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Sometimes, two friends can have so many happy things in common that a simple friendship could turn into something a lot more complex over time. A great friend is a great companion, but a great lover makes a better companion. So are you more than friends? Use these ten friend-to-lover facts to find out. It may start of as an occasional call to keep in touch or exchange a bit of gossip. But over time, the calls get more frequent and last longer, and usually stretches late into the night.

Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Method 1.

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State your interest simply if you are still just friends. If your friend doesn't know that you have a romantic interest in them, tell them in a straightforward but non-threatening way.

Explain that you are attracted to them and want to pursue a romantic relationship with them. Make it clear that you will understand if they don't feel the same way but that you wanted to be honest about your feelings either way. Share your concerns with your best friend to maintain honesty. Moving from friendship to romance is a risk that may be challenging to take. Share any worries you have about losing your close relationship to see if they feel the same way.

Ask if there are any other concerns about the situation that they have to get a clear understanding of what obstacles may be facing you both. Establish the boundaries of your new relationship to avoid misunderstandings.

Communicate your romantic wants and needs clearly to your partner from the start. Avoid the assumption that they will intuitively know how what will be okay with you and make you happy.

Be sure to outline any behaviour that you consider unacceptable from a romantic partner so they know how you want to be treated. Avoid making assumptions about what your partner wants. After transitioning from friendship to a relationship, you may think that you already know what your partner wants romantically.

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Always check with your partner to see what goals and desires they have as these may change over time, and in different situations. If you catch yourself guessing what they might like, stop and ask them about it to double check. They will appreciate your effort and concern about their feelings. Method 2. Make sure that your motivations are pure and not temporary. Think about your current state of mind and life circumstances and ask yourself if your romantic feelings might be caused by these factors.

Sometimes life events can cause people to seek comfort, stability, excitement, or validation from other people in our lives who they don't genuinely want to be with. Avoid pursuing a relationship with your best friend if you might be using them to feel better.

1. You Daydream About Them

Avoid getting physically intimate until you are sure of your chemistry. Take things slowly in your new relationship so that you can both figure out your feelings without distractions. Romantic touching and sexual contact can blur the lines of a relationship and confuse boundaries.

Try to let your physical relationship evolve naturally out of genuine chemistry and affection. Be consistent about your romantic advances to avoid confusion. Moving slowly is a good way of avoiding confusing hot-and-cold behaviour. Making a grand romantic move one week, then acting like a casual buddy the next will leave your friend unsure of your feelings.

Take things slow and gradually build up to bigger gestures or commitments so you won't be overwhelmed by the situation. Give each other space sometimes to avoid getting tired of each other. Taking things to the next level with your best friend can reinforce an already strong bond, making it tempting to spend all of your time with them.

Take some time apart to pursue your own interests and to make sure that you get the chance to miss each other. This will make you appreciate each other even more while reducing the risk of becoming annoying to each other.

Method 3. Start calling them nicknames that are flirty or affectionate. Casual nicknames that you call a friend may give them the impression that you are not interested in them. Instead, try to call them pet names that convey that you think they are special or attractive.

This will help transition your relationship from friendship to love. Put effort into impressing them despite your comfort with them. Friendship means a certain level of familiarity and comfort that may not scream "romance.

And she has another guy friend that is similar, though she claims me to be the more important of the two. So yeah, we have this part down as being more than just friends, but how do I get her from being a bit more than friends to actually just dating me? Me and my friend,idk whr we r?

We call each other friends with benefits,sometimes we flirt txt but nvr at night though. I wish. When he does I feel so happy and jst wanting to tell him everythingXD!!

I think us calling each other friends with benefits is cute cuz now ik tht we MIGHT jst more than friends!!! So i thought that he might ask me out very soon, but he did not. I am in an interesting situation with my best friend. So years past and her and connected on Facebook over the last three years off and on.

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We message each other all the time and I will occasionally pop by her job with coffee to say hi. I now want out of the friend zone.

Jun 30, The best way to know if you should be more than friends with a guy is your gut feeling. signs he likes you as more than a friend When you're thinking about being more than friends, remember that the people you spend time with affect your life in serious and permanent ways. "More often than not, it does become a romantic relationship. It's a friendship filled with flirting." How do you know that you're in one? "Hey, are you and so-and-so dating?" If you get this question a lot, along with raised eyebrows and winks from your mutual friends, chances are you're in a flirtationship. Jun 01, How to Date Your Best Friend. A strong friendship is an excellent base for a good romantic relationship. Be careful and considerate about how you approach dating your best friend since they play an important role in your life. Ease into 75%(23).

How do I do this? Me and this guy are really close, we act like a couple sometimes, and other days we act like we are just friends. This helped me a lot I know someone likes me and I love her! We were dating not too long ago and she was bisexual. She broke up with me because she was still getting over her ex girlfriend.

She does everything in this post, especially the cuddling and overprotective feelings. I do the same. Her and I got intimate and teased each other last weekend when we were all alone, I rubbed her thighs her turn on spot and she rubbed mine, she even moaned a bit and was panting for me. She said she was really turned on and wants to do it again, she said she never wanted to leave when we did it.

He treats me like im already his girlfriend. I cant sleep most of the time because of me loving him so much. What he is up to? Got any feed back for me on how to think about it.

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I have a HUGE problem. We fell madly and crazily in love and left our spouses for each other ,were together for about seven years and then broke up after planning to marry. He was absolutely the love of my life, and I never really got over him. I was crazy for him, and he for me, and I was devastated when we broke up. We just met at the wrong place, wrong time then. Fast track to five years ago, 30 years later.

More than best friends but not dating

My parents somehow kept running into my ex-boyfriend everywhere. It was so strange. He asked about me and told my parents he was married and had been for ten years. They told him I was married also. I wanted to see him after all these years so I called him at his work and he was so happy to hear from me. First calling when we were not around our spouses, telling each other our innermost secrets, etc.

We simply had to talk to each other every day or we felt incomplete. We would talk for five hours at a time. There is no sex involved because we are now separated from both our spouses, but still legally married. Since we are now separated from our spouses, we spend a lot of time together now; he is even planning to take me out of town with him for the holidays this year!

We are also jealous of each other giving attention to someone else, and we fly off the handle. We get in heated arguments sometimes, but will always call the next day and apologize to each other, just like boyfriend and girlfriend.

We flirt with each other, have not even kissed yet, but I am now totally in love with him again.

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We cannot continue like this, and the situation needs to be addressed. Is he taking advantage of me? I need some advice fast, as I think I will wind up disappointed and hurt Note: Surprise - we are not dating others at the moment and we are much older now. I m confused. I met a guy he ask me if I cn spend tym wid him in weekends and he said he had some expectation from mecan any1 tel me wats going on. Also I have to add that I kissed him several times always drunk but I knew exactly what I was doing.

I have known my best friend for five year and recently we have become a lot closer, like her coming over to my house and stays there all day long and does nothing but smile and laugh and is constantly near me and we have always have hugged in the past year all the time.

I started to always think about her and she always brighten days. She gets a big grin on her face because of it. So should I ask her out? I have my friend do this everything to me whatever has been mentioned here. I proposed her a few weeks back. She was normal for one week and then told me that she cant be more than frnds with me. So any idea of how to get to know if she had really refused me. I again repeat that each of the clue that has been mentioned here has been happened with me with this girl.

Please reply. I am not completely sure if I am more than friends with my crush, we play around a lot but occasionally he just doesnt seem into me.


I have a bit of a situation going on. I was friends with a girl for a while I told her that everyone especially my friends told me I should ask her out. She then said she wanted to wait a while before she got a new boyfriend and I waited. But before I could ask her out another guy did and she said yes. The first guy my friend had been dating, was with her for almost a year or two ok, a really long time.

Talking from my personal experience- I know this guy for 7 years now, he was 1 yr senior to me in school. We were very good friends, more like brother and sister. He moved to another city after Class XII for his higher studies. We remained in cont. Do you want to know if you're more than friends or just friends, or are you just confused completely and wondering where your relationship with a special friend is heading? Use these pointers to lead the way into understanding the real status of your relationship. So are you more than friends? Mar 01, Just friends (who love each other) "We're not dating; we're just friends." No. You're. Frigging. Not. You two are always together and seem more like .

Anyway they broke up and 3 months later she went out with this guy whom I had turned down before he started talking to her. And guess what, she got back with her first ex.

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He was pretty hurt. That makes him a rebound, right? This was during hs btw so we say hi to eachother once in awhile.

You are either just friends or dating for the purpose of seeking marriage. You want the best for them, not yourself. They knew they were more than friends but also knew they had not talked Author: Kris Swiatocho. Feb 26, Are You More Than Friends? Here's One Way to Tell Scholars who take an evolutionary perspective suggest that the dating game is a carefully choreographed dance designed to maximize successful. Sad, that's what it is. You'll feel miserable, so just get out there! Ask them out.

My friends, him and i would go out to eat during lunch break. He says that he enjoys having conversations with me and likes talking to me. We are open to eachother, in fact he has said that he always thought of me as a caring and truthful person and that he feels that I understand him. We tease eachother a lot lol.

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Hah he has texted me talking about how he had a dream with me in it and another time when he was thinking about something that weirdly I later told him about. I honestly regret turning him down years ago because I always felt something towards him. We argue everyday about our opinions but literally make up 30 minutes after!

We go crazy over the things we both like and we always help each other out and stand up for the other. We always stay up late texting each other about secrets and things what we would never tell anyone else. We see each other often for holidays and such and he often starts ignoring me once I mention a particular name once. I know I must mean something, because his pride gets in the way of telling anyone his secrets.

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I need opinions on if this means something more please! She and i have lots of similar things and i can tell her openly whatever the thing is. I admit i got jealous when she is in realtionship with another guy not me. Then she told me if she is not in relationship with that guywhat would i say when she aske me to be that guy.

So I have known my best friend for 6 years now and I know we are more than friends! What do I do, just go for it or tell him I want to kiss him!! But on Monday I am going to kiss him, and make it count?????????????????????????????? So there is this guy, we have known each for like 3 years, and both of us are in a relationship, of cos i have a guy, and he has a girl.

We consider each other as good friends.

Most of the time, we divert from the problems and begin talking about other things not related to our relationships. One day these conversations led to another conversation that led us to sleeping together. The sex was good, considering the fact it had been a while since i had been laid.

He could tell me how he enjoyed every bit of that day we slept together and i responded saying the same thing. I remember having mixed emotions about all that, but what was clear was, i was enjoying the texting, the small flirting he would do once in a while. There was this one time he caressed me in the office and it felt sooo good that i begged him to do it again.

When i tucked my kids to bed every night, we would talk endlessly over the phone. So in one of the conversations, he asked if we could do it again, and being me, how could i say No!

Are You More than Friends or Just Friends?

It happened, and this time sweeter than before. I did not know how far in i was until i saw him teaching an intern lady how to work on some returns on the internet. Yes, we go out a lot together as a couple. Yes, we text each other every day one day I counted, it was like 50 texts between the two of us.

We get along like wildfire, yet she never ever touches me or flirts. She does stare into my eyes a lot though. And I mean a lot. I tried to kiss her couple months ago and she turned away. No go. Think is, right at the beginning, she told me I was unattractive. Not me.

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And when we first started going out, she was so excited about it. I mean, what? And when we go out, boy do we ever click. And man, do we ever laugh. A lump in my throat is rising now even as I write this, because I realize that I really, really care about her.

She came up with a bunch of options, and strove to fit me into her busy calendar. And when we did go out, again, a fantastic evening together.

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