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Bucky Barnes -- Sucker For Pain

Happy Birthday, darling!! It was like my palladium. It was seeping into my bloodstream and slowly killing me. Peaches saved me Moodboard also by the same beauty that makes my heart sing. Just go read my crap writing. Enjoy darlings!

Originally posted by jacularmetteld. Originally posted by gregorygalloway. Loki: I most certainly am not love. Peter: You won like 17 times in a row already, Mr. Loki, slightly annoyed: Very much here and you two are still bitter after I won the first five rounds, true? Loki, leaning forward: Sorry but there is nothing to confess.

Peter: We still have plenty of popcor. Thor: I personally feel like we need more snacks as well as drinks. Loki: Was that my punishment, I must say that felt amazing. Loki: Dammit every time. Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia. Yes a million times yes!!!

Dating bucky would include

Once she finds out where or more importantly when she is she just wants to go home or at least she did. Stranger things TL : intheendyouwillalwayskneel.

spoil the ship

WA : ivana-franzhelena-way07asfyhcserygkittenthekat robinismyqueenbillysgodcomplexholy-fucking-shitstarksweasleyjessicatheghxstgirlslefishpresley, pissheadoffical, luckyteenagedirtbagshannon Series Masterlist. Keep reading. Stranger things TL: intheendyouwillalwayskneel. You and Billy were screwing each other ever since he stepped foot in Hawkins, he would have the odd girl here and there but he always came back to you. It was common that you and Billy would argue every so often but it would result in angry make up sex afterwards but this time it was different.

Both of you had said some things that hurt both of you equally but no one was hurt physically beside the heartbreak. How this argument happened? Well,much like every friends with benefits someone caught feelings and in this case both of you did but you two are too stubborn to actually admit it.

He got mad at you for spending too much time with Steve and you got mad at him for being too friendly with Tina.

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include +"Doll" +Calling him James most of the time rather than Bucky +Becoming close friends with Steve too +Placing kisses along his metal arm to show you won't leave. Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include - him being super shy when he first asked you out - falling asleep together, usually on the couch while watching a movie - playing with those luscious locks of. dating bucky would include #3 a/n: hi im back and just as obsessed with the beefy boy as ever - him always getting you to try on new clothes after a shopping trip so he can sit on the bed with a.

You are both as bad as each other at this point. He refused but he had no bother leaving on his own terms. Please s-stay with me. He punched and slapped his steering wheel multiple times and scream all the curse words he could think of. He calmed down slightly and he started his car and drove down to the first place he could think of that he could express some rage.

dating bucky would include #2 a/n: i wanna squish his cute lil face - *disgusted tony stark voice* "look, frosty. if you're gonna eat y/n's fucking face, can you do it while i'm not in the room?". Dating Bucky Barnes would include: You understand that he's dealt with a lot and you're willing to hold him through his nightmares and support him through his recovery Protective Bucky Steve. Bucky Barnes Masterlist Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include. *headcanon* A-Z NSFW *headcanon* Heartbeat. Summary: You and Bucky escape your sister's wedding night and have a romantic night on your own. Swan Song Masterlist *HIATUS*. Summary: A vengeful wizard curses a princess to exist as a swan by day until her prince declares his undying problem is the prince and princess hate .

Billy sped down the dark wet roads to her house and when he got there he noticed that her parents car was nowhere to be seen so he banged on her door and she answered. Anger was still pumping through him and he was sure this was going to make him forget about you and his feelings for you. Tina led him to her room and at the same time they discarded their clothes along the way. Billy teased her entrance and slammed into her repeatedly but no matter how much he tried to distract himself he was imagining it was you under him, moaning his name as he moaned yours.

Billy could feel he was close and his thrusts were getting sloppy as he chased his orgasam. Take My Jacket. The Father She Always Needed. Conditional Love. Early Mornings. Steve Rogers aka Captain America. One Fateful Mission. The Most Important Question.

anything can

Under the Waterfall. Dating Tony Would Include. Morning Teasing. Dinner and a Show. Dating Bruce Would Include. Drunken Confessions. My Eyes! My Virgin Eyes. We Can Fix This. Dating Scott Lang Would Include. The Accidental Miracle. Originally posted by 25bees. I just stumbled upon this blog and was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is really sick and Loki takes care of them?

Bucky Barnes x Reader “I Met A Girl” part 3

Your work is truly fantastic, by the way! As you sneezed for what seemed like the thousandth time today, you cursed whatever higher power had allowed you to get sick. You could not be sick. Every day was packed with work for the Avengers which made a day off basically impossible.

Your annoyance decreased slightly when you saw that he had soup and your favorite movie with him. Patting the spot on the bed next to you, you scooted over give him some room. Cuddling up next to Loki sounded like the best possible medicine for the virus that was wreaking havoc on your body. He handed you the soup and pressed play on the movie. The two of you settled in and enjoyed the movie, which did an excellent job of helping you forget just how shitty you were feeling.

When you woke up you were disoriented when you realized the movie was off and Loki was gone. Walking out to the kitchen, you smiled when you saw Loki preparing a cups of tea for the two of you. He finally noticed you learning in the doorway watching him. When the two of you finished Loki took your hand and led you back to your bedroom. Slipping into bed, Loki wrapped an arm over your waist, spooning you.

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

Then he answered you. Originally posted by chlxe-mxrie. At first he hates her for ruining his life and treats her bad, but something happens and starts to develop feelings for her.

You took a deep breath, trying to calm the anxiety you were feeling to no avail.

Dating Sebastian Stan Would Include: (A/N: I'm going to be doing things like this now along with actual writing imagines. Won't just be Sebastian or Bucky. So if you have anything in mind you like to. Read Dating Bucky Would Include from the story Bucky Barnes Imagines and Preferences by BarnesTrash with 85, reads. jamesbuchananbarnes, marvelcinematicu Content Rating: everyone. Oct 10,   Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include. Attempting writing. Feedbacks always welcome. I take requests and suggestions of multiple fandoms.

Today was the day you were meeting the man who was to be your husband. Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes. The name felt stiff and formal, and you feared the man behind the name would be also. Your father had arranged the marriage because he felt like you were not capable of finding a husband suitable for your family.

I have no words-

Sometimes you cursed the customs that came from being part of one of the oldest and richest families in America. You had no other options. At last the car came to a stop in front of what could only be described as a mansion. The Barnes residence.

bucky barnes bucky barnes imagine the winter soldier winter soldier imagine dating bucky barnes would include dating would include bucky barnes headcanon bucky x reader bucky barnes smut bucky imagine bucky barnes blurb bucky barnes drabble sebastian stan sebastian stan headcanon marvel marvel imagine dating winter solider x reader. May 19,   Dating Bucky Barnes would include He is so gentle with you Like, his kisses are very gentle And so is his touch He is afraid to hurt you Bucky loves the scent of your hair He could play. Dating winter soldier would include - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a man online who is single and hunt for you. Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a man. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man.

A valet opened your day and you stepped out of the car with your father and walked towards the house. You were led down a hall to a large parlor and sat down, taking in the luxury around you. Your family was rich by any definition, but you did not display your wealth so prominently. You were brought back to reality by someone entering the room and clearing their throat.

Tall, thick brown hair, piercing blue eyes. That stung a little bit. You tried to speak, but were interrupted before you could get a word out. This was the man you were to marry? Spend every day and night with? Have children with? You took a shaky breath to quell the tears that were beginning to creep into your tear ducts. You ended up in courtyard garden enclosed within the walls of the house. Taking a seat, you finally let the tears come and sat there silently with tears streaming down your face.

How could you marry that horrid man? He hated you. After what seemed like an eternity, you heard someone come into the garden behind you and hoped it was James coming to apologize, but it was just your father. The whole city is going to be there! Your fate was set. That month passed by more quickly than you thought possible. Wedding preparations took up your whole day every day and thankfully that limited the amount of time you had to spend with James.

You had gotten to know his mother during the preparations and did not understand how he could be so nasty to you when his mother was so kind. Today was the final fitting for your dress, and you gd when you saw yourself. The dress was beautiful, elegant with lace and long sleeves. It looked like it was made for you. Your mother dabbed tears from her eyes as she looked at you, and took to recounting her own wedding.

You smiled at her and allowed the seamstress to take the dress back for safe keeping. Only two days until the wedding. The next day was the rehearsal dinner and the first time you had spent an extended amount of time with James. You sat with your family smiling and talking and mostly ignoring him.

You were thankful when the dinner was over and went back to your rooms to spend some time alone before the wedding. Suddenly it was morning.

Dating Bucky Would Include Late night conversations about the future the two of you want. Putting aside one day of the week to stay in bed and relax. Bucky being terrified of turning back into. Dating Bucky Barnes (post endgame) Would Include. you would probably meet in the most mundane place in the world aka the grocery store you saw him look in confusion over the different options of ice cream and you can't help but smile after minutes of awkward flirting (on his end) he finally asks you for a cup of coffee. Oct 10,   Dating s Bucky Barnes Would Include. Attempting writing. Feedbacks always welcome. I take requests and suggestions of multiple fandoms.

You must have fallen asleep. Suddenly the room was full of attendants poking and prodding you to get you ready for the ceremony, and it was time to go before you knew it.

You felt absolutely sick as you approached the church doors and had your father not been with you, you would have given in to your temptation to bolt. James was waiting for you at the end of the aisle, and there was the slightest hint of a smile on his face. You looked stunning. Looking into his eyes, you saw the same reproach that had been there on the day that you met.

The priest had you recite your vows and instructed James to kiss the bride.

well that

The kiss was innocent and brief, and you were brought back to reality by the cheering of those in the church.

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