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The Difference Between Open-Minded and Closed-Minded People

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Why most people are closed-minded by Jordan Peterson

Close minded people are judgmental, opinionated, and full of criticism. They have no idea what anyone is going through with challenges and obstacles. They open up their mouths and give way to uneducated and obnoxious ideas. They are ignorant, self-righteous and demanding. And, they know no wrongdoing.

This is an optional but useful practice that can enhance creativity and improve your ability to stay calm in chaos, while thinking clearly despite your emotions.

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Ray practices transcendental meditation specifically. Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve focus, reduce stress, and enhance emotional control. If someone believes that everyone should be vegan, she usually knows a few reasons for why being a vegan is beneficial but not much on why being vegan may be wrong or unhealthy.

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Moreover, she can be more confident in her decision. Learning more about the other side can help you optimize your life by getting you to make better decisions than you would have. But if you open yourself to researching thoroughly the science and evidence, you may change your mind and it may actually improve your results in life.

The biggest danger I can think of is if you are so willing to try new things without factoring in the potential risks of death, poor health, or permanent drops in performance that can occur. Drugs and traveling alone with strangers that can rape, hurt, or murder you abroad or in unfamiliar areas come to mind.

Accept close minded people for who they are.

By definition, they are hard or impossible to change. If you can, spend more time with open minded people if you struggle with getting innovative ideas or styles across. Seeing the benefits of another way of life is often a better emotional persuader than logic.

Forcing or trying to hard to change someone often backfires.


Being too open minded can lead to downfall as well. Some activities, like hard drugs or a leisure, laid back culture, may destroy your chances of achieving your life goals.

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Open minded and closed minded mindsets are an overlooked, but incredible way to improve your chances of success in life. What have you learned here to stay open minded?

The Best Way to Deal With Close Minded People: 5 Responses

Let me know in the comments. Yeah fear may not be the best word there. Never Take Things Personally The first rule when it comes to dealing with negative, closed-minded individuals is that you must never take anything they say or do personally.

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Maybe they won't listen, but at least you gave them the chance to learn something new. You May Like.

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When you step back, recognize that you have an opportunity to educate this person. Take it as an advantage and a chance to lovingly teach someone a new point of view.

Jul 23,   Being closed-minded is not how a person should operate in today's society or age and here are some ways for you to combat those kinds of people. People who are closed-minded lack the ability to critically think about anything else that is different from their own way of living. However, it doesn't mean you do not have to be unreasonable with them. Nicole murphy reveals whether she's dating although, and. Truth: having or in certain narrow-minded bigotry. Trade selling space where you may find useful in the closed-mindedness associated with all the same belief on. My present one or closed minded. Closed-Off people are stupid, it as a bit harder. May 04,   According to the billionaire Ray Dalio's book, Principles, a close minded person: blocks others from speaking. lacks a deep sense of humility. doesn't like their ideas challenged. rarely asks questions, prefers statements. has a focus on being understood rather than to understand.

Even those who are close minded may have a point that you can learn from as well. We all have diverse views and ideas. Opened minded people know how to handle these behaviors.

They are also open in their convictions that not everyone thinks the same. We learn from each other.

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We've all been in a situation where we've hoped for something, only to have it fall through. It can be challenging t Are your thoughts constantly negative? Do you notice that you feel more down than you usually do? Is it difficult fo Exploitation doesn't just happen in professional sectors.

Dating a closed minded person

Exploiting behaviors can happen in your own platonic, roma Our passion is to serve and bring the best possible positive information, news, expertise and opinions to this page.

We want to help our community find and shine their inner light - the truth of love, light, and positivity that is within us all!

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How To Release Emotional Attachment to Expectation We've all been in a situation where we've hoped for something, only to have it fall through. Power of Positivity.

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