pan. Dating Griswold cast iron is fairly simple, thanks to the detail found in many Griswold cast iron price guide booklets.

Take care to take extreme safety precautions when working with lye. Soap makers recommend long sleeves, heavy shoes, goggles and gloves.

Dating griswold cast iron

Lye burns are not something you wish to experience. While a collectible pan can be wonderful fun to own, the fact that these pans survive as long as they do is a testament to the skill that went into making them. Cast iron cookware can be used on so many cooking surfaces, from induction and outdoor grills to a rustic campfire.

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