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Glee-What If Rachel was pregnant?

Santana pauses in the middle of applying a fresh coat of lipgloss. She recaps the lip gloss and places it back in her locker. As she moves, Brittany spots the new photo hanging behind her. I never thought I'd be one for poly-Amycus relationships, but if this is something you wanna do, I guess I'm open to it. I feel like I need to go bathe in the River Jordan. Brittany laughs, finally dropping her joke. That I will not dispute.

Quinn realises their brooding sexual tension and gives them a massive push, along with her ditsy girlfriend Brittany, who eats rainbows for breakfast. After the kiss that missed Rachel totally breaks off things with Finn for good and heads to California for the summer to visit family and re-evaluate her life. When she returns she has a new attitude and someone comes with her. All hell may break loose and who's going to notice the changes in Rachel the most?

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AU of the third season: Quinn and Santana find Rachel Berry in the locker room bloody and beaten, Santana finds herself in a position she never expected to find herself but what happens when their feelings for each other change? Can Rachel heal from such a trauma? Includes Character bashing and non-violent mentions of rape and emotional aftermath. Warnings inside. Santana and Rachel are secretly dating and want to tell the Glee Club, except everyone in Glee Club has known all about it all along.

Rated T for small uses of language and a tad bit of lemons. More Pezberry! Rachel was tired of all the abuse. She was tired of it at home. She was tired of it at school. Santana notices some changes in the girl but will she be able to pick up the pieces and fix her before it's too late? Pezberry fluff! It's Just Roleplay by purrpickle reviews "You think I'm hot?

GOD no. But my character does. So shut up and stop breaking character. Cherry Chapstick by DAgron01 reviews Written for riverkirby. Ever wonder why Santana advised Rachel not to sleep with Finn? Or why she always picked on the girl? Or why she really just slapped Finn Hudson for outing her? Here's my take on it. And when the werewolves rise, she'll grudgingly accept the help. But when one of Santana's classmates gets bitten, can they save her humanity?

Slightly AU future fic. What if it was all just a play and she was the only one who knew her part. Can she keep the act up, or does something better come along? Silly Little Love Songs by writting is love reviews Everyone always wondered why Santana Lopez hung around Quinn Fabray, they knew the Latina dispised Quinn, but yet there she was hanging around.

Rachel breaks down crying and Santana wraps her arms around her, comforting her and telling her that everything's gonna be alright. Girls and Boys on Film. The next day, Santana tricks Brody and calls him to an empty hotel room to further confront him - only this time she has brought Finn with her, whom she has told all about Brody.

Santana leaves and Brody and Finn get into a fist fight, ending with Finn threatening him to leave Rachel alone. Later, Kurt buys Rachel and Santana boyfriend arm pillows, but makes Santana's a girl's arm.

Even though Santana seems to be enjoying her pillow, Rachel says she doesn't need it since she isn't lonely.

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Santana and Kurt are seen watching one of Kurt's favorite shows. Rachel later comes in, and as she found out earlier about Brody's secret life, tells them that she and Brody are over for good; she also reveals Santana as her and Kurt's "new and permanent roommate. Guilty Pleasures. Later, Santana makes fun of the Ballet Gala Kurt invited them to attend with him, but Rachel tells her she thinks that it's a celebration of art.

Santana says that she won't go, but when Rachel and Kurt swoon her by saying she could wear and keep a dress, she decides to go. Lights Out. Following her disappointing callback for Funny GirlRachel attempts to back out of a job at the Spotlight Diner where Santana already works. Santana refuses to let her stop, telling her how difficult it was to convince her manager to give her a job, showing her attempts to help out her friend.

Before she can tell Santana, she notices Rupert and Paolo. Love Love Love. The next day, Rachel excitedly says she senses 'energy exchanges' between Santana and Danias Santana admits she is scared and nervous to ask her out. Rachel finds this 'so cute' and reassures Santana that Dani is smart and will not miss out on an opportunity to be with her.

Later, Santana sarcastically congratulates Rachel on completing her first graveyard shift without collapsing, while she eagerly tells Santana of all the parts she will be auditioning for since she is now sure she lost her role in Funny Girl. Rachel attempts to play matchmaker for Santana and Dani by leaving the diner early so they can work 'alone', escaping before Santana can properly protest.

Later, when Santana is trying to think of names for the band with Kurt, Dani and Elliot Starchildshe asks Rachel how her rehearsal was as she arrives and supports her suggestion of 'Pamela Lansbury' as the band name. She is visibly delighted when Rachel agrees to join the band and the two later sing solos in the bands performance of Roar. A Katy or A Gaga.

The next morning, Rachel and Santana are hung over in a bedroom where Rachel wakes up on the bed, and Santana lies on the floor. They are both feeling drowsy after the events of the night before, and they are both in shock to see the apartment robbed.

Previously Unaired Christmas. Later on in the episode, we see them in the Bushwick apartment, together with Kurt. Kurt is excited about that night's band rehearsal, but Rachel dropps out because she has to be at the auditions for her understudy, which she finds to be ridiculous. Santana then says she won't go either, which makes Kurt really mad. Rachel tells him she is under a lot of stress and needs their support, because it's really hard being a star.

Back at the loft, Rachel is sorting through a draw of Santana's lingerie-what used to be her scented candle draw-and is caught by Santana. Although there is still clearly anger between them, for the first time there is a hint that both girls might be regretting their fight. They talk about how they were each other's only other girlfriend in NYC. Rachel and Santana are then interrupted by Kurt, Dani and Elliott who remark about the girls being in the same room without getting into a cat fight.

Elliott tells Rachel and Santana that he thinks both of them are amazing and hopes they will patch things up. Rachel says that making up probably won't be happening anytime soon, which Santana seems to agree with and both leave the apartment. Rachel is last seen performing Hold On at her Funny Girl rehearsal and Santana also performs the same song by herself at the diner. Rachel and Santana are sitting at the counter at the Spotlight Diner when Kurt emerges from the kitchen, frantic.

Rachel-Santana Relationship

Santana asks Kurt if he has managed to book a gig for his band at the Union Square subway station. Rachel asks Santana why she wants to know, assuming that Santana intends to steal Kurt's dream too. Kurt interrupts them with the news of New Directions having lost their Nationals competition and as a result Sue is disbanding Glee club.

Rachel and Santana exchange dismayed glances and all three are clearly upset by the news. City of Angels. Rachel and Santana continue to feud over Funny Girl. After the performance, Rachel talks to Santana in the bathroom. She offers her ten shows as a peace offering, telling her that she's finding the feud "exhausting and depressing.

She walks out, leaving Rachel frustrated and upset. The dream ends with everyone booing Rachel, including her friends. When Rachel freaks out over "internet trolls" before the opening night of Funny GirlSantana is the only one out of Rachel's friends who is able to snap Rachel out of her funk. Santana then attends Rachel's show which ends up being very successful.

Rachel and Santana and the rest of their friends go to a gay club to celebrate and sing Pumpin Blood and dance the night away. In the morning, Rachel and Santana and the rest of the group go to the newsstand to see if the reviews of the show have come out. Since Rachel is too nervous to read it for herself, Santana and the rest of her friends take turns reading the passages of the review out loud.

Much to Rachel's joy, the review is a positive one which makes Santana and the rest of their friends very happy as well. Opening Night. The next day, Rachel invites Santana to the loft to cook dinner for her as a thank you and tells her that her performance as Fanny was really good. Rachel then asks her what she wants in return for helping her. Santana explains that she wants to be a better friend from now on, saying that she helped her with Funny Girl because she cared about her and that whatever punishment Sidney Greene has in mind for Rachel, she's still a huge talent and can't be held down.

Happy about the change of events, Rachel tells Santana that she's actually a really good friend. The Back-Up Plan. At the Spotlight DinerRachel and Santana have gathered with their friends for a meal. Rachel discovers an online blog that reveals that she skipped a show of Funny Girl to try out for a TV pilot and Rachel fears that she'll be branded a "problem child" before her career has really taken off.

Santana suggests that Rachel needs to get involved with a good cause to save her image and offers herself as her publicist. Later, at the loft, Santana tells Rachel that she has arranged for Rachel to take some rescue dogs for a walk in an area she knows paparazzi will be to snap pictures of her. Santana also presents her with a black designer dress. Rachel and Santana excitedly plan out a performance for their dog rescue charity "Broadway Bitches". Kurt offers his services as well, but they decline.

After the failed dog walk, Santana tries to make light of the situation and tells Rachel that at least she was wearing underwear when she was being dragged by the dogs. Santana also tells Rachel to stick with "Broadway Bitches" and see the charity event through. Kurt comes home and tells them about his role in Peter Pan, but both are unimpressed and tell him they can't attend, as they're too busy planning their own event. At the "Broadway Bitches" event, Rachel thanks Santana for her efforts to help her.

After being scolded by a woman about her ulterior motives to host this event, Santana shakes it off, telling Rachel not to worry about it.

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The two of them later perform Take Me Home Tonight with the rest of their friends and the elderly citizens, to critical acclaim. When interviewed for the local news channel, Rachel introduces Santana as her publicist and the two of them, along with Kurt, share a happy hug.

Old Dog, New Tricks. Rachel manages to bring back the glee club using the money she had from filming "That's So Rachel", but when no one signs up for audition, she realizes help was needed and called Santana, among their other friends, to help. Santana then goes on to find recruits from the Cheerios, managing to recruit Mason and Madison. Santana stays for one more week, to help out Rachel. She makes a joke when Rachel says the assignment of the week, commenting on Rachel's hair.

Rachel watches Santana proposing to Brittany, being genuinely happy for them, as she hugs them later. After consoling Kurt, Rachel fails in walking away, and witnesses Santana's rant to Kurt.

Rachel-Santana Relationship

Jagged Little Tapestry. MercedesQuinnand Tina. EmmaFinnJesseand Will. ArtieFinn, KurtMercedes, and Puck. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Pilot Santana and Quinn convince Rachel to complain to Mr.

Acafellas When Rachel comes into the dance studio for their first mash-up practice, she says that they should start warming up, to which Santana states they already are. Vitamin D When Rachel offers to perform for New Directions because April quits, Quinn states that Rachel cannot fill in because she does not know the choreography. Wheels At sectionals, when the club's competitions perform all of their songs, the club members blame Santana and Brittany for leaking the set list to Sue.

Santana admits that glee club is the best part of her day and that she never leaked the set list. Rachel is the only glee club member to verbally express that she believes her. This is the first time they are nice to each other. Santana and Rachel can then be seen standing next to each other and holding hands in the victory photo.

Bad Reputation When Mr. The Substitute When Rachel meets up with Quinn, Brittany and Tina to talk about telling their boyfriends to warn KarofskySantana appears and says that she was not told that the Glee girls were holding a meeting. Furt Santana calls Finn a hypocrite, and Rachel tells Santana to shut up.

Santana reveals to everyone that she had sex with Finn the year before, and that Finn has been lying to Rachel. Rachel is surprised and visibly upset and throughout the episode, continues to think that Finn thinks that Santana is more attractive than her.

Later, when Rachel and Finn are standing at a distance from each other in the hallway, Santana passes by and blows a kiss at Finn. She also whispers to Rachel: "Did I tell you that he bought me dinner after?

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In contrast Rachel is standing closely with Brittany and Santana at the beginning of Santana's Sectionals song, Valerie. Special Education When the Glee Club complains to Santana that she is always insulting them, Rachel chimes in and says that despite all the insults Santana keeps throwing at her, she's gonna be the one who will end up dancing on a pole for a living.

Funeral Santana blows up at Rachel after Nationals, screaming angrily at her in Spanish because she blames Rachel and Finn for their loss at Nationals. Mash Off Rachel is one of the girls who defends Santana against Josh Coleman and sings lead with Santana in I Kissed a Girltherefore demonstrating they are quite close and that Rachel supports Santana's sexuality. Various members come towards them, dragging Mercedes, Brittany and Sugar in, leaving Santana standing alone.

She sings along, which Rachel notices and reaches out her hand to Santana, who takes it and joins the others. They seem to be close during this performance and are seen having their arms around each other during part of it. Extraordinary Merry Christmas Santana says that Rachel's rendition of Without You was amazing and that she blew the song out of the water.

Heart Santana is one of Rachel's bridesmaids, and tells her that Quinn won't be coming to her and Finn's wedding. On My Way They duet on So Emotionalsinging to their respective partners, and have a one armed hug afterwards.

Dance with Somebody When Rachel announces her, Kurt and Blaine 's plans to have an Anti-Prom party, Santana tells Rachel that she is only doing this because she has not gotten her way and is punishing the rest of the club by throwing the party. Prom-asaurus When Santana is cleaning out her locker, the picture Rachel gave her in Dance With Somebody is still pinned up in her locker.

santana+rachel- goodbye my hopeless dream (based on fanfiction)

Girls and Boys on Film After Santana takes Rachel to the doctor, where it's determined it was just a false alarm and she's not pregnant, they share a hug. Rachel wants to go back to class, but Santana stops her, asking her to take a deeper look at where her life is going, especially her relationship with Brody.

After her performance of Cold Heartedshe tells Brody to get out of the apartment and Rachel's life. After getting a call from Brody, Kurt and Rachel confront Santana about her actions and give her an ultimatum: either stop harrassing Brody or move out. Standing up for what she believes in, Santana moves out.

Santana and rachel dating fanfiction

Feud After Brody's moved out of the apartment, Santana's moved back in. Santana and Kurt are in the bathroom while Rachel showers and Santana blackmails him, telling him that she will tell Rachel the truth about Brody if hhe doesn't give her shelf space. Kurt relunctantely agrees.

After he leaves, Rachel tells Santana about her break up with Brody. Santana tries to cheer her up, but it doesn't seem to work. Rachel is convinced that all Santana tries to do is bring her down even though they are supposed to be friends.

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Santana suggests playing a prank on Kurt in order to cheer her up, and Rachel agrees. They walk into his room, and unintentionally find out about Kurt's guilty pleasure: a boyfriend arm pillow named Bruce.

Guilty Pleasures Rachel, Santana and Kurt are in the apartment and Rachel asks Santana to take a seat, so they can talk. Rachel thinks that Santana is throwing her life away, and she and Kurt are disappointed that all she does is work as a go-go dancer at Coyote Ugly. Rachel thinks that Santana is the most talented person she knows except for Kurt and her. Santana becomes infuriated and tells them to stop trying to force their dreams onto her dream, although she's still trying to figure out what it is.

Love Love Love In the diner, Santana attempts to reassure Rachel that her chances of winning the role of Fanny Brice aren't over, when she believes they would have told her by then.

Santana reveals she filmed a commercial for a yeast infection medicine 'Yeast-I-Stat' to a happy Rachel, who says she is proud of her.

Kurt reveals he also now has a job at the Diner and Santana announces Dani is now her girlfriend and the three make a pledge that they will stay in New York for another two years when Rachel is called to a table where Rupert is sat to tell her that she has the part of Fanny Brice. Santana is delighted and thrilled for Rachel when she runs to them screaming that she got the part and the two share excited hugs while celebrating.

The scene then cuts to their apartment, where the duo sing Let It Be with Kurt and Dani, as they drink champagne in celebration. Rachel immediately requests for both her and Kurt to join her in the jobs of being "Santa's elves" at the New York Mall, to which Santana agrees. At the mall, the three of them perform Here Comes Santa Claus to stall the waiting children. The next day, however, when things go awry, Rachel calls Santana and asks for her to replace a drunk Santa Claus and, even though Santana is hesitant at first, she later arrives as Mrs.

Cody, also known as "Sexy Santa", comes to their aid later and convinces them to have a small party at their apartment this evening. Rachel and Santana later sit on a couch together near the Christmas tree, where Rachel tries to convince Santana to move to New York and live with her and Kurt.

However, Santana declines it, even though she admits to loving New York. She is iffy about moving to New York, on the other hand, due to her scholarship at the University of Louisville, and she wouldn't have a good reason to leave the college at the middle of the school year to move in with them.

Rachel and Santana are both shocked to see Kurt and Cody making out. After seeing Santana having to put up with a rude customer, Rachel tells her she didn't think she would handle that so well. Santana says she has to, because it's the only job she has. Rachel asks her why she is so bitter, because she got a big national commercial withing a month of being in New York.

But Santana tells her that now, everybody sees her as the girl with the raging yeast infection. She then apologizes to Rachel for complaining to her, but Rachel won't have that.

She says it's a sign of friendship, but Santana confesses she feels guilty about being friends with her, because she was so awful to her in high school.

Rachel assures her she has forgiven her and all is in the past. She then invites Santana to join in the New York magazine cover shoot she has to do to promote Funny Girl, which Santana happily accepts. On the set of the photoshoot, Rachel is freaking out a little, but Santana tells her she deserves it and she should own it.

They perform Brave together on set, but afterwards, we see Santana imagined the performance. Later, Rachel and Rupert are at the auditions, but there isn't a lot of talent auditioning.

After the performance, Rupert is surprised to learn they are roommates and from the same high school. Back at home, Rachel is mad discussing the audition with Kurt, when Santana comes home. Rachel hastily asks her why she auditioned without telling her, and Santana, very calmly, tells her she figured they were gonna fight about it either way.

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This way, Rachel wouldn't attack her before. Rachel gets angry at her, telling her she isn't fit for the role of Fanny Brice, and that it's nothing personal. But Santana tells her it is very personal and that Rachel loves to have something over her. She also states that all the hate from high school isn't forgiven, but is motivating Rachel even more to become a star and prove them all wrong. Rachel reacts with saying Santana is the one who can't handle that she made it big.

She walks to her room angrily, but Santana follows her, saying that even though she didn't get years of singing and dancing lessons, she's still just as good as her. She calls her short and awful, which makes Rachel slap her. She tells her she thinks Santana should move out, but is interrupted by Rupert calling Santana, telling her she got the role of Rachel's understudy. They are still fighting when they see each other again at rehearsals.

Rupert interrupts them, saying that their past is part of why he chose Santana. Two girls from the same high school, making it big on Broadway would get a lot of media attention.

succeeds like success

The last time we see them is back in the Bushwick apartment again, with Rachel stating they can't all live there anymore. Kurt tells them he isn't picking sides on this, but is later defending Santana. This upsets Rachel, saying she is leaving and they have never been real friends nor will they ever be.

We see her packing her stuff, ripping a photo of her and Santana to pieces in her face, and leaving during Breakaway. Frenemies The feud between Rachel and Santana continues. Rachel shows up to work at the Spotlight Diner and discovers Santana running lines with Elliott for Funny Girl which has Rachel infuriated.

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Rachel tells Santana that she has already gotten the apartment and Kurt and says that Santana will never play the part of Fanny Brice. Rachel also acts possessive of Elliott, whom she has been treating as a Kurt substitute, referring to him as her "best gay" which Elliott clearly dislikes.

Kurt reminds her that she does not own Elliott. The diner manager steps in and asks Rachel to perform the song Gloria for a customer named Gloria, for her birthday.

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Santana thinks that Rachel cannot handle the song on her own, so she says that she and Elliott will do the song with her.

Rachel tells Elliott he can use the song as a means of deciding which girl he thinks is better. Rachel and Santana are rather hostile toward one another during the performance and vie for Elliott's attention.

After the song ends, Rachel and Santana both demand that Elliott choose sides, however he is clearly annoyed by all the drama and demands that both girls "work out their stuff", and adds that he is quitting Pamela Lansbury until the feud ends.

However, the hostility between the two continues and neither is willing to admit wrong doing. Kurt then informs them that both are kicked out of the band, as they cannot continue to have fun and play music with them being at odds with one another. Kurt says he will now be exclusively be working with Elliott and Dani and invites Rachel and Santana to come to their first gig as a trio.

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Both seem somewhat sad during the performance of The Happening. Trio Rachel and Santana are sitting at the counter at the Spotlight Diner when Kurt emerges from the kitchen, frantic. Schue 's special Glee club assignment. Schue tells the kids to vote for either Mercedes or Rachel after their diva-off, Defying GravitySantana takes a moment to state her opinion of Rachel blatantly bashing her, calling her out on her ruthless antics, and finally revealing to her that it was Quinn and her who decided to give her the title of Prom Queen during their senior year.

Rachel, in return, calls Santana an awful person for doing this and storms off.

"She's never understood the true meaning of a soul mate before, but now, sitting next to Rachel on the couch, she thinks she finally understands" - A Santana/Rachel story through the ages; Pezberry, Brittana, Pucktana, Puckleberry, Bartie. All models on this website are Legal Age (18 years or older). Teen in the context of the Glee - Rachel And Santana Dating site is the age of the model of years - this is legal. Pussy Space has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography/ When Rachel meets up with Quinn, Brittany and Tina to talk about telling their boyfriends to warn Karofsky, Santana appears and says that she was not told that the Glee girls were holding a says that the meeting is only for the girls that have boyfriends on the football team, and Santana replies by saying she is dating Puck.

In the girl's bathroom, Mercedes finds Rachel crying over her fight with Santana.

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