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How common is it for a college senior to date a college freshman?

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Do you remember your freshman-year self? I remember he was underprepared for the courses at Amherst. He was shocked by how much everyone drank. He occasionally cited his high school achievements when applying for on-campus jobs. They take as their premise that freshman year is different. The College treats freshmen differently because it knows, as I believe we all do intuitively, that freshman year is a time for growth.

Not very many but a few.

Seniors Dating Freshmen

It's not terribly weird, just so long as they are mature about it. Why would he be weirded out?

Jun 09,   I'm not sure what to do. I'm a senior in high school this year dating a junior. Next year I'll be a freshman in college and she'll be a senior in high school. I'm not sure what to do because I really like the girl and we've been dating for some time. I'm not going away to college, it's just a local school. The fact is, I'm afraid of getting to attached and for some reason it not working out. Dec 13,   Others may argue, not without merit, that senior-freshman relationships can be beneficial for both parties. The freshman nabs a cute older girl and a crash-course in dating at Amherst. The senior dates someone who's exciting and new and not jaded with the social scene. Jan 01,   But I just don't know What do you guys think? Would he be weirded out if I, the freshman expressed my interest in dating him? ates: Follow. 0 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. How common is it for a college senior to date a college freshman? Home > Relationships > How common is it for a college senior to date a college freshman? Most.

You're both undergrads ie The same age. Not at all.

I dated a senior as a freshman in high school. A senior in high school, that is lol.

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College freshman dating college senior

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In college it doesn't matter what age people are so it's probably fairly common. Related myTakes.

During my time there, my views on dating and relationships changed as I progressed through each year of school, freshman to senior year. To give you an idea of what dating in college is like and help you master the art of navigating the somewhat muddy and confused waters of the college dating experience, I've put together this helpful Chelsea Tanner. Say so long to your high school guys, and hello to college boys. As a freshman girl, eligible cuties seem to be everywhere, and guess what? They're all looking at you. The attention can be fun, but when it comes down to it, the dating game in college is one that you'll learn a lot about as time goes on-you might not be a pro right off the. College seniors are well versed in the hook up. Freshmen, however, are usually a bit more reluctant to leave traditional dating behind. When it comes to the definition of dating on college campuses, hooking up is typically much more common. Casual relationships .

At the other end of the continuum is the senior. She knows how many drinks will get her drunk.

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She is writing a thesis or applying for jobs and on Wednesdays buys dry martinis, legally, at Monkey Bar. In all likelihood, the senior boy or girl has had more than a few college romances. She knows what she wants from a hook-up or a relationship. She knows what the norms at Amherst are.

Dec 27,   So I'm a freshman girl, and I really like this I told him that I liked him, he said we was pleasantly surprised. We've been talking a lot lately, and seem to be hitting it off. But I was just wondering if the age gap could be an issue? I'm 18, and he's No. HELLLL no. If your a senior dating a freshmen, I'm sorry buddy, but maybe you shouldn't be dating at all (not to the op, in general). The mental, physical, and emotional differences between the two ages are miles apart. It has the same creepiness factor as a college gay dating a highschool girl (albeit a little less).

He knows what to expect and, just as important, what not to. Thus in any sexual interaction between the senior and the freshman, the senior enters with more : a better sense of what she wants from her partner, a better sense of who he is forgoing, a stronger awareness of how this hook-up will be perceived on campus, as well as more minor things: a better support system of friends and often more sexual experience.

The senior, in short, knows himself better than the freshman could ever hope to.

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The senior has more power than the first-year, and always will. Why do we think power imbalance is a problem if both parties consent to it? We frown upon teacher-student relationships for precisely this reason.

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Granted, seniors are not teachers and sex is not painting. But the essential insight is the same.

When these imbalances go wrong, they go very, very wrong. I am reluctant even to mention sexual assault, but it is too important to neglect. A senior exploits the imbalance of power to his own benefit.

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Of course most senior men and women do not assault first-year men and women. Of course most senior-freshman hook-ups are consensual. Sexual assault is different. But it is similar.

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It shares with senior-freshman relationships a common root: a sexual interaction in which one party has more power than the other. I believe these circumstances are possible. But I believe they are exceedingly rare.

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Far rarer than the hook-up scene at Amherst would suggest.

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