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Let it never be said that Marvel's Agents of S. The show's th episode pulled out all the stops, revisiting old storylines and characters going all the way back to the pilot. It even delivered the wedding we've been dying to see for five years - with a huge twist. Thanks to the explosion that blew up the three dangerous monoliths stored in the base at the end of last episode, a world-ending event was put in motion. The destruction of the stones created a rift in space-time, opening a gateway to what Fitz Iain De Caestecker dubbed the "Fear Dimension. Lash, Hive, and even a few roaches appeared to wreak havoc, as did a Kree warrior, a murderous LMD, and, in a more existential sense, the great outdoors.

Simmons counters by saying that he literally dove through a portal to save her. They then share their first kiss. While their relationship stays somewhat strained, it smooths out as best it can in an action drama show.

This leads to more tension.

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In this reality, Hydra took over the world. Certain characters lives are altered, with many now working as Hydra agents. Fitz becomes one of them and a part of the key leadership. Simmons and Agent Daisy Johnson manage to infiltrate the Framework with their memories still intact, and Simmons has to confront a version of Fitz that is cruel, violent, and merciless.

Once they are rescued, actual memories and lives restored, the team dismantles the Framework and Aida. Instead of being arrested at the diner like they were expecting, the team found themselves on a desolate and destroyed Earth in the far future. The alien Kree race has enslaved what remains of mankind. However, Fitz remains in the present.

Once again, Fitz does the impossible to reunite with Simmons and the team. After escaping from authorities, he cryo-freezes himself to find and help them. Once he arrives in the future, he forms a plan to rescue the team. Upon seeing Simmons serving the Kree overlord, he finds his moment and goes to her, telling her to play it cool and not to turn around.

Unknowing that Simmons has an implant that inhibits her from hearing her master, Fitz proposes to Simmons! He says that he will never leave her and that they are unstoppable together. When they arrived, Grant Ward went to deal with one of the soldiers, while the rest went to find Coulson. The team were able to rescue Coulson and bring him back to the Bus.

Simmons and Leo Fitz giving a speech. Due to an attack at the S. AcademySimmons and Fitz were asked to come in and help on the investigation as a device they created was used for the attack. They were greeted by Anne Weaver and asked to give the students a speech about their own experiences working for S. During the speech, one student named Donnie Gill was frozen in ice and nearly killed in a similar attack.

Simmons and Fitz managed to save his life and continued their investigation. They later learned that it was in fact Gill and another student, Seth Dormerwho had arranged the attacks on themselves to draw Fitz to the academy so he could inadvertently help them finish their design for a Freezing Device. The team managed to track down the pair, Dormer was killed by a lightning strike and Gill was arrested.

Simmons and Phil Coulson going undercover. When trying to locate Ian Quinnthe team were able to uncover a purchase he had made and that it would be transported on a train in Italy.

Simmons and Coulson posed as father and daughter in order to distract the carrier of the package to put tracking dust on him. When Coulson reminded Simmons of their target, Simmons informed him that she had prepared for everything, including an excessively detailed backstory for their characters, stating that she is not good at improvising.

Simmons then began to cause a distraction, bumping into Mancini, placing the tracking dust on him. When there was an interference with the comms, Ward went to Simmons to inform her that they had been made, telling her to go to Fitz and Skye.

When Simmons got to them, they were being attacked by a man who then pulled out a Dendrotoxin Grenadecausing Simmons to try and contain the blast with her body. She was affected by the blast, causing her to be in a state of unconsciousness. Simmons eventually woke up and was found by the team. They then followed a tracker that Fitz and Skye had set, leading them to Quinn's mansion, where they found Skye bleeding out. Simmons saw the Hyperbaric Chamber and told them to put her in there.

Simmons was able to keep Skye alive, but would need to give her medical attention soon. Coulson's Team are informed of Skye 's status. The team brought Skye to the S. Trauma Zentrumwhere the doctors would try to save her. After a while, the team were informed that there was too much damage and that she would only be able to stay alive on life support.

With no other options, Coulson decided to try and save Skye the same way he was revived. Simmons and Fitz were instructed in analyzing Coulson's death and recovery report, to understand the medical procedures that took place.

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Simmons meeting Antoine Triplett. Simmons and Fitz came across GH. Simmons and Triplett monitored Skye and got to know each other. Fitz was able to bring one sample of the drug back and Simmons successful in reviving Skye. Simmons continues to check over Skye.

After Skye recovered, Simmons would still continue to keep her under watch, secretly extracting blood samples from her to find something definitive about the drug she was given under strict orders from Coulson. Simmons expressed her thoughts on not being able to upload any of it to S. HQ, believing the drug to be a breakthrough. The team then came into learning of a strange energy reading over California.

The energy readings turned out to by that of the arrival of Lady Sifwho was there to track down an escaped Asgardian, Lorelei.

Simmons asks about sending Skye 's blood. While the team tried to locate Lorelei, who had enthralled Ward, Simmons took the time to ask Coulson about sending samples of Skye's blood to HQ, which Coulson immediately rejected. When Coulson opened the room, they informed him that Sif had been sucked out of the Bus, not realizing that she was actually still hanging on. They then opened the hatch and they were able to defeat Lorelei.

Simmons discusses GH. Simmons continued to work on uncovering exactly what the drug was in Skye's blood while the rest of the team made progress in their search for the Clairvoyant. When Melinda May discovered that she was working on the drug, she asked some questions about Coulson and Skye's behavior, to which Simmons had nothing to comment on. Simmons sees Grant Ward kill Thomas Nash. She was enthusiastic because the Hub had better equipment than the Bus for analyzing Skye's and Coulson's blood to reproduce the drug.

As she discussed this with Fitz, Triplett, who was order to be her escort, entered, causing Simmons to be happily surprised by this, due to her attraction to him.


At the Hub, Simmons and Triplett watched the mission to track Deathlock, leading to them finding the Clairvoyantwho Ward shot and killed. Simmons is questioned by Antoine Triplett.

Jan 06,   Category Film & Animation; Suggested by UMG Sigma - Nobody To Love (Official Video) HD; Song Find Me (Acoustic) Artist Sigma; Licensed to YouTube by. With the crisis averted, Fitz and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) decided they didn't want to wait one more day to exchange their vows and start their life as a married couple. In a beautiful. Jan 18,   In light of Fitz' proposing to Simmons (or Simmons' proposing to Fitz depending on how you want to look at it) on MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, let's take a look at the relationship between Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons across the entire'll be analyzing the good moments of Fitz/Simmons as well the bad throughout the show's 5 season run.

Still at the HubSimmons utilized the better equipment to continue to try to uncover the drug. She was then interrupted by Antoine Triplettwho began to question her when she started to act secretive about what she was doing. Simmons then told Triplett about what she was doing, including wishing to contact Anne Weaver for assistance.

Simmons keeps her loyalties to S. Triplett then decided to help Simmons in her research, telling her if they get questioned, he'll do the talking due to her inability to convincingly lie. Weaver warned Simmons that the war had begun.

Simmons found herself locked in a room with Triplett, but he quelled her fears by giving her his pocket knife. When Victoria Hand 's agents found them, they passed her test of loyalty to S.

When Phil Coulson 's loyalty was questioned, Simmons argued with Hand until she had his "crimes" listed. Ultimately, Simmons was reunited with the team as well as being impressed by Tripett's strength and loyalty. When the team was forced to leave the HubSimmons vouched for Triplett's loyalty and place on the team, which Coulson agreed to, giving her the responsibility for him.

In order to not get hunted, the team's digital records had to be erased and Simmons had to relinquish her badge, causing her to get choked up about it. The team were sent coordinates, believing them to be from Nick Furyso they decided to head there.

During their trip, Simmons and Triplett expressed their concerns for Coulson's plan, despite Fitz telling them to have faith in him. Coulson's Team discover the Providence. They soon landed at the location where Coulson spoke to his team, telling them how things were, and despite their doubts, the team still followed Coulson. As they made their way, Simmons took time to speak to Fitz, where she informed him that things were no longer the same.

They then made it to the location, where they found a hidden base. When they entered, they were greeted by Eric Koenigtelling them that they were at the Providenceone of Fury's secret bases.

Grant Ward arrived at the Providence, badly injured, so Simmons performed first aid on him while he told them what had happened with John Garrett at the Fridge. Ward then claimed that he had killed Garrett in the fight. The team were then required, by Koenig, to complete a lie detector test to confirm their allegiance.

When it was Simmons' turn, she was asked for her reason being there, to which she revealed that she was not sure. Simmons, Fitz and Triplett were then briefed by Coulson about Marcus Danielsone of the prisoners to escape from the Fridge.

Simmons informing Audrey Nathan of the plan. They then went to Portland to apprehend Daniels, where Coulson informed them more about Daniels and his potential target, Audrey Nathan. Simmons and Triplett then arrived at Nathan's location, rescuing her from Daniels, posing as the CIAwhile Coulson and Fitz unfortunately failed at subduing him.

They then brought her to a safe location, where she uncovered that they were actually S. The team were able to defeat Daniels by luring him into a trap. The team then returned to find the Bus and the others gone. Simmons argues with Glenn Talbot. With some of their team missing, they began to search for them using the security footage, which were all erased, except for one showing the Bus. They focused on locating Skye, who they realized was playing Ward.

The team then were alerted of an incoming threat, which turned out to be a group of special forces, led by Colonel Glenn Talbotwho were informed of the bases location by Maria Hill.

Coulson and Hill then regrouped with them, and they all went to leave to find Skye. Coulson then decided that the team should take the night off and just relax after everything they have been through.

The next morning, while watching the news, Simmons wondered why Deathlok killed Alejandro Castillo. The team then discussed a way to destroy everything the was on Skye's hard drive, infiltrating the Cybertek Corporate Headquarters.

As Coulson and May pretended to be former S. The team were able to retrieve the some files on Deathlok and made their escape.

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They then went through all the files and realized Garrett's plan was to heal himself and then create an army. The team then headed to HavanaCubalearning that Garrett would be there. Simmons and Fitz found the Bus and informed Coulson, who ordered her to not engage.

Simmons then had the idea to plant of the the D. When Simmons awoke, Leo Fitz informed her that they had sunk to the bottom of the ocean and that he had broken his arm.

When Simmons tried to suggest how to get out of there, Fitz told her that there isn't a lot of hope, even though he sent out a signal, as with the dissolving of S. Fitz then came to the realization that they were going to die down there. The two then began to discuss what death would be like, providing comfort for each other. Simmons learns that Leo Fitz loves her.

Simmons then came up with an idea of how to break the glass without the water pressure crushing them. However, Simmons then learned that only one of them would be able to survive, due to the amount of air left in a tank. The two argued over who should take it, causing Fitz to reveal his true feelings for her.

Simmons, overwhelmed with emotions, embraced Fitz and tried to get him to think of another way, but he pushed the button, breaking the glass, forcing Simmons to take the last burst of air. However, Simmons was able to take Fitz with her and swim to the surface.

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They were then rescued by Nick Furywho received the distress call. Simmons then woke up in a Hyperbaric Chamberon a jet heading back to the mainland. Fury then informed Simmons that Fitz was still alive and she told him of where to find Phil Coulson. After the battle at CybertekSimmons was reunited with the team as Coulson became the Director of S. When asked about Fitz, Simmons only stated that he was alive. When Leo Fitz would come out of his coma, he would not be the same, due to his injury.

Simmons, not being able to work with Fitz the same, felt it would be best to give him some time apart so he could recover. Moving to a house at N. Simmons searching for Donnie Gill. The next day, Simmons was taken to Sunil Bakshi for questioning, where they discovered that she already knew Gill.

She was then questioned about her loyalties with S. To see if they could trust her, Bakshi sent Simmons onto a freighter harboring Gill. She was able to talk to Gill, and Bakshi was able to activate his brainwashing. Simmons proved her trustworthiness and remained undercover, as well as obtaining a promotion. Weeks later, Simmons had an adjacent desk with her supervisor Kenneth Turgeon. They were ordered by Bakshi to attend a meeting that Daniel Whitehall was having with his top scientists, including Dr.

Lingenfelter attempted to duplicate the effects of the Obelisk from skin samples of one of its victims, a waitressbut the recent experiment they had conducted did not meet Whitehall's expectations. Whitehall asked Simmons for her expert opinion, to Turgeon's jealousy.

Simmons assured him that the Obelisk could be made into a weapon of mass destruction. Simmons then sent S. Bobbi Morsehead of security, and Bakshi were alerted of a mole in the facility and searched everyone's desk. As Morse interrogated Simmons, Turgeon was dragged away, as a flex screen was found in his desk. Later, when Simmons exited the restroom, Morse continued to interrogate her, while Simmons continued to keep her cover.

When Raina blew her cover, Bakshi sent a security team after her, causing her to try and escape. She was then cornered by Morse, who revealed herself to also be undercover, attacking the guards and helping her escape. The two jumped from the roof where a cloaked Quinjet piloted by Antoine Triplett awaited them. At the PlaygroundLeo Fitz greeted Simmons with hesitancy.

Simmons and Skye observe Grant Ward. Simmons watched over Grant Ward everyday since she got back, like she did before she left, where she noted that he had no way of knowing the time, but every morning at he awoke and exercised. Simmons tries to work with Fitz again. Simmons noticed that the victims of the attack were disintegrated, she helped identify Toshiro Mori from the hard drive that was obtained from HYDRA Laboratories. Phil Coulson asked her to learn more from the hard drive.

Going to Leo Fitz for help in accessing the hard drive, the two started arguing about why Simmons left. She could not handle the conversation and left Fitz to his work. Simmons went to the garage to thank Mackenzie for his help and his friendship with Fitz. Mackenzie told her that Fitz was better without her; she tearfully agreed. When Ward was being transferred to federal custody, Simmons promised to kill him if they ever met again.

When Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz brought the body of Janice Robbins so Simmons could perform an autopsy, she was still bitter about what Mackenzie had said to her previously. She then asked if anyone would like to leave, which everyone agreed to, not wanting to observe an autopsy. Simmons discovered that the cause of death was cardiac arrest, and noted that the carvings were similar to the ones John Garrett had made.

She then discovered that Robbins and the killer both had GH. They then tried to find out more about the Project T. Simmons monitors Phil Coulson. Simmons reminded Phil Coulson that, after six months of research, she and Fitz still did not fully understand the machine. Coulson proceeded nonetheless and Simmons was stationed to watch his vitals as he recalled the past.

When Coulson could no longer handle the experience, Simmons ordered the session to end. Afterwards, Simmons wondered where Skye went, to then see her on the video monitor to Vault D, as Coulson locked her inside with the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier and left. Simmons freed Skye, who went to chase the Director. Simmons watches Sunil Bakshi 's interrogation. As Bobbi Morse interrogated Sunil BakshiSimmons expressed her admiration for her being that close to him.

Simmons searches through SSR files. Simmons wasn't able to find any connection, however she loved that she was touching the same files as her hero and S. They continued to search through their files until Lance Hunter came across a picture of Werner Reinhardt. Simmons realized that he was Whitehall; however, her research could not find the secret of Reinhardt's youth. Simmons tends to Antoine Triplett.

Simmons inspected Antoine Triplett 's wounds when he returned to the Playground from Australia and told him that she was thankful that he survived his mission. Before Triplett could tell her about Calvin ZaboSkye 's father, Skye interrupted and the three discussed him together. Simmons learns Leo Fitz is leaving the lab.

While preparing for the trip, she shared with Bobbi Morse her feelings about Leo Fitzthe coma he experienced, and how she was not ready for a relationship with him greater than friendship. Upon arrival, the silence between the two scientists caused Alphonso Mackenzie to leave them alone to talk privately.

Tearfully, Simmons attempted to explain to Fitz why she left him to go undercover months ago; Fitz interrupted her to say that he could not work with her. She misinterpreted his statement and asked if he was quitting S. Simmons at the entrance to the Kree City. When the drones lost power, Mackenzie was sent into the hundred foot shaft to investigate.

Hearing his screams, he was hoisted up; Mackenzie then slapped Coulson across the room. During the battle, Simmons was hit and began to fall into the hole. Coulson, ordering Fitz to shoot the super-strong mechanic, grabbed Simmons and struggled to stop her fall.

As Mackenzie approached Simmons and Coulson, Morse used her battle staves to electrocute him; stunned, he fell into the hundred foot hole just as Coulson saved Simmons. Simmons exploring the underground city. When the team planned to go back to the city, Simmons and Fitz provided containment suits, believing it will protect them from anything down there.

Simmons, along with Fitz and Antoine Triplettin containment suits, then went down to the Kree City to plant explosives and to see if Mackenzie survived. However, it was taking too long for them to plant all the bombs, so Fitz decided that they split up. When Simmons and Triplett set their final bomb, they were soon reunited with Fitz, who had also set up all of his bombs with ten minutes to spare. However, when they discovered that Skye and Coulson were in the city, Triplett ran off to defuse the bombs.

An earthquake occurred as she waited with Fitz, and they hugged in panic as the island shook, causing rubble to fall around them. Simmons was in charge of a team of scientists mapping the Kree City. Her teams planned to document, then flood the area so neither HYDRA nor any one else could harness it.

When her team found the remains of Antoine Triplettshe shouted for them to handle it carefully. However, two scientists were dragged off and killed by a transformed Raina. Simmons shot at Raina and managed to hit her several times; however, Raina still escaped up a lift. Simmons reported this to Phil Coulson who allowed her to return to the Playgroundsince Simmons wanted to check on Skye. Simmons and Skye discuss powered people. Back at the Playground, Simmons told Skye, who was in quarantine, about her encounter with Raina.

She showed her that Raina's genetic makeup had changed and said that aliens should be neutralized to prevent an epidemic. When Skye pointed out the harshness of her stated conclusion, Simmons told Skye that everything was her fault, including the death of Triplett, because of her interest in superpowers.

She decided that instead of her dedicating half of her life trying to understand alien technology and biology, she should have been focused on trying to exterminate it. Skye tried to refute her claim pointing out that she had helped plenty people with powers; Simmons pointed out the hostile ones like Donnie GillChan Ho Yinand Carl Creel.

Simmons even noted that the Avengers themselves would not be necessary if they did not unleash an alien invasion on the world.

As May and Coulson wondered what to do about Raina, Simmons voiced that killing Raina would not be the worst scenario. The team remembers Antoine Triplett. Simmons returned to Skye's cell when Leo Fitz brought her blood test results; the test said that Skye was normal. Unknown to Simmons, Fitz gave false results to quiet Simmons' possible fear of her until everyone would be more receptive of her change.

Simmons and the other senior agents then sat remembering Triplett. Simmons told them all of a story Triplett had told her of a trip he went on with his grandfather. When Lady Sif arrived on Earth with no memory, Simmons and Leo Fitz went through footage of an encounter she had, which they discovered Sif hitting the unknown assailantcausing something to come off him.

She then informed Phil Coulson of a heavy artillery being loaded to take down the assailant as new I. Simmons inspects the Diviner Box. When Simmons received a scan of what came off the assailant, she was able to determine that it wasn't blood, but liquid nitrogen. When Skye and Morse returned from being defeated by the assailant, who they believe to be KreeSimmons checked on Morse, who was knocked out from the attack.

When they captured Vin-Tak, who restored Sif's memories and informed them of Terrigenesis occurring on Earth, Simmons and Fitz inspected the Diviner Boxwhere they discovered that it was empty. Simmons assumed that all the Diviners were taken during the s.

Simmons realizes Leo Fitz lied to her. Simmons then noticed results of an extraordinary DNA sample, similar to Raina 's, which Leo Fitz lied about, not knowing they were actually Skye 's. Simmons then realized that Skye did go through a change in the Kree City and that Fitz had known all this time. As they cleaned up the PlaygroundFitz attempted to explain to Simmons why he lied to her, she, along with the rest of the team, told Fitz that they should have known, for their safety, meanwhile Skye overheard this argument.

Simmons is confused on Skye 's abilities. Simmons was then tasked by Phil Coulson to complete Skye 's Index file, which she was not able to understand how the Terrigen Mist caused Skye to unlock her abilities. When Bobbi Morse addressed Simmons drama with Leo Fitzshe tried to defend his actions, but Simmons stated that the connection they shared together was gone.

When Doctor Andrew Garner was brought in to work with Skye, Simmons debriefed him of their current assessment on Skye. When Fitz observed Melinda May and Garner talking, he and Simmons discussed them, slowly improving their own relationship. However, they were interrupted by an alert from another outburst from Skye.

When Skye began to become injured from her abilities, Simmons built a cast for her to help contain the shaking. When Simmons handed in Skye's Index file to Coulson, she made a point for their being two different types of gifted, man made, and potential already inside them. Coulson then made it a top priority to understand how to stop these type of people, asking to keep it between themselves.

Simmons began to work on gauntletswhich would deliver minor electricity discharges which would lower the magnitude of Skye's abilities, keeping her from hurting herself.

As Simmons checked over Skye's injuries, she and Fitz began to argue about Skye's control over her abilities. Simmons the completed the gloves, aware of some repercussions, and gave them to Coulson. She refused to specify when Fitz asked her what was in the case that she had taken to Coulson. Simmons calls Skye to check up on her.

While Skye was at the RetreatSimmons video called her to check up on her. When Bobbi Morse caused a blackout in the PlaygroundSimmons was arming herself in the locker area, when Morse entered.

Being aware of Morse's apparent betrayal, Simmons was therefore scared at first. She was able to calm herself, and act as though she was oblivious to the true unfolding events. Simmons points gun at a fainted Bobbi Morse. She managed to stall Morse, tricking her into holding two small devices that shocked and rendered her unconscious.

When S. Simmons knew Fitz was scared, so she rested her hand on top of his, and he returned the gesture. They were then surprised by the arrival of Anne Weaverwho asked Simmons for her medical expertise on Alphonso Mackenzie ; she first looked at Fitz and waited for his approval before going to attend to Mackenzie.

Simmons and Leo Fitz meet Robert Gonzales. Gonzales attempted to exchange pleasantries, but Simmons rebuffed him. Gonzales asked Fitz to open the Toolbox, and Simmons retaliated with asking what would happen to him if he refused. Morse assured them that Fitz would be free to go; however, they both left, refusing to help Gonzales.

When Fitz decided to leave, Simmons and Morse talked while he packed. Morse seemingly convinced Simmons to stay and help to open the Toolbox. Simmons and Leo Fitz execute their plan. Instead, Simmons, stalled the process and replicated the box in order to smuggle it out of the Playground with Fitz. When Fitz learned what she was doing, he covered her actions and convinced Alphonso Mackenzie and Morse that Simmons was in earnest.

She later packed Fitz' favorite sandwich in his bag, and helped him get the backpack on. She watched with Morse and Mack as Fitz left the Playground.

After Fitz left, Simmons continued in her ruse, claiming the Toolbox, which was a fake, to be useless without Phil Coulson. Simmons discusses Phil Coulson. When Melinda May returned to the PlaygroundSimmons greeted her warmly. May asked her to assist her in recent revelations that Phil Coulson was accused of being deceptive.

May told Simmons that Coulson asked her to work on upgrades to Deathlok without her knowledge; they decided to learn what Theta Protocol was. Simmons is ordered to open the Toolbox. Simmons learned that Coulson was spending a lot of money and was having clandestine meetings with Andrew Garner. Mack theorized that Coulson was making a super-powered team without anyone's knowledge. May ordered Simmons to open the Toolboxbut Simmons hesitated, not wanting to reveal that she had duplicated it and smuggled the real one out of the Playground with Leo Fitz.

However, she told May that she would do her best. Simmons confesses to Melinda May. When Simmons and Melinda May were in Phil Coulson 's office, Simmons revealed that she had worked on a fake Toolbox and that had she helped Leo Fitz in smuggling out the real one.

May told her that she would handle it. Simmons continued her false attempts to open the Toolbox as May and Bobbi Morse entered the lab, but May told her she could stop because she had told Morse the truth. May and Morse asked her if she could hack into Deathlok 's hard-drive so they could have an opportunity to see, through him, where Coulson was. Simmons said it should not be too hard and dumped the fake Toolbox in the trash.

Simmons attempts to locate Skye. While Simmons worked on her mission, May came to ask her if there was any luck.

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Simmons argued with her that she was on Robert Gonzales ' side, but May said that she the only reason why she helped him was because of Coulson's lies. Simmons told her she didn't care of what was inside the Toolbox but the only thing she knew was that Coulson was just trying to protect Skye. May signaled Simmons to locate Skye's location. Later, Simmons succeeded hacking Deathlok's hard-drive.

She and May were shocked after they saw that Coulson was with Grant Ward. Simmons discusses killing Grant Ward.

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They talked together about Ward and Agent 33's relationship as well as Fitz telling her that he attacked Ward. Simmons, confused on how Coulson could work with Ward, then explained to Fitz how she could kill Ward with a Splinter Bomb. Fitz realized that she was serious about the idea, but Simmons said she was only arming herself against Ward. Coulson agreed she could come to look after Peterson's injuries.

Coulson's Team board the Bus. The team, which comprised of the original members of Coulson's Teamboarded the Bus where they heard a loud noise, which was revealed to be Skyewho had been teleported to assist them with the mission and to rescue her friend, Lincoln Campbell. On their way to the base, Simmons and Fitz talked with Skye about the place she had been. Coulson asked Ward to give the information about the base sent by Sunil Bakshiwho Ward had brainwashed into serving him.

Ward began, but then started to explain his actions during the time it had been revealed he was a HYDRA agent. Ward asked for the team's forgiveness, but nobody gave it. Near the base, HYDRA spotted the Bus' location and sent missiles to shoot it down, but the team escaped with a Quinjet and entered the base. Simmons searches for Mike Peterson.

In the base, the team joined Bakshi and they were split into two groups: Coulson, Melinda May and Fitz went to take down the defense system so Robert Gonzales ' men could destroy the base, while Simmons, Skye, Ward, and Bakshi went to find Peterson and Campbell. Skye used her powers to knock them out and they found Peterson in his cell with Peterson unable to stand due to the torture he had endured. Simmons asked Ward to find something with which she could take Peterson, in order to make a distraction and kill Ward with a Splinter Bomb.

Simmons fails to kill Grant Ward. While Ward had his back turned and was distracted searching the base, Simmons sneaked into the room and prepared to kill him with the Splinter Bomb; however when she threw the Splinter Bomb, Bakshi sacrificed his own life for Ward's, jumping in front of him and having his body turned to dust within seconds. Simmons attempted to puller her gun on Ward, but he already had his pointed at her.

He demanding to know why she had tried to kill him, so Simmons reminded him of her vow to kill him. Instead of shooting her, he lectured her and told her that he was disappointed in the change in her.

He then allowed her to live and left the base. With the base was destroyed, Simmons and the team returned to the Playground. Peterson asked what happened to Bakshi, and Simmons said he did not make it, giving no details and choosing not to reveal the truth about her attempt to assassinate Ward.

Simmons tells Kara Palamas she is fixed. Palamas thanked them and asked Simmons about her undercover mission in HYDRA with Bobbi Morsebut before Simmons could explain more, the light of the building turned on and off, as Campbell awoke from his coma. Simmons checked if everything was alright, and put Campbell on the Index.

She came to say goodbye to Skye before she left with Campbell to the Afterlifegiving her the Hula Girl Doll from her father 's office. Simmons reveals she tried to kill Grant Ward. As she prepared to leave, Fitz went to see if she needed help adding to the Index, not actually wanting to go.

Fitz then discussed their recent dangerous mission and how neither of them could kill Grant Wardbecause they are better than him. However, Simmons revealed to him that she did try to kill Ward, and now feels bad that she failed. She then told him that whatever Ward did next was on her, and then she headed to join the team on the Quinjet to Afterlife.

Simmons reports to Robert Gonzales. Simmons then entered a Quinjet and headed off to the Afterlife. When they arrived, she informed Robert Gonzales that there are more people in there than they had expected. But soon after, they heard gunfire from the room where Gonzales and Jiaying were.

They ran to the noise, where they found Jiaying bleeding, claiming Gonzales had shot her. Coulson asked her where was Robert Gonzales now, but Simmons did not know, so May went to search for him.

After May was knocked out by Skyethe Quinjet that she and Simmons were in returned to the Playground. On their way to the base, Coulson asked Simmons if they had confirmation on who had fired the missile within Afterlifebut Simmons said they had not and they were still searching for the that Quinjet. Simmons questions Robert Gonzales ' actions. May woke up and Simmons asked how she felt and then blamed Gonzales that his action led to this conflict, but Anne Weaver defended Gonzales, saying that he would not do such a thing because he had wanted to give Jiaying a peace offering.

Simmons did not understand Jiaying's move, inviting S.

Agent Jemma Anne Simmons is a genius biochemist and one of the youngest and most prominent members of S.H.I.E.L.D. research division. Along with Leo Fitz, Simmons was recruited to Coulson's Team and worked with them on all of their missions. While on . Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons just got hitched. In "The Real Deal," the th episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the two star-crossed lovers got married in front of their friends. Fitz and Simmons' teammates threw them a wedding at the end of the episode, after Coulson successfully closed a Author: Meagan Damore.

Coulson did not know why but postulated that Calvin Zabo might. As they returned to the Playground with Calvin ZaboSimmons said to Phil Coulson that she feared that Zabo was a Trojan horse and that he had taken a formula from the vials.

She said to him she was going to analyze it in the lab. Simmons tries to save Calvin Zabo. In Coulson's office, Coulson discovered that Jiaying staged the attack of S. Coulson came to check Simmons' progress with analyzing the formula and Simmons gave him a partial list of the chemicals in the formula, saying Zabo made an unsuccessful attempt to get super strength.

Coulson asked if he would be alright but Simmons said he had taken three vials so he should be dead. When Zabo had a heart attack, Simmons tried to revive him by giving him an adrenaline syringe. Simmons faces off against Calvin Zabo. Zabo's heart went back to work but he became monstrous with remarkable strength.

Simmons, Coulson and Leo Fitz tried to shoot him with I. Coulson ordered them to go so he could talk with him.

Cabo the bean to roam around the base, looking for agents to kill, until Simmons and Fitz lured him into the hangar where Coulson could reason with him. Fitz then informed Coulson that the Inhumans had hijacked the Iliad while they were fighting Zabo. Simmons performing surgery on Bobbi Morse. The two flew her to the Playground where Simmons prepared to analyse Morse, having to use an alternate room, due to Calvin Zabo destroying the lab.

Simmons comforts Lance Hunter. Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz came and asked about Morse's condition on her way there. Simmons responded that she barely survived, and Coulson asked if Zabo was stable enough to join them in the mission to retake the Iliadbut Simmons and Fitz were surprised to hear that. May and Hunter then entered the room with the wounded Morse. Simmons and her team of physicians started to operate on her.

Finished with the operation, and with Morse beginning to recover, Simmons put her hand on Hunter's shoulder to comfort him. Simmons then went to say goodbye to Leo Fitzwho was apart of the expedition to retake the Iliad.

She said to him to be careful but Fitz said that he will just get the job done. Simmons admitted that seeing Lance Hunter with Bobbi Morse made her realize that they had never spoken about what Fitz said to her in the bottom of the ocean. Fitz was surprised she wanted to speak about it now, but Simmons said hesitatingly that it meant a lot to her that they were friends again and they could talk about it.

Fitz said that that there was nothing to discuss but Simmons replied that maybe there was. Phil Coulson then entered and said to Fitz that they were on the move. After Fitz walked out, Simmons started crying. Simmons works with Anne Weaver. A few days later, Phil Coulson appointed Alphonso Mackenzie to the head of the alien artifacts division. Simmons worked with Anne Weaver on the Monolith on the Iliad.

She said that they could get better data if they could put a probe inside the glass which protected the stone. Mackenzie then responded that they would not open the glass for thousands of years. Simmons is swallowed by the Monolith. While continuing to work on the stone, Leo Fitz awkwardly tried to ask Simmons out to dinner; however, it took her a long time to realize he meant they go out together on a date.

As Fitz became more awkward he stumbled, causing the lock on the case to loosen. Simmons agreed to join him and he nervously left the room. Once he had gone, Simmons then found out that the case was unlocked; while trying to re-lock the case, the stone morphed into its liquid form, shooting out and swallowing her. Simmons shouted, and then the stone went back to its original solid form. Simmons was then transported to another planetwhere she was unable to return back to Earth due to the way she was transported closing up.

Simmons questioned where she was and began to try and figure it out.

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She then discovered that there were multiple moons. After six hours, she began to assure herself that everything would be fine, believing someone will come to extract her. As she waited, she began to make a log on her understanding of the Monolithunderstanding it to be a portal. She then began to study the planet, recording her discoveries, including the breathable atmosphere and stronger gravity as well as take some pictures of the planet.

Simmons continued to wait for thirteen hours, keeping herself grounded by talking to a picture of Leo Fitz on her phone, recounting some of his advice, and deciding to sleep. After twenty-two hours, she noted that the sun had not risen, questioning the length of the nights on the planet. Simmons would then continue to wait for another forty-nine hours, becoming angry at not seeing a sun, causing her to breakdown. By seventy-nine hours, Simmons assessed that a normal human can live without water for one hundred hours, so she then became focused on survival, leaving a trail in case someone does find her.

By the eighty-first hour, Simmons began to talk to herself about the date they had planned with Fitz. She then found water after one hundred and one hours. She then began to desperately drink from a small pond, relieved in her success.

At one hundred nine hours, Simmons decided to swim in the pond, finally finding time to relax. Simmons prepares to fight the creature. Suddenly, she was grabbed by a creature in the water and almost drowned; Simmons fought it, detached a tentacle, and then decided to eat it.

After four hundred and minty-two hours, Simmons continued to make her talk to Fitzrealizing that she would need to find some food or she would grow weak and die. Simmons crafted herself a weapon and returned to the pond to kill the creature that attacked her. She successfully defeated the creature and celebrated her victory.

She then started a fire and cooked the creature, letting out a loud burp while eating it. She then continued to talk to the image of Fitz on her phone, believing that he would not give up on finding her, so she dedicated herself to not give up. Simmons is trapped by Will Daniels.

Simmons, continuing to survive for seven hundred and fifty-two hours, was in the middle of talking to Leo Fitz when she heard a noise. She went to investigate, only to fall down a hole and was knocked out. Simmons then regained consciousness nine hours later and found herself in a cage as well as discovering a man. Simmons continued to wait in the cage for twenty-two hours, until the man came to check on her and realized that she was real. She demanded the man to let her out, but he left her.

After forty-one hours of being in the cage, Simmons began to exercise until the man returned. Simmons introduced herself and the man brought her food. Simmons and Will Daniels run away from Hive. After eight hundred and fifty-one hours, Simmons then formed a plan to escape. She faked a stomachache and lured the man into the cage to investigate.

Simmons hit the man with the food bowl and escaped the cage, exiting the cave and running from the man.

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However, she fell and hurt her leg, allowing the man to catch up to her. He then began to tend to her wound and brought her back to the cave. The man introduced himself as Will Daniels and Simmons stitched up her leg. Simmons and Will Daniels make an agreement. The two then began to talk, Daniels asked what year it was, and Simmons informed him that it was Daniels told Simmons that he had been on the planet sinceand told her his story, showing her all his old NASA equipment and Simmons showed him her phone.

The two continued to learn more about each other, Simmons discovering more about the planet. The two then decided to work together to find a way off the planet. Simmons continued to be trapped on the planet with Daniels for one thousand, four hundred and ninety hours. During dinner, the two discussed what they miss most from Earth, Daniels telling her the sun. The two then watched a video of her birthday celebration. The two then discussed Fitz and his relationship with Simmons, which she stated that they were inseparable.

Three thousand and ten hours on the planet, Simmons continued to figure a way off the planet, getting frustrated at her lack of results. Simmons then declared that she wanted to go to the "no fly zone", believing an answer to be there, which Daniels strongly refused. While walking around the planet, Simmons discovered a sword in the ground, along with numerous object buried under the sand.

Simmons explains her plan to Will Daniels. When a sandstorm occurred, Simmons noticed a mysterious figure in the dust. She started to run away from it, where she received a head injury, which she treated by applying dirt to it. She made it back to Daniels and told him that she believed him. Simmons then explained her plan to Daniels, thinking of using his equipment and her phone to calculate new portal openings. She then decided to watch the video on her phone one more time before using all of its power to start the computers.

Simmons and Will Daniels go to the portal.

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The two would then continue to work on a way to turn on his computer for one hundred and seventy-three hours. Once it was activated, they calculated the movement of the stars and tried to locate the next place the portal would open. Simmons and Will Daniels fail to get home. After the battery of her phone was dead, she found the location and the time of the next portal, in the "no fly zone". Will Daniels explained to her that a canyon separated between them and the portal.

Three hundred and eighty hours later, they prepared to go there, Simmons telling Daniels of her reason for getting into science, as well as her theory of how the portal works.

Simmons told him that she had a message in bottle for Fitz in case they would not reach to the portal. When they arrived to the canyon, it was longer than they expected. Daniels thought that It caused it. The portal opened in the other side, and Daniels shot the bottle at the portal, but it was closed before the bottle could reach it. Simmons and Will Daniels kiss. Defeated, they then returned to their hideout where Simmons admitted that there was no hope in this planet, stating that it was hell.

Daniels told her that he had also thought so, until he met her. The two then kissed, and from then on, began a relationship with each other.

Accepting no chance of ever leaving, Simmons would then adjust to a new life with Daniels on Maveth. Trapped on Maveth for four thousand, seven hundred and twenty hours, Simmons conducted, due to research into the stars, when the sun was due to rise over the planet, the first sunrise in eighteen years. The pair shared a kiss as they stepped outside and waited to see for the sun for the first time on the planet. Suddenly Simmons spotted a flair being fired in the distance and determined it must be Leo Fitz finally having found her.

Simmons and Will Daniels run from It. Simmons ran across the desert with Will Daniels as they tried to find the source of the flare, but became separated as a sandstorm appeared.

Simmons spotted what appeared to be a NASA astronaut and called out to Daniels that his team had found him, but Daniels warned her that it could only be the deadly being on the planet trying to trick her mind. Daniels ordered Simmons to run as he drew his gun and engaged the creature, firing his only bullet at It while Simmons followed the sound of Fitz' voice. She moved towards the light and encountered Fitz, who had thrown himself into the activated portal to find her.

Crawling to him as the sandstorm worsened, she tried to reach him, only for him to be pulled away from her as the rope he was attached to began to take him back. Refusing to give up, Simmons dragged herself back towards Fitz, and they both grabbed hold of each other's hands and made it back through the portal before it exploded.

Coulson and Morse ran tests on Simmons and determined that she was not infected or contagious and everything was normal despite her many months on a distant planet they knew nothing about.

Suddenly, Simmons awakened from a nightmare and she held a piece of metal shaped like a shiv in a defensive position. She regained her senses and looked around; she found herself in a Medical Pod with Fitz in a chair, sleeping next to her bed.

Simmons laid her head near his lap and returned to sleep, comforted by his presence. Simmons has a shower after returning to Earth. A team checked her physical condition and determined that her body adapted to living on the other planet. Simmons took a shower and washed the filth on her body. Leo Fitz accompanied her in every step she made since she was still getting used to Earth 's lower gravity. They walked to the lab where Bobbi Morse greeted her.

Fitz theorized that if she saw the lab again, she would feel better. When Morse's phone rang, Simmons heard the ring a lot louder then what it was, due to her still adjusting to Earth 's differences from Maveth. Simmons sent her regards to Lance Hunterwho called Morse to ate her on his campaign to kill Grant Ward. Simmons then told Fitz that she did not want to be there as there were too many distractions. Even a small divisive sounded very loud to her, so Fitz took her to her room.

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Simmons talks to Daisy Johnson. In her room, Simmons was visited by Daisy Johnson ; at first, Simmons called her "Skye" but she corrected herself. Johnson said to her that she would be with her any time when she would want to talk about what happened to her. Simmons said that she would rather listen about the Inhuman Outbreak. Johnson asked again if she was alright, which Simmons informed her that there was a lot that was hard to talk about. Suddenly, Johnson received a call, startling Simmons and interrupting them, however Simmons assured her to take it.

Simmons cries during her date with Leo Fitz. Leo Fitz took Simmons to a restaurant as he had promised to her months ago. When Simmons asked him where were all the other people, he said that he made sure there would not be any distractions. After they sat, Simmons said that she did not know how to thank him enough for what he had done for her. Fitz said that she did not have to say anything. Fitz then suggested to drink the wine, [53] but it reminded her of how she and Will Daniels drank the old wine.

Simmons knew that she had to find a way to open the portal again to save Will Daniels 's life. She examined the Monolith remains in the lab. But when Bobbi Morse came and assured her that it will not open again, Simmons said that it had to and she must go back to the planet. Simmons researched the fragments of the Monolith and wrote her findings in a notebook. Simmons has a session with Andrew Garner.

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Simmons then met with Andrew Garnerwhere she discussed how many thing were no like how she remembered them while on the planet. He then asked about how she was going, looking for signs of PTSD, which she assured she wasn't having any.

When Garner went through stories of people who had survived difficult situations through hope, Simmons commented that she did lose hope while trapped.

When Garner attempted to learn more about why, Simmons insisted on moving on, rather than focusing on the past. Suddenly, Simmons entered the laboratory and grabbed the notebook from Fitz; the papers fell to the floor and were scattered.

Simmons became upset and told Fitz to leave her things alone before storming off. Fitz was left perplexed. Simmons apologizes to Bobbi Morse.

Simmons went to see Morse who was in the middle of her rehabilitation regiment and apologized for accusing her of betraying their secret to Fitz. Morse thought nothing of it, but confided to Simmons that she believed that Lance Hunter was in danger. Later, Simmons was in her room reorganizing the notebook when Fitz entered, wanting to know what was happening. Simmons realized that she could not rescue Will Daniels without assistance. Simmons' secret is revealed to Leo Fitz.

Leo Fitz questioned her on why she wanted to rebuild the Monolithso Simmons told him about her experience on Maveth and the relationship that she had with Will Daniels. For a moment, Fitz would not talk to her and she began to cry. Collecting herself, Simmons chased after Fitz, begging him to understand; Fitz said that he did understand and showed her his computer screen, revealing the research he had done over the past six months on her location.

Fitz declared that they will save Daniels; Simmons smiled. Simmons speaks with Andrew Garner. Simmons sat across from Andrew Garner reminding him of his words as she played psychologist; Garner confessed to her that he disliked how others were treating him since he was injured in an assassination attempt.

Simmons told him that others underestimate how strong smart people truly are. She then received a phone call from Daisy Johnson who had a blood sample from Luther Banks that she wanted tested to determine if he could be an Inhuman.

Simmons took the assignment and ran the test. Simmons asks about Leo Fitz ' progress.

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