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Dating My Teacher~Gacha Life Mini Movie

Sharilee obtained a degree in secondary English education from the University of Calgary. She has taught in Canada for ten years. What's the best thing about being a teacher? If you are like the majority of people out there, you probably answered "summer holidays! I have created a list, a little bit tongue-in-cheek, of the greatest things about being a teacher. The list is delivered Letterman-style, with the tenth reason being listed first, and saving the best for last. This is my list. and his

Voted up. Louramano, thank you for stopping by. Yes, teaching is also a very responsible job and requires a great deal of commitment. Freemarketing, I completely agree. This was a top ten list, with holidays and hours being 10, in other words, the least important. The three most important were relationships, the sense of purpose and the lightbulb moments.

That was the point: that people think of holidays being the best things about teaching, but there are far more important things. As for myself, I spent hours and hours, into the midnight hour, teaching, and usually spent one month of my summer preparing for the next year.

Dating and Relationships With Your ESL Teacher Colleagues - Teaching English Abroad

I actually wrote this hub to remind myself about the great things about teaching, when I was feeling very burnt out. Teaching is a very hard profession, and this was intended to remind teachers of some of the good things, amidst all of the challenges. I wrote it in general to encourage teachers. The things you write don't apply to all teachers. I think the best thing about teaching is the relationships and seeing the alums from your class many years down the line actually making something of their lives.

If you're in it for the hours or the vacations, then my opinion is that you're really in it for the wrong reasons. Jaydeck, there seems to have been some political will in the States lately to really focus on teachers being to blame for students not learning. I am not aware of New Jersey specifically and I am sorry to hear that.

I think if anyone walked a day in the life of a teacher, they would find it hard to judge. It is not an easy job and deserves a lot of respect.

Thank you so much for your comment and all the best to you. Our governor has seen fit to engage himself in a public relations campaign to demonize teachers and it is having a toll. Many in our state believe that teachers have too good a deal. I am constantly reminding others of the extra hours we put in both in and out of school.

Furthermore, our similarly educated counterparts in the private sector tend to make much more money than we do. People in New Jersey have forgotten why teachers have traditionally had such good benefits; the benefits were meant to attract well educated, dedicated individuals to a demanding field that pays less than they could get elsewhere.

Thank you for this hub and forum. Yes, the two months off are a definite perk to teaching, for sure. But I think the main thing I liked was that you really are learning all the time.

It just never stops. In that way, it's a lot like writing, too, where you never stop learning. One of my friends who is a teacher once said that the best thing about being a teacher was that 'you never stop learning', just like you've mentioned under LifeLong Learning in your hub.

Adrienne, teaching really is a higher calling, a purpose. I agree. Take care and thanks for the oommnent! Hi Prairieprincess, Your article on the ten best things of being a teacher was a great list.

I think the number one thing is A sense of purpose, which you had listed as number 2. Great list! Kris, that's wonderful! Teaching really is a higher calling, isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by. Ancestralstory, thank you so much. It is true that teachers do let go of the reasons why they first started teaching.

I am not in the classroom right now, because of budget cutbacks but I still love teaching very much. It's fantastic to see some positivity about being a teacher - I hope it stays with you for your whole career, as some let themselves forget their dream.

Sunshine, wow, thanks for letting me know. That's so neat that you have that many teachers in the family! What a legacy for you! Thank you for your kind words. This hub is still on the first page!

A Lesson In Love: 7 Reasons You Need To Start Dating A Teacher Dating a teacher is probably the best possible decision you can make for your personal life. Seriously! 10 Dating Tips I Wish Author: Amanda Chatel.

A fantastic shout-out for yourself and fellow teachers. My 2 daughters, my stepdaughter and stepson are all teachers and they enjoy their profession on most days: Kudos to you! Miss Olive, aren't the lightbulb moments amazing?! Ha ha! A happy dance is awesome! It's so cool when students "get it" especially if they've been struggling. Thanks for the great comment for telling me about being a "hot hub.

This explains it. Thanks so much and have a wonderful evening. Nice hub prairieprincess! It makes me feel great. I might even treat my kiddos to a goofy happy dance!

By the way - guess what? I found this hub when I clicked the "hubs" icon at the top of the HubPages toolbar. You were on the first page! Style of life, gym teachers get to play all day! I was always jealous of them, too! Thanks so much for the comment and have a wonderful day. A good friend of mine if a gym teacher. I must say, I am always jealous of his work. He gets to play sports everyday and has everlasting summer holidays. Good hub! Motivating for teachers to be!

Cinders, first of all, and welcome to Hubpages! I agree that these are definitely the least best parts of the job - but they're the ones that the public focuses on! You sound like a great teacher and thank you so much for the comments and compliments.

I was going to post a thoughtful comment, but I had to scroll down so far I fogot my thoughts! I LOVE the relationships, the spontaneity and the light bulb moments. I also love that every day is creative and energetic.

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Harsh Pothanis, I am so glad to hear that you are considering this profession. It's not an easy road but it is very fulfilling. I wish you the very best for your future. Igolden, thanks for the comment! I totally agree with you that the light bulb moment makes everything else worthwhile. It's awesome! And there is an amazing connection found in teaching almost like no other. I am so glad so many of these points resonated with you.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this hub right here. I've been an EIP Early Intervention Program math paraprofessional since August 18,and over my short tenure in the education field, I've seen all 10 of these and how they apply, but I'll touch on 's 7 through 1. The prestige 7 and the sense of belonging 6 go hand-in-hand. I can't tell you how many children have seen me in the school and outside of the school and belted out joyously, "Hi, Mr. Part of the sense of belonging can be a little overwhelming as well.

As as EIP paraprofessional, I work beside a teacher, and ultimately, we're responsible for making sure as many kindergarten through sixth grade students make it out of the mathematical ICU to where they're mathematically competent and confident on their own - when you ask a 5th grader what "3 x 6" is, and he or she tells you "23," getting struggling students out of mathematical ICU proves to be an overwhelming task indeed.

Regarding novelty 5every time someone asks me how it's going where I teach, I consistently find myself telling them I feel like every day is my first day - there's always going to be something new happening that didn't happen previously that can be added to one's teaching repertoire to enhance one's craft - therefore, the novelty overlaps with lifelong learning as well 4.

Once a teacher stops accumulating factors based on what's going on in the environment for its constant improvement, the teacher needs to question his or her effort, dedication, and qualification for his or her teaching position.

The relationships 3 and the sense of purpose 2 also go hand-in-hand. A teacher's constant active networking with these three can drastically help him or her improve teaching immensely. A teacher likely won't sustain an active engagement consistently with this type of networking without having a deeply rooted sense of purpose with regards to teaching. The lightbulb moment 1 is what got me into teaching in the first place. I started teaching Sunday school in and told people often after my lessons that to me, there was nothing like seeing the sparkle in someone's eye when he or she "gets" something they "didn't get" before.

Lots of women 20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Teacher enjoy casual sex, the 20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Teacher problem is they don't advertise it. I think online is your best go, and even though you have not had much luck it could be the way you are presenting yourself/ 20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Teacher Either way, once you find yourself single, thoughts soon come around to meeting other women. But getting back in the game, especially after a long-term relationship, can be daunting. The first steps back in the world of dating should not to 20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Teacher/ Jun 13,   What is the best thing about being a teacher? No, it's not the summer holidays, although those are definitely a good benefit. Light bulb moments, relationships and the ability to learn every day, and more. These are the ten best things about being a teacher. The great things about teaching are not related to money or selfish pursuits.

This is what makes all of the creative ideas, networking, professional development, meditation, and planning all worth it. This truly bring the adage "you only get out of life what you put in it" to life in the fullest.

Jul 19,   THINGS NOT TO SAY SEASON 2: From those awkward moments teaching sex ed to the weird presents you're given at the. 5 Best Teacher Dating Site Options (That Are Free) Hayley Matthews ated: 11/12/ Email. Discuss This! I have a lot of friends who are teachers, and I see how they can struggle to make time for their dating lives. Most of the time, they wake up around 5 a.m., work all day, often stay late grading papers and making lesson plans, and attend. 1. The club is not going up on a Tuesday or a Friday for that matter. Weekday nights (yes, including Friday) are not nights for going out. We will be asleep by 8pm, so Netflix and Chipotle are a better bet than anything that requires pants.

JelaV, I wish you all you all the best in your dreams. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Justateacher, thank you so much for your kind comment. I have enjoyed reading your wonderful hubs. That's awesome that you felt inspired and reminded of your reasons for teaching. Prairieprincess - great hub -it inspired me to write one of my own and reminded me once again why I became a teacher - look forward to reading more from you! Suzette, how true that teachers are often blamed for so much when they try the best with what they are given.

How wonderful that you had such a fulfilling career. Enjoy retirement: it is well-deserved! Thanks for the great comment and take care. Trimar, thank you so much for the comment.

You are so right: teachers offer students a new beginning every year by believing in them and not giving up. So true! I will think about your idea for a change, too! Thank you and take care! I liked the buzzword: "Life long learning". Really I think, learning and improving help us in our professional development.

Justateacher, what a beautiful statement. I agree: the kids are the reason to teach. It is for love of the kids and if it's not for that reason, there's no point.

My article was just kind of a fun look at other possible advantages, too. But I completely agree with you. Take care and have a great year.

Yes, I agree that teaching has a similar impact to a doctor. One touches the body; the other the mind. Carco, I really appreciate your comment.

I do love teaching although I have taken a step back and am concentrating on writing, my other passion! I am sure you would be proud if your kids went into teaching.

Learnfromme, I know. I hesitated before putting that one in. I know teachers work non-stop but what I was referring to was the actual time you have to be at the job site. Thanks for the vote up and great comment! Although my current profession is not teacher, but I had been a temporary teacher for 2 primary school before. I shared the same feeling when I read through the hub, especially when dealing with kids, i totally agreed that no day is ever the same.

Recently I just completed being a "volunteered teacher" for some elderly on internet savvy program organized by one of the NGO around my neighbourhood. I truly felt the joy of sharing and help people in making their live better.

No word can really describe my feeling when I saw their smile after every topic completed. To all teachers, I solute you. I enjoyed reading your hub.

I am a recently retired teacher, but I can tell you that I feel complete for having been a teacher and really having contributed to students' lives. I remember each lightbulb moment like it was yesterday. While teachers are least respected in the U. And, it really does feel good. There are some places in the world where teachers are truly appreciated.

In the U. I wouldn't have traded places with any other profession on the face of the earth, and I was offered several opportunites during my teaching career. I'm glad I remained a teacher and retired from teaching, althought lifelong learning is true. I'm still learning. Very true and inspiring hub. I have only one piece of constructive wisdom. You end your hub with the end and I can say as a teacher myself - we offer students - a new beginning each year. Thus, might I suggest you change that ending to Yes, being a teacher myself, I think every word that you have written is true.

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Teachers and doctors have the privilege of being in noble profession. Doctors save lives and teachers shape lives, both equally important. I have been teaching special education for 15 years now. I don't have a top ten list of reasons why I love my job.

It all comes down to one I love children and love being able to help them learn. I see that light bulb moment almost daily As for summer break, pay raises, etc Other people that have master's degrees make at least twice as much as I do Thanks for writing such a nice piece giving credit to teachers.

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I must say, though, shorter work day? I work morning, noon and night! Really interesting, you obviously love being a teacher, and that probably means your also a real good teacher! I like all the things that makes it such a good occupation, maybe my kids will like them too and also become a teacher.

Thanks for sharing! Arock, thank you! You could always volunteer somewhere, if you don't want to bring money into it. Non-profit places adore volunteers! Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Loved it. I've always wanted to do some sort of teaching. I don't know if I'd want to do it for a living though, might take the fun out of it.

Self Defense, thanks for passing it along! I think teachers can sometimes use some encouragement, so I am glad it can help in that way! Wwriter, I agree! I did not know that about the president in India. Very interesting! Thanks for the great comment. I have heard that India has great respect for education in general. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers play a bigger role in children's lives than they sometimes imagine. In India our second president Dr. Radhakrishnan was a famous professor of philosophy, and his birthday on Sep 5th is celebrated as teacher's day.

Stephanie, it's nice to hear the student's point-of-view. Thanks for the great comment! MC, that is so wonderful that you are studying to be a teacher.

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It sounds like you will be a great asset to the classroom with your enthusiasm, and I am so glad I could encourage you in your journey. Wayne, blessings! It is a very rewarding career. The time you spend giving is invaluable. Take care and I wish you all the best in your future plans. I've really been thinking about going back to school to become a teacher for several of these reasons. NOW, you've given me a few more to consider.

Good Hub! I love this writeup!

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It's got everything one could possible want while reading. Very, very interested take on teaching, and teachers. Useful and Interesting! I am also a teacher and i love teaching, after reading your hub i got awaken to what i had as an asset so thank u very much. Without my teachers, I wouldn't be as successful as I am now. Thanks to them for instilling me all the knowledge I need to know. A lot of good points in your hub prairieprincess!

Jane, I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I really appreciate your comments about teaching. I agree that there are a lot of down sides to teaching and it is very difficult. I guess that is why I wrote this to inspire teachers, in spite of the bad parts. I did not mean to sound like it's all perfect. It is far from perfect, I know very well.

But there are some good things, too, that keep teachers going. Thank you so much and take care. I loved this hub. Yes I do agree they are doing a great job and how valuable they are for our social world.

Don, you said it well! And I agree that we are teachers whether officially recognized as teachers or not. Helping a child or even an adult grow in their mind and heart is invaluable and cannot be measured. Thanks for such an insightful comment. Nina, that is so awesome that you thought about being a teacher at one time. I am glad that this brought back some memories of things that are important to you.

Steve, so true. A teacher does fuel the curiosity and drive for knowledge within the student. That is a very important function of the teacher.

I'm with you on the subject of relationship education. In our jurisdiction, we do have courses like that, and they are very helpful for the students.

Best things about dating a teacher

Thanks so much for commenting and take care! Nayaz, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I completely agree that teaching is very selfless. It is about giving as much as you can, to impart into the students' lives. Very good point! That is so cool that you met a student who was doing so well and involved in the educational field, to boot. What joy it must have given you to have him honour you in that way. You obviously touched his life! Surfer Girl, thank you so much for the comment.

It sounds like teaching runs in the family. You must have respected what your Dad was doing, in order for you to be pursuing the same dream. I wish you all the best in your career! Rajiv, ha! That's funny! Sometimes teachers have a hard time letting go of their "teacher personality! Shelley, good for you for homeschooling! You are working as a teacher, too, in your own home. I really appreciate your comment! I was a teacher for 15 years.

You make some good points, which I guess is the point of the article. Yet more needs to be told about what battles teachers face, the uphill climbs against all odds that we encounter.

21 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Teacher

You make it some so peachy- teaching is NOT easy. There really are many reasons for us to become teachers. We are teachers, even if not professionally, by heart, and in our own right. The intangible benefits of being a teacher are tremendous they can't be measured by counting.

How a teacher promotes a child's future is passion expressed in a variety of ways. Teaching as I understand is a gesture of caring for the child and the child in us. I had once thought about becoming a teacher. I even started to go to school for it and your top reasons make me remember why.

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As a teacher you help create the thirst for knowledge, the curiosity of the mind to do research, and to learn more about the world around us. One thing I would change, is not to teach sex education, but to teach relationship education, which applies to life, jobs, business, friendships, and mostly people getting along with each other and less Wars Thank you prairieprincess for this wonderful hub on teachers.

Allow me to add that being a teacher is being selfless. Yes, we depend on our salary to live but we do not measure what we give to our pupils. The more we give the happier we are. And our greatest happiness lies in the success of our pupils. Coincidentally, today itself I met a person who's been my pupil in yearshas not seen him since. He is doing business on his own selling educational materials.

Only teachers can imagine what I felt when I hear someone caling me while I was in a crowd and discovered my ex-pupil who left all his customers to come and greet me. After a chat, I left with a small gift, which to me is priceless because it comes from my pupil. That is a great article about the noblest of all the profession. Thanks for posting here. Coffee is essential to our existence. Preferably in I. Our work will never be able to stay at work. Kim Kardashian, we feel your pain.

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We can spend legit hours in stores like Michaels and Homegoods, and we need to be pried away from the office supply section of Target. Wait are those stencils??!!!

We love the excuse to purchase stuffed animals and other little kid things just to decorate our desks and make them friendlier. Have you heard of professional development, bro? As much as we love molding the minds of our students, we look forward to test and quiz days because it means a break from listening to ourselves talk.

Yes, we do need to get gel manicures every couple of weeks because our nails would chip within an instant of walking through our classroom doors.

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We may complain a lot, but we do love our job. Reblogged this on Against All Odds. Reblogged this on timeformoore. Reblogged this on How can I control my class?

For instance, scoring and entering grades on each Friday night while watching Blue Bloods every Friday night. How about you? Reblogged this on My mid twenties Journey.

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