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Molly is a musical female guppy and a natural born leader. She is kind, friendly, helpful, and a really good friend, like Oona. Due to her bubbly personality, every guppy mostly Gil wants to swim with her. She always makes it a point to turn to the camera, and talk to the audience directly, ensuring that they stay at the center of all the action. Molly sings nearly all the pop songs with her blue fish microphone changed to yellow , while the other guppies sing backup. In Bubble Baby!

Molly is the type of guppy who reacts really quickly.

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She can dodge fast objects that are coming at her. She can pull people out of the way. In other episodes like Fishketball!

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She quickly ducked out of the way when she almost got hit with a meatball, and in Come to Your Senses! Molly is very agile. Molly is really sporty as seen in the episode Fishketball!

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She is good at shooting hoops and throwing the ball. She is also able to catch balls with her left hand very well.

Sometimes Molly is right handed at throwing. Another example of Molly's athletic ability is shown in The Glitter Games! Molly has light brown skin, long bright pink hair which was brown during a song in Good Hair Day!

Molly's Eye Color: Moderate Vermillion. Molly's Skin Color: Brilliant Vermillion. Molly's Hair Color: Light Fuschia. The two are closer than any of the other guppies and they both sing the most pop songs. Molly cares about Gil and is the only bubble guppy to call him "Gilly". Throughout the show, there have been hints that Molly has a crush on Gil. She has hugged him lots of times and she often gives him compliments. In the Super Ballet Bowl, she played the princess and Gil played the Prince, and he caught her when she jumped.

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Molly and Gil are the main characters and protagonists, and they are shown throughout every episode. Deema and Molly are best friends. They enjoy playing together, and they love to play with their toys.

They also like to play sports together. They would often sing together in some songs, and do duets in dance numbers.

Plus they do some story segments such as the one in The Oyster Bunny! She hardly ever pays attention to him. Buddy is a dolphin. Molly is Mia 's big sister.

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They met on Bubble Baby! Mia loves the sound of her voice, she's always laughing when she talks and calms down when Molly sings to her.

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Stylee is a world famous pop star. They met on Guppy Style! Part 2. Gil is the owner of Bubble Puppy.

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Bubble Puppy is Gil's pet puppy and best friend. Gil adopted him at the animal shelter in the episode of the same name.

Whenever his pup is in danger, Gil won't hesitate to rescue Bubble Puppy, no matter what trouble he is in. Gil is good at singing, dancing, and could possibly be a comedian someday, due to his goofy personality.

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Gil's singing voice has gone higher since Season 1. He is fond of singing long and high notes. This is because his voice actor has changed. In Season 1, he'll normally just sing a few notes at a time. He has done many dance songs and pop songs in Season 2, more than in Season 1.

Bubble guppies are molly and gil dating

Gil was trying to settle the little fish. But was chased by them, when they were acting as wolves. Next sketch, Gil was juggling balls, this made Molly a bit nervous looking when he was actually juggling "fish".

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Character Info. Gil Hi! It's me, Gil! Still Workin' On It. Contents [ show ].

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Bubble Guppies Question 1 3 messages. Me TZ. Nice TZ.

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I meant to ate this post over the weekend to remind everybody. Categories :. The little fish, Bubble Puppyand Molly teasing him sometimes.

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Favorite Thing to Do. Please be patient. His breath power was so strong that Gil got pushed away. The Lonely Rhino! Firefighter Gil to the Rescue. Gil was sprayed with water from reading a book about water.

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