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What do they Black Butler characters think of you?

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who are you? [Black Butler]

You like to keep to yourself, but will protect the ones you love when needed. People are attracted to your mysterious aurora and signature smirk. You shut out the world when you suffer from tragedy. You are very kind to new people unless they are rude. You tend to be shy around your crush and can be very clumsy at times.

What is the only thing a shinigami's death scythe CANT cut?

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Who was the murderer in the Jack The Ripper case? What happened to Ciel's parents? In the manga, Who was the 'real' culprit of the murders at the manor?

In the manga, what did Sebastian first think of Ciel upon their first meeting? What is Elizabeth secretly good at?

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In the manga, what was Ciel's 'security blanket'? Who was quoted as saying: "Ye unecessary, ye unclean, ye unwanted". What is Elizabeth's brothers' name?

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What does Elizabeth's family pride themselves on? What is Sebastian's animal form?

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What was the symbol of Sebastian and Claude's pact with each other? What is a shinigami's weakness according to the manga?

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What is the title given to the Undertaker according to the manga? Grelle shows up to collect alois' soul. What is the problem? Who injured Sebastian on the cruise liner?

Ciel has the pentacle emblem on his what?

What was the subject that Grelle was best at in the Academy for reapers? What was Ronald's part in Ciel in wonderland? What is the name of Alois' Jim's younger brother? True or false: first year shinigami get customized spectacles?

what does alois think of you black butler quiz

According to the manga, what was the group called that wanted "Divine ressurection? What was Grelle's gpa average at the beginning of their first reaping? Who showed up unexpectedly at the farce between Ciel and Alois? What was William's gpa average at the beginning of their first reaping? What is the nickname given for the greatest glasses customizer in the shinigami realm?

Black butler dating quiz

Does each perfect have a FAG? True or false: When Ciel was brought to the principals office of Weston College, the principal himself gave him a welcome speech. What realation is the Vicount Druitt to Arnold Trancy? Who was Grell Sutcliff's "true" love?

Who is your Black Butler boyfriend?

What color did Madame Red hate? What is "FAG"? True or False: The meeting with the perfects was at 2 pm. Upon entering the Violet wolf dorms to investigate, what welcome did Ciel recieve?

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Easy question: what animal does Sebastian hate most? At what time does students at Weston start their classes? What's Madam Red's real name? Who was in the Principal's place at the walk through of ruled for Ciel at Weston? Who had a higher grade average? What dosen't exist in Sebastians' world?

He sends someone else to wake you up and tell you to come eat breakfast with him.

Aug 11,   EDIT: hmmm okay i have encountered a problem to say!When ya talk to the peeps and they say go away and you go to sleep and stuff and come back and talk starts from the beginning of the dialouge so may take longer than i thought sorries! In this story Ciel sells his soul to the devil so that he may have his revenge. The manga show is very captivating with an array of characters. Which of these characters do you think are likely to date? Take the test below and share who you got, I got the butler!/5. Oct 08,   You love Black Butler? Well,come here and check out who is your Black Butler boyfriend! This is a part One! Part 2 will come out soon!

He gently shakes you awake and tells you that he picked out your favorite outfit to wear. He puts a puppy on your bed and it licks your face until you get up!

Fanpop has Black Butler trivia questions. See how well you do in the Black Butler quiz. Take the Quiz: Name that Black Butler character. Black Butler by Yana Toboso is the story of a young boy who creates a Faustian Contract with a demon, in order to carry out revenge on the ones who murdered his parents. Jan 06,   This includes Sebastian, Ciel, Ash, Claude, Alois, William and Undertaker. Enjoy the lovely companies in Phantomhive Mansion with all these gentleman's XD.

Walking around a garden together. So many butterflies and birds! You play a few rounds of chess in his study.

Black Butler is about a butler who is a little more than he seems. It's a fantastic and wonderful anime. If you haven't seen it and LOVE anime, I completely recommend it. But for now, if you have seen it let's see which character you are! Are you a loyal person like Sebastian? Or maybe someone more eccentric like . Oct 26,   Who is your Black Butler Boyfriend ^-^ Take this fabulous quiz and see who you get:3 Choices are Alois,Ciel,Grell,Sebastian,Claude~ I would add girls, but there aren't that many in black butler and I wouldn't want to offend anyone!/5(18). Nov 19,   Can you name the Black Butler Characters? Test your knowledge on this miscellaneous quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Miscellaneous Quiz / Black Butler Characters Random Miscellaneous Quiz Can you name the Black Butler Characters? by Nightwind Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle Beginning with Black 6; Top User.

He takes you down to the market to find out what some of your favorite foods are. He escorts you around London, showing you the sights and sometimes buying something pretty you saw. Down to the cemetary, so he can tell you stories about the people who died. Calmly proceeds to take down every gunman and then make some dark joke about it.

storm comes

Panics, picks up the heaviest thing he can find, and chucks it at the gunmen! Calmly kills all of the gunmen and continues on, apologizing for the delay. Rushes you to safety before looking for a weapon to use against the gunmen.

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Calls for his butler to take care of them whilst dragging you to a safe hiding place. He blushes, "I-it was nothing, really!

Big grin, snicker, "It was my pleasure! I hardly did anything at all. A ring, just like his but in your favorite color gemstone.

He knows you liked his. An invitation to an upcoming ball; he knows you like to dance, and would be honored to be your date. A beautiful vase of flowers, in all colors of the rainbow; he knows how much you love nature. A cookbook with all of your favorite recipes, including some you made up together.

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Helps you get ready for bed, then stays with you until you fall asleep.

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