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Park Hyeong Seop - BNT News Interview

I'm not sure how it looks on your browser, but on mine you will see a green down arrow next to the link like this:. Trans by: MelJlow I'm copying over my analysis of Key again Okay, before I begin, the first thing you have to know about Key is that he's a very honest and blunt person. He constantly mentions how he values honesty in a person and if he was caught lying, he would admit the truth.

It was the most asked question. Key: This question is always in magazine interviews and stuff. As a guy, this is always awkward. What do we do Another fanaccount translation also agree with the one above that Key's statement about "straight" had nothing to do with his sexuality :.

Key: This is an unbelievably straight title. Onew: Is the next part Onigiri Rice balls? MC: Not Onigiri, Onegai! It's not rice balls! Key may have been referring to how straight-forward and direct the title of the segment was basically it's a segment where shinee 'tells them' something People might also bring up his Sukira KTR interview, where he talked about past love with a girl, but his statements would not make sense if he really had a girl in mind:.

He often talks on the phone until very late at night with the girl he likes. He said he likes her a lot and wants to see her so what can he do at the time, right? If "her" is replaced with "him" and "girl" with "boy" then it makes sense. Because otherwise, it doesn't fit:. I guess it could be Nicole? I don't think he'll say he fell in love with a guy even though that's what I think he had in mind.

But he could easily be talking about either Woohyun or PHS:. On Monday, I saw you texting Woohyun. Key: Ah I see. For Sunggyu, it was his birthday recently and I just text him once in a while. Leeteuk: Oh really? This is a really good fate! Leeteuk: I thought he was texting his girlfriend. He was brushing his teeth in the bathroom and kept texting instead, so I told him "Woohyun, can you text your girlfriend after you're done brushing your teeth? Key: It's always like that.

His members and our members always ask us what we are, but it's so fun talking with him. Leeteuk: We hope that you officially announce the relationship between you two on Sukira. Love at first sight. This one was tweeted at pm so probably pm in the picture :. Because im hungry felt like eating chicken alone. Picture Translation :. Key: Lets eat meat. Key: Lets eat rice. This one was tweeted overnight so it's probabaly am in this picture. Hyeongseop: Let me.

Hyeongseop: hear it live. Hyeongseop: honey. Kibum: Okay. And not sure if this is 7 am or pm:.

May 04,   His (boy)friend, Park Hyeong Seop, is also friendly with Hong Seok Cheon (the face of Itaewon's gay district). And KeySeop has also been to restaurants like mama miya in Itaewon, which is located only 2 blocks away from all the gay bars in Homo Hill (btw, the girl in the photo with KeySeop is the restaurant owner). You are completely right and your findings are actually supported by scientific research if you Best Headlines For Guys On Dating Sites want to look into it further. An average looking middle of the road type of guy is simply not going to get much sex unless you really put some thought into it/ Free anime dating simulation games for girls growth rate of the city propels it forward onto the global stage and Karachi is on its way to becoming a massively .

Picture translation :. Guy: people with big ear. Key: my ear is big too. Guy: i know. And since he was talking about past love, it might be Woohyun even though I just think it's a friendship, but a. Chinese Translation : tsconditional.

I could believe that he wants kids but I don't know what he means by "try his best to have kids. Him marrying a girl to have kids is a possibility. It could be that he's just having fun now, and in the future he plans to settle down with a girl in a traditional familiy. Either is a possibility really, since he has both mentioned traditional values marriage, kids, family which were most likely influenced by his grandmother who raised him, and also the different lifestyle he encountered while studying abroad in America which he said was a turning point in his life :.

He realized he can have a different lifestyle after seeing how is it overseas.

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During YIN's Volume Up radio, he even brought up the possibility of having a choice on who to marry girl or guy. This was during the period when we started seeing PHS alot. So it makes me believe he has considered moving to a country with gay marriage now that he found someone he loves.

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And he could still adopt a kid. The other possibility of him preparing himself to marry a girl in the future and to have kids in order to keep with traditional values is also realistically there, which I haven't completely eliminated either. And again, thinking about marriage to a female and wanting kids indicates nothing about one's sexuality. A lot of Idols do fanservice, but Key's response is so suspect, like it's not just fanservice to him.

To him being a person who values honesty and detesting people who are two-facedhe probably views some of the fanservice as the person expressing genuine interest in him.

His reaction is similar to how a straight person would respond when doing heterosexual fanservice. Duringjjong did a lot of teasing with Key, and I think Key took it as genuine attraction while jjong saw it as fanservice. If you watch JongKey momentsmost of them were initiated by jjong. Key rarely initiated fanservice maybe because he doesn't want to seem obviousbut he never backed away when jjong would start it. So Key probably fell in love with all the attention and affection Jjong was showering him with just look at how he smiles in the gifs above.

But in the few times that Key does initiate fanservice, it seems more like genuine attraction on his part which makes me believe he is not thinking of it as fanservice. Look at the 1st gif below, it totally looks like JongKey is a real couple, not fanservice:.


To Jjong, he was just fooling around like close friends, and doing fanservice for the fans. He probably didn't realize that Key actually had some genuine romantic feelings for him, and Key perhaps was misled into believing jjong liked him back in the same way. Like someone truly broke his heart. But whatever the relationship was between JongKey, Key seemed to feel more serious about it because he wasn't able to move past their relationship as quickly as Jjong was able to.

This interview is from the end of Sept. I know Key is usually an honest and blunt person, but he seemed exceptionally pissed in this interview:. The fragments of us that you see in the media is not everything. Over time because of jealousy, you do come to hate that person. A tame example would be if someone has prettier clothes?

They are not family and they are not my closest friends. If we become too close like family, I feel like there will be a problem. You will begin to think about your relationship instead of the person. We only meet for work so the we have only a work relationship is the best description. So he felt fooled that he developed a close bond with jjong only to have those affectionate moments considered part of the 'job description' aka fanservice.

Oct is when it was officially confirmed in the media that jjong and ssk were dating. You can see Key looked really heartbroken and began to distance himself from jjong. He remains emotionless thoughout the whole thing, but some times to notice:. Even the cover song he chooses during that period, you can feel the emotion and sadness in which he sings it:. The lyrics definitely sound like something he can relate to: " It's over now " and " But you put on quite a show, really had me going" referring to the fanservice being a "show" and how it "really had [him] going" like he believed the fanservice was real.

At the very end of the songyou can see how hurt he was. Key continued to look depressed in many of the fancams at the end of Here is a video from Dec. And this video summarizes what I've just wrote above about the "One-sided love" and shows different fancams during each period:. Starting are clips of Key showing genuine attraction to Jjong. Starting 2 are clips of Jjong teasing Key.

Starting are clips of Jjong flirting with others too, not only Key this shows that Jjong sees JongKey as fanservice only. Starting are fancams from after sept. Starting at 9 are clips of Key moving on. But Key has said in the past that he detest 'two-faced' people Jjong was someone who played with his heart.

Free anime dating simulation games for girls

I think Jjong realized something was upsetting Key and he tried to make things less awkward between them, but. I do think they have patched things up between them eventually, and love each other as just friends now. Key befriended alot of '91ers and got especially close with Woohyun.

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June Sukira radio:. It's probably just a close friendship between them, but in that circle of people he befriended, there is also Park Hyeong Seop:. Woohyun keke.

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We often meet when we are both free. We just do what common men do, such as going to restaurant, talking about what happened around us and drinking coffee. However, it was only in the beginning of that we began to hear alot about him. So I am guessing sometime near the end ofKey reconnected with Park Hyeong Seop again possibly at the Seoul Fashion Week that they both attended.

I personally think there's something more going on between this couple. He also possibly called Key's singing "super sexy":. Only Onew and Key sing someting about "waiting" in the lyrics. But I'm pretty sure he was calling Key's part sexy because when Key sings it, he also sings "whisper love to me" right after in a sexy tone. Onew sings that part in these times: but doesn't add the "whisper love to me" part. And at the end of the show all the models walk out, but Key only focuses his eyes on PHS.

So overall, Key's response to the fanservice is similar to how a straight person would respond to heterosexual fanservice: Guy A and Girl B do fanservice and flirt onstage. Girl B may eventually develop an attraction towards Guy A. Then when Girl B gets into a relationship with another Guy D or is just interested in him and wants to remain availableshe would be uncomfortable with another guy like Guy A again trying to do fanservice with her.

This is exactly how Key has reacted to all the fanservice. I want to mention that this analysis isn't about JongKey vs. KeySeop, so please stop arguing over which ship is more real. Only Key himself knows the truth. And the points I made here were merely personal observations I've noticed of Key showing attraction to BOTH Jjong and Hyeongseop and thus, shows his attraction towards males Self-expression to indicate openness towards other sexualities People always bring up Key's flamboyance and the way he dresses as reasons for him being gay.

This is a shirt of a naked guy with a pink glazed doughnut at his crotch. Does he know what these symbols mean? He's very involved and interested in fashion, and seems like the type of person to want to know esp. It would also be quite a coincidence for him to wear this many items with implied LGBTQ symbolism without him intentionally seeking them out. Another thing are the cover songs he's drawn to.

First I want to mention that. Most recently onKey covered Mika's We are Golden. Like Lady Gaga's song 'Hair', this song is also about being free to express yourself:. I've never limited who I sleep with Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me" "I consider myself label-less because I could fall in love with anybody - literally - any type, any bocy. I'm not picky". Are these songs about my relationship with a man? I say yeah. This is my real life.

And from Mika's instagram: mikainstagram: Backstage after show 2. Note: This last part is unverified rumors, but I only included rumors that have a chance of being true Meaning that nothing contradicts it, and there are other facts that back it up. He's also been rumored to have been spotted at gay bars often. These rumors and speculation have to originate from somewhere.

Key has also mentioned that, compared to Taemin's innocent "fairy" image, Key himself has nothing to lose if he were caught in something could this be the reason for him being spotted at gay bars often and not caring? Key: Taemin is an adult now. It's the age he can do anything he wants with no limitations, but a lot of people around me think that Taemin is a fairy.

During Weekly Idol where the members were going down the line asking eachother tough questions, i. Key: Wait I don't want to come on this show next time, really. I don't want to come anymore.

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Like there is something secret he's hiding or he revealed something that needed to be edited out. And KeySeop has also been to restaurants like mama miya in Itaewonwhich is located only 2 blocks away from all the gay bars in Homo Hill btw, the girl in the photo with KeySeop is the restaurant owner.

Singer C is said to have fallen in love with model D while attending an overseas schedule together. C recently went overseas with several other male and female celebrities, but he showed the most interest in D. D reciprocated C's advances, showing interest in his gentle and caring personality.

Park hyeong seop and key dating

A staff member who visited C's hotel room late at night to brief him on the next day's agenda was said to have been in shock after finding D in C's room with a red face. This is what Hyeong tweeted about as happening the night before GDA:. This tweet was deleted by accident. So I'm guessing perhaps Hyeong spent the night at Key's hotel room after they went out It is also suspicious that PHS deleted a lot of tweets including all the ones mentioning Key and selcas of them together around the same time that this rumor first came out.

And what was PHS doing in Malaysia anyway? Taemin also mentioned on that " overseas, when he shares a room with Key, he is tired as Key will bring his friends over. They will drink beer nosily. So after all these hints, the next question is, why would Key risk ruining his career by being so open in a country that is not accepting?

I just think it's his personality, he's said numerous times that he values an honest person and he is someone who wants to be true to himself. And you may be wondering where did Key learn to be this open and accepting of himself growing up in conservative Korea? I home-stayed and it was my first time living away from home. It helped me alot in English.

The memory of that is something I cannot forget. It would also benefit everyone when they look back from when they're older and is beneficial even now. I think perhaps Key accepted his sexuality while overseas in America, and this is why he appears so confident and himself since he debuted. He's becoming fluent in Englishso it's seems he's interested in the culture and living there.

Even his members recognize how he sees London as his home:.

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Key : If I had to pick something that I want to do within 5 years, I want to have my own house. I want to have a house in Seoul. Everyone laughs. But right now in Korea, he's doing everything he can to be himself, right up to the point of directly confirming to the public that he is gay:.

So rather than dwelling upon things I can't change, I'd rather develop the good things about me. So my dream isn't to become the "best", it's to be someone who I'm not ashamed to be. Not that I don't want to become the best laugh. He's also no stranger to having a perceptive opinion that his company might prefer him not to bring up but he does anyway :. You have crossed-dressed before, is it because you want to do it or a certain strategy?

At that time, our noona fans will accept whatever image we have. Actually we are not those so called good-looking boyish group. This is very natural because we do not exude manly charm. Only pretty, haha.

What about the songs?

Key lets slip that he is in a relationship during an interview ?!?!?!

I really like our songs. Discussion in ' International Gossip ' started by MotherDec 17. Lipstick Alley. Key celebs uses cookies. By key to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Asian Celebs:. Jan 21. The Asianfetish-izers on Chinasmack, Japancrush, etc that agree with the netizens are the most annoying though.

Some how black people always get brought dating in comments under negative articles celebs have nothing to do with black people to. Which even proves how obsessed white people are black people. I'm dating, but that dying bit had me. I need to get me some chapstick tho, the edges of my lips be getting crusty.

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That is not cute. G soul sounds a little like a broke down Tevin Campbell or am I crazy? Jan 22.

When the interview asked if he was dating somebody, Key hastily tried to corrected himself and said that the love was not from someone but from the fans. Netizens speculate if it is Park Hyeong Seop whom Key is talking about. Netizens commented, 1. [+92, ] ?????? Key . April During that week, Seop deleted thousands of his tweets and all of celebs pictures with Key. The restaurant is called Mamamia and is located in Itaewon, close or in the Homo Hill district. April 14 and April Key and HS posted pictures of themselves in a park wearing similar clothes. Also, Seop is wearing a necklace pretty hyeong the same. Key and park hyung seop dating quotes AsianFanfics. Lee Park Sup key Etude House post a picture from the Mamamia restaurant with other seop and models. Key is seen at key airport wearing the same shirt he wore at the restaurant with Seop on May 28th.

Newsen via Nate Kyuhyun:. Kim Tae Hee writer said Kyuhyun likes celebrity women celebs well as non-celebrity women there was a blind item about Key and some male model hooking up celebs his hotel like a year ago.

It park somewhere on Omona. I always music that dude from Winner BI? He's still cute to me tho It was widely speculated that Key dated celebs guy in the middle for a long while:.

Mostly from like 'couple stuff' key had like shoes and shirts and stuff. They were always together until I think. They unfollowed each other from instagram around that same time so it's assumed they broke up.

Key does have a thing for male models. Hyeong has good taste. Gaara bish where you been? Sleepyme i can't remember off park celebs of my head either but, i dating and i got this post from omona about two key ago about him and park and sup.

Key hyeong slip that he is in a celebs gossip an interview?!?!?! Read more at Omona They Didnt:.

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I think B. The Page you are looking for doesn't exist or an other error occurred.

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What's Hot: Edited at. Key lets slip that he is in a relationship during an interview?!?!?! What's Hot: He's still cute to me tho It was widely speculated that Key dated celebs guy in the middle for a long while:.

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