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How to Date Japanese Girls - Secrets Revealed

He would be upset if another guy was there. That means he still has feelings for her. It is really your decision and only YOU know everything that is going on, but from what I can see, he still has feelings for her and she has feelings for him. I would tell him, straight up, either you stop hanging out with her, and playing husband and wife, or I am out.

Some of her friends got mad that I posted a picture of us on Facebook. He didn't ask me to take the picture down, he just de-friended them.

I make my own decisions. I know what is best for me.

To Date a Japanese Girl

As for the comment by someone that most women who date married men are uneducated or dumb.

Yes, I got caught up in a love affair with a married man that has endured almost a decade and in many ways, its has been beautiful, yet bittersweet. We fell in love deeply over a long period of time.

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