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Sai needs the advice and help of his friends if he wants this to be successful. Unfortunately for him, not one of them can agree. All the information he's getting from books, magazines, Naruto and the rest of his friends has left him even more confused than when he started. How will this date work out? Disclaimer: Naruto Shippuden and its characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. This is just a - written for fun and positive comments. Now that the war was over, the people of the Leaf Village were trying to rebuild their lives and get back to a sense of normalcy.

He hadn't tried to kiss her, sleep with her, or even hold her hands! And there was no way that she was buying that he was too dense to know what couples do. He invented the sexy Jutsu, and had Jiraiya's entire collection in his room. The last three years of her life became crystal clear.

All of Naruto's random moments of kindness, him giving her his key, his willingness to sleep on the bed, all the meals he paid for, all the meals she paid for, all the looks and smiles from people wishing them well. Her happiness. Ino sighed, "Yes he does, why do you think he's turned down all those other girls?

And a lot of them are prettier and nicer than you are. And those are just the ones bold enough to not care that you'll pound their face in.

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And if you want further proof, ask Naruto about the ring. Sakura stared at the empty bottle of wine in her hand. Her head was spinning and she couldn't quite get her thoughts to actually become thoughts, just a storm of emotions was raging inside of her.

She had been dating Naruto for years, she had been living with him for months now - when was the last time she had stayed at her own apartment? And now there was a ring involved. Sakura stared at Ino as waited patiently for the answer. She was willing to believe anything her friend said right then. And that she might want to keep doing it. That thought shocked her with its simplicity and its urgency.

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It thrust itself through the clouds of her mind and glowed like a beacon of hope. She wanted to love Naruto. So, what was stopping her? Sakura stared at the door to Naruto's home should she knock? She never knocked before, she just barged in and occupied Naruto's couch, or bed, whatever wasn't occupied really.

Well, at 16 year old, Sai and Ino had nothing going on between them. Ino seemed interested in Sai and she stated that he gave the same vibe as Sasuke, but that was it. They never had any special moment nore something that made them close, at that. Sai's First Date: Now that the war was over, the people of the Leaf Village were trying to rebuild their lives and get back to a sense of normalcy. Surprisingly, it didn't take long at all. The homes and stores had been rebuilt, Kakashi was doing a fine job of being the new Hokage, and the damage from the war was now a distance memory. Follow/Fav We're not Dating right? By Ino's been dating Sai for years, I'm happy for her honest." "Yea at this rate it feels like you'll never get married forehead." Ouch, that was uncalled for even from Ino. "I mean you've been dating Naruto for longer than I've been dating Sai." Wait what? "Wait what?" Why was her wine bottle empty.

Sometimes she'd take a shower or raid his fridge. Naruto never complained, half of the food and stuff and there was hers, to begin with.

Like the curtains.

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She bought those. Holy crap she really did actually live with Naruto. Not like a roommate. More like. A live-in girlfriend.

Okay, so she was Naruto's live-in girlfriend. That meant that she didn't have to knock, besides she had a key. Sakura took a breath and stared at the "Home Sweet Home" doormat. Her heart was beating.

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What on earth was she going to say to her apparent boyfriend of three years? Actually, that sounded like a good plan.

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Only maybe tone it down a little bit. Start it slow. Maybe just kiss him. Alright, that was her game plan. Grab Naruto. Kiss him. On the lips. It sounded like a D-rank mission. But her heart was pounding like it was an S-rank. Naruto was standing in the kitchen, staring at the microwave as he made himself a cup of instant ramen.

Good, she got him before his mouth was tainted by that crap. It actually wasn't that bad sometimes. But she did not want her first kiss to be ruined by it. That stupid smile of his that she now found so very very charming.

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It made her heart flutter, almost enough to stop her from moving forward. Dammit, she never used to get like this with that stupid smile. She'd just roll her eyes and not look at it. She stood in front of him when the fuck did he get so tall? All she had to do was reach up and kiss him.

Sakura, Sai, and Ino work well together despite being outnumbered. While Sakura deals with the Sasuke impostor, Ino helps Sai fight off the Anbu. Sakura, Sai, and Ino defeat all their opponents but Kido and Magire. Since Magire is a medic-nin, they decide to separate Kido from him . Jun 11,   sai Marys ino he love her because the first time they meet sai said she was the beautifulest girl he has ever meet. Asked in Animated TV Series, Naruto In . Naruto and ino dating - - Rich man looking for older man & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and seek you.

It was simple. Look it doesn't matter. Just shut up. Before he could open his stupid mouth to say something stupid she kissed him. Mostly on the mouth. Enough that it counted if she rounded it up. It was sloppy, not at all romantic.

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But it made her heart do this weird thing that sent shivers down her body. She liked it. She liked kissing Naruto Uzumaki.

When she was drunk. Wait no that part wasn't important, did Naruto like kissing her? Pulling away she looked at Naruto, he had a stupid smile on his face, and a smear of her lipstick was placed more or less on his lips. She released his collar allowing him to stand back up to his, fuck really when did he get so tall? But that's about it.

Her head was spinning and she felt like puking. Ino gets flustered at Sai's proposition of her working closely with him as he also states that they will make a good duo. Ino dubs themselves Ino-Saku-Sai and they promise to keep each other informed of their findings.

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Later on, Ino runs to Sai's home in order to inform him about Sakura's capture by Kido. However, when Ino arrives she becomes flustered at the sight of him in only his underwear, since Sai was taking a shower before her arrival. While he gets dressed, Ino contacts Kakashi and informs him of what's happened. He advises not getting anyone else involved in the rescue as that might only provoke Kido to kill Sakura. He also informs them that the Fourth Raikage is contemplating a Kage Summit to discuss reports of Sasuke's activity.

Sai and Ino go to one of Kido's hideouts and Ino senses the interior for Sakura's chakra.

Ino and sai dating

She isn't there, but Sai decides they should see what intel they can get anyway. When the sentry, an acquaintance of Sai's, is unwilling to answer their questions, Sai forces Sakura's whereabouts from him by tickling him with a paintbrush. They go to the hideout where Sakura is being kept on Sai's imitating bird and Ino initially struggles to maintain her balance but Sai comforts her causing her to feel a sweet warm sensation well up within her heart.

When they arrive they find that Sakura has already escaped and is on the offensive. Sakura, Sai, and Ino work well together despite being outnumbered.

Sakura is drawn into a fight with the Sasuke impostor, who chokes her using his synthetic tailed beast cloak. Sakura breaks free and, as she beats him unconscious, warns him to never impersonate Sasuke again. This has the added benefit of revealing that the synthetic cloaks disappear when their user loses consciousness; Sai and Ino also discover that the cloaks have time limits. Sai recommends they use this information to end the fight quickly.

Ino, who was usually positioned near the back lines during close ranged combat situations was now instead supporting Sai with her taijutsu and healing him. Sakura complements them on how well they work together as a duo.

Sakura, Sai, and Ino defeat all their opponents but Kido and Magire. Since Magire is a medic-nin, they decide to separate Kido from him so that Magire can't heal his injuries. Sai and Ino exchange attacks with Magire, but neither side is able to hit the other.

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Magire activates a synthetic tailed beast cloak and, with its tails, is able to create glowing orbs that detonate on contact. While Sai tries and fails to overpower Magire with his Super Beast Imitating Drawings, Ino takes control of an eagle which she uses to stab Magire from behind with a poisoned kunai. Magire's movements slowed, allowing Sai to deliver a finishing blow.

Kakashi arrives to help soon after Magire is defeated, with Naruto and Hinata accompanying him. Together, they head into the forest to help Sakura. However, she defeats Kido with her Cherry Blossom Impact. However, they are interrupted by news that several of Kido's Anbu have fled the village. Sai and the others immediately give chase, but on reaching the Anbu they find them all defeated with a combination of fire and genjutsu.

Shikamaru and Temari's First Date Goes Wrong

They guess that it was Sasuke's doing and that he chose not to stick around when he confirmed Kido was defeated. Although they're disappointed that Sasuke didn't at least say hello, they are glad that the entire ordeal is over. Ino offers to go with her, but Sakura tells her to instead have lunch with Sai. In the ending credits, Sai and Ino attend Naruto and Hinata 's wedding. They can be seen standing next to each other and holding hands together, showing they are in a relationship.

Ino and Sakura get into an argument as they both pick out the same gift to give to Naruto and Hinata for their wedding.

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The two share heated words including Ino saying Sakura is jealous because she would be getting married long before Sakura will which Sakura believes is her getting cocky about her blossoming relationship with Sai.

Sai attended Naruto and Hinata's wedding alongside Ino, where he was seen holding Ino's hand, showing they are dating. They were described as looking blissfully happy as their friends teased them on the progress of their relationship.

Ino along with the others arrive at the Konoha entrance following an invasion by intruders. Ino recognizes one of the intruders as a regular patron of her families flower shop known as Tadaichi.

Ino is in disbelief after the kind, old man explodes in front of her followed by a number of other intruders.

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Following their efforts, they are able to stop the invasion but Ino and Aoba pass out from exhaustion after they use their techniques and are both transported to the hospital on Sai's Super Beast Imitating Drawing along with Sakura who provides them with medical aid.

They discuss the attack from a few days earlier and the heightened security measures that have since been put into place. They begin discussing possible motives, but then realize they shouldn't be doing this while Ino is recovering. Ino becomes irritated that Inojin didn't turn up to his training, as Sai attempts to calm her down. Sai and Ino appear alongside their son in the ending credits of the movie as well as during the group shot of the the entire cast.

In chapter 3 when Sai is stood in front of the genin for the 'True or False' quiz, Boruto describes him as being a man that has survived many harsh things and not someone that would go easy on them because of personal emotions stating ' That man's only weak when it comes to Aunt Ino'.

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